Sara Strange watched Mary-Lynnette sleep. Goddess, how was she going to ruin the girl's life like this? She was family. Sara had been born Lynn Etta, daughter of Redfern and Sekate. Many of her most special grandchildren were named Lynnette. Mary-Lynnette was no exception.

Three of the Wild Powers were under the control of Circle Daybreak. One more and that's all they'd need. And sadly enough it was the strongest they missed. The one who could destroy all of them. Sara knew who the child was. The one who completed the prophecy. She was going to protect her and she needed Mary-Lynnette's help. Sara looked up at her soulmate, Drakon, the oldest of the shape shifters.

He nodded with Phillip North, the secret warlock, who knew too much stood with them.

"Mary-Lynnette," She called quietly.

Mary jerked up and looked at her.

"Aunt Sara?" she asked in shock.

"Mary, I need you to get up and get packed. We need to go."

Mary-Lynnette nodded. She didn't question her even though it was weird to have her aunt in her flat in the middle of the night. She shot up and started packing. Hopefully Ash wouldn't try to visit like he promised he wouldn't. She packed a bag with clothes with her Aunt Sara's help.

Sara helped her into Phil's Honda and shut the door. She looked guiltily at Drakon.

"It's necessary," he whispered.

"I know." She whispered. The prophecy rang in her head.

In blue fire, the final darkness is banished,
In blood, the final price is paid,
Four to stand between the light and the
Four of blue fire, power in their blood,
Born in the year of the blind Maiden's vision,
Four less one and darkness
One from the land of kings forgotten,
One from the hearth which still holds the spark,
One from the Day World where two eyes are watching,
One from
the twilight to be one with the dark.

Chapter One:

Something was going on. Ash couldn't exactly pinpoint it, but he knew it had to be bad. The world was falling apart and he hurried around Thierry's grounds angrily. Something caught his attention as he walked. A wave of blonde hair. Lady Hannah ran out toward him.

"Ash, I've been looking for you everywhere!" she cried.


Usually Ash would be excited to see Hannah. She was the only person in Circle Daybreak who understood how he felt. But, the last report he'd gotten from his sisters' back in Pennsylvania didn't exactly make him smile.

"Are you okay?" Hannah asked concern shadowing her excitement.

Ash sighed deeply, "Mark hasn't been able to contact Mary-Lynnette all week."

"Well, of course. Europe is completely devoid of electricity right now and cell towers are down everywhere."

She really wasn't helping.

"Hannah, I'm sorry to act like such an ass, but is there something you want?" he snapped.

"Thierry wants you upstairs. He thinks he found something. James, Poppy, Quinn, and Rashel are all ready up there waiting for you."

"Great," he grumbled. He had to spend another afternoon around the sickly sweet and in love soulmates.

He turned back toward Thierry's mansion. He really didn't want to go back. He had no reason to, not really. But, having his soulmate far away made him the ideal second in command. His cell rang and he pulled out his iPhone before thinking and answered.

"Ash, it's me, Mary-Lynnette. Look, I don't have much time. But, I'm leaving. I'm sorry I haven't been answering your phone calls or Mark's, but I just didn't know how to tell you."


"Ash, please!" she snapped, "Look, we both knew this wasn't going to work out. I…I don't want to be with you. I can't keep pretending like I can delude myself into believing that I can forgive you for everything you've done. It's better this way. I'm sorry."

"Mary, we have to go." A masculine voice called out.

Ash growled. Who the hell was that? He was still walking and could feel his vampire speed taking affect since he was so angry.

"I'll be there in a minute, Phil. Ash, don't be angry. I love you. Goodbye."

She hung up and Ash stopped. All of the other members of Circle Daybreak outside of Thierry's office watched as he punched a hole into the wall. Thierry, James, and Rashel spilled into the hall in a panic. Ash was breathing heavily, angrily. He just wanted to go hunt. He wanted to go kill off as many humans as he could. But, he knew that it wouldn't help anything. God, he was so angry.

"Ash, what the hell is wrong with you?" James asked pulling on his cousin's arm.

Ash turned to look at them and all three of them stepped back.

"Ash, are you okay? What happened?" Poppy asked concern written all over her face as she pushed through the tall forms. She walked toward him and placed a hand on him and gasped.

"I'm so sorry, Ash." She whispered pulling him into a reluctant hug. He caught his eyes in a mirror they were blood red.

He shuddered and buried his face into her shoulder.

"What happened?" Thierry asked.

"Is it okay if I tell them, Ash?" Poppy asked.

"I don't care," he mumbled only half intelligently.


"Did she die?"

"What's wrong with her?"

"Did she get captured?"

"Would you let the girl finish?" Quinn said finally coming out of the room.

"Thanks," she said shooting him a pixie grin, but her face sobered instantly, "Mary-Lynnette left Ash a few minutes ago. For good. She told him she was going away and that she could never forgive him. He heard a guy in the background."

Everyone had the decency to stay silent as Ash was racked with sobs. None of them had seen that much emotion from the evil lamia playboy