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Teresa Lisbon slammed the door; she was fuming, five months and thirty days, five months and thirty days, just one day shy of six months together. The infuriating man she had chosen to let into her heart after he had so unceremoniously been shoved into her life nine years prior was still behaving like an insecure jerk.

They had just had their biggest fight yet, actually it may be their first real one too. Okay she was partially in the wrong but Jane was acting crazy, well crazier.

Yes she had had lunch with her ex Dylan and she had failed to tell him about it but if he could handle a relationship like an adult then she wouldn't have to omit certain details from her daily summaries.

She and Dylan had barely functioned as a loose version of a couple, but worked exceptionally well as friends. The things that drew her to him initially, such as his intelligence, wit and levelheadedness all made for a great friend.

Jane could not, no would not hear that. All he focused on was the fact they had kissed once upon a time. Granted he also had had an issue with Bosco and they had never kissed, not to mention she and Jane weren't even dating at the time.

She and Jane worked so easily as a unit but not as a couple, she wanted to scream sometimes but she knew she was being melodramatic, she loved him. God help her she loved the damn maddening man. He just needed to relax. Her phone buzzed. Ignoring it she continued pacing, it buzzed again... and again, snatching it from her couch, she answered it swiftly.

"Leave me alone Jane" she snapped, shutting it and him out.

She knew he would come here; she needed space and was hardly going to be able to think straight if he did. That left her only one thing to do by her reckoning, wasting no time, Jane's rental was only two blocks over, Lisbon grabbed her jacket and keys and got into her car.

The most frustrating part of dating Patrick Jane, apart from his tenacity and random freak outs was that he would probably work out where she was going. Thus her dilemma, where is an unlikely place she can go, but not the least likely as he'd look there first.

Random was her only choice, selecting several numbers from signs she passed on the road, she placed the co-ordinates into her SatNav. The extremes she had to go through to get some peace. The last hour of daylight was fading and dusk began its leisurely pace, slowly settling over the city as different streets and buildings whizzed by.

The slight breeze tickled through the crack in the window, flicking her loose tendrils around her neck, reminiscent of Jane's deft fingers. Lisbon shifted in her seat trying to dispel the sudden arousal at the thoughts of him. Lust. Lust for him, it got her every time, but not this time. She focused her mind on their earlier encounter, screw it she was being too polite, it was a row, fight, yelling match, it was what it was but where it occurred, in her office of all places, that's what grated.


She had returned to her office a half hour later than intended, having strolled unhurriedly through the sunshine, tummy full, face warmed, revelling in the contented feelings the summers day evoked in her.

"Welcome back" Jane greeted her from her couch.

"Thanks, It's a beautiful day Jane, you should have gotten out" she shot him an indulgent smile.

"Oh I did" Jane answered. Irritated by just how pleased she looked.

"Good, that's good" she replied as she sat at her desk, logging back into her computer. She distractedly set everything up while Jane stared at her... nothing new there. Lisbon failed to notice the quiet anger rolling off Jane. After a few minutes he spoke up again.

"You seem happy," his voice was strained enough to register with her that something is wrong

"Are you okay Jane?" she inquired. The use of his last name was still the norm in the work place; she tended to save Patrick for the bedroom. The thought sent a flush to her cheeks.

"You tell me, am I... are we?" he questioned, his normally jovial tone absent.

Lisbon moved around the desk, closer to him, concerned by his pitch. "What's going on?"

"Who did you go out for lunch with?"

"A friend, why?" Lisbon knew better than to lie to him, omitting on the other hand...

"A friend is that what you call him, EX is the word I would use" he spat back coldly.

Oh crap he knew, why had she lied, what a tangled web and all that... she should have just been honest, hang on how did he know.

"Wait did you follow me?" she accused.

"No, did you lie to me?" he countered.

"Jane, we're friends, that is it." Her eyes pleaded with him to believe her.

"So Lisbon, how long have you been meeting up with dearest Dylan. You doubting your choice, keeping you options open." His raised his voice added to his overall slightly unhinged look.

"Jane, I reiterate, we are friends no more, you are over reacting." She was starting to get angry.

"Are you serious, how would you feel if I met up with an ex regularly?" He argued.

"Surprised... since last I heard Alicia moved to England with her fiancée" Lisbon joked, a sudden thought occurred to her. "You went through my appointments didn't you, you have some nerve."

"Says the woman who lied." Jane argued back.

"What are you five?" Lisbon taunted.

You're in work, her brain reminded her, calming herself down, she was all too aware they were shouting and that she was wrong to have not told him.

"I'm sorry I didn't mention who I was catching up with, I just didn't want you thinking it was something when it wasn't and he rubs you up the wrong way" she placated.

"Is it something Lisbon... you hid it because it's nothing seems a little far fetched" Jane pointed out.

"How can you ask me that, I mean really, It was lunch at the Olive Garden not a seedy hook up at motel" Lisbon sighed in frustration.

"I don't want to fight; it's just you meeting him, so close to our anniversary, I guess it rattled me." Jane admitted sheepishly.

"It's only our six month anniversary Jane, not a year or anything. Honestly you are so odd sometimes... rattled you."

"Odd odd... you are so closed off sometimes, tomorrows supposed to be special, important, at least to me" he yelled, louder than he meant too, he could see Van Pelt pretending not to hear them. He met her eyes, sadness replacing his anger. Lisbon panicked when she saw his face, just what had she said? Wait she mentally back tracked no nothing bad, was he playing her? She could see him studying her reactions, reading her mind.

"You're right as always Lisbon, I'm clearly in a different mind set to you" he said, right before he stormed off. Lisbon almost went after him, almost.

No, she scolded herself, she was at work and she could see that half the bull pen had already heard her domestic. He was being ridiculous and he had gone into her private business. Jane and his weird hissy fit could wait till later.


While the city flew by Lisbon thought about how her mood had soured as they day had gone on every time she thought of Jane. He had embarrassed her and practically accused her of cheating. He was infuriating.

She pulled into a street as the mechanical voice announced she was at her destination, smirking at her ingenuity, she looked for somewhere to park and think. It was a nice neighbourhood, picket fences, mowed landscaped lawns, kids playing while neighbours chatted. It seemed so surreal, fake; no doubt the secrets they hid were really twisted.

She mentally smacked herself, how sad was her life that murder and mayhem were the norm and a happy life was thought to be unachievable. Jane was always trying to get her to believe in family and happily ever afters, sometimes for a man who spent so long wallowing in guilt and homicidal thoughts he could really seem like he was almost manically happy. And he was determined to drag her with him.

And there she was back to Jane, it always came around to him, she lived in a never ending repeating circle; angry... happy..., frustrated... happy..., angry and frustrated then happy again.

She exited the neighbourhood as she climbed the mountain pulling into a scenic look out. Dusk had finally settled as Lisbon sat atop the picnic table watching the city below, a city she had sworn her life to protect. It was so alive, ever changing and vibrant. The warm glow of the fading light was taken over by the navy night. She watched for hours as the city moved further into hours of darkness. It started with the street lights timed to sundown, and then came the cars, and finally the homes.

It was beautiful, the twinkling lights of the city mimicking the stars, ironic that they were no longer visible because of them. She chuckled, she was clearly feeling calmer. Her relaxed feeling didn't last as a car pulled up behind her. The engine cut off and the car door slammed. She was pleased with how long it took him to find her; yup this method would be how she would do it from now on.

"Hi Jane." She called not turning around.

"HI... HI? It's nearly midnight I've been frantic. I had to get Van Pelt to trace your phone" Jane bellowed. He pulled her into a hug, relieved to see she was okay.

"Umm hmm" she said into his shoulder.

"I'm sorry Lisbon... Teresa." He mumbled into her hair.

"Okay" she shrugged; she knew Jane would explain why he was behaving so strangely, he was good that way.

"I was being an idiot I shouldn't have gone through your diary but I had a good reason" Jane promised.

"Spying on me is not a good reason" Lisbon ribbed.

"No woman, I needed to make sure of exactly where in town you were going today" he justified.

"You could have asked, far simpler" Lisbon disputed.

"Where's the fun in that" Jane replied, Lisbon snorted at his gall.

Jane shot her a smile, the one that lit up his eyes and weakened her knees. He sat on the bench by her feet as his hand found hers. They stayed quite enjoying the sounds of nature around them.

"Jane" Lisbon finally broke their solitude, choosing to get honesty with honesty, "You know six months is important to me too. I'm sorry I pretended it wasn't I was angry."

"I'm glad to hear it my dear, but I think it held more significance for me than you."

"It's not a competition" Lisbon rolled her eyes.

Jane stood up, turning to her, placing both hands either side of her narrow waist. Leaning in, he softly caressed her lips with his. The kiss, as with most of their others quickly escalated, he couldn't get over it, this many months and it was still electric, if anything as they got to know each other intimately it was getting stronger. Lisbon grabbed Jane's lapels partially pulling him down on herself, her legs wrapped around his waist locking him to her. Her small hands dove under his shirt, nails lightly skimming his skin. When they went for his belt he knew he had better stop this.

He pushed him self back capturing her hands in his, "We're in public" he reminded her.

"No one has been by in hours" she smirked.

"Agent Lisbon, my my..." Jane teased, kissing her nose, before continuing "It's after midnight, happy anniversary my lady love."

"Happy anniversary Jane, I love you." Lisbon added softly, freeing one of her hands, she raised it to cup his face. Jane stared down at her, her pale face luminescent in the dim light. He could stare at her forever if she would only give him the chance to. Jane let the words he had wanted to say for the longest time flow free.

"Teresa, will you do me the honour of being my wife... I want to be the one you wake up with for the rest of our lives. The fire in your eyes melted the ice in my heart and I couldn't imagine arguing with anyone other than you. You're me best friend, my lover and my soul mate so if you say no I will understand, as long as you understand I will ask you again and again until you finally say yes."

He watched her face as she took his words in, damning the lack of light for making her hard to read. He pulled the velvet box from his trousers pocket placing it in her hand. Lisbon opened the box by Jane's phones light. It was a tear drop diamond at least a carat with several emeralds intertwined in the platinum band.

"It's beautiful" she said, mortified by her unusual emotional display.

"It's flashier than I intended, but you can wear it around your neck on a chain in work. If you say yes that is, which you haven't said yet... in case you forgot." Jane hinted.

Lisbon laughed at Jane's eagerness, "So this is why you needed to know where I was, so you wouldn't run into me..."

"Yeah I guess I freaked, I'm ready to commit and you're with an ex."

"Jane" Lisbon warned.

"I know... I was an idiot but I nearly lost you once and well you know..." he tapped the ring "you refused me before remember."

"I do" she kissed him softly, "and yes I will... to your question..." Her smile grew at Jane's ecstatic reaction.

He slipped the ring on her, taking a second to take in the moment before placing his forehead against hers. "I promise Teresa soontobe Jane that I will spend the rest of my life making sure that you smile, that you always have a home filled with joy and never doubt that I love you and will forever."

"In that case Mr. Jane, I promise that I will love you too, support you no matter what crazy stupid thing you do and that you will never be alone again." Lisbon responded, closing the short gap between them again. Her foolish resistance finally gone, she joined their lips and their lives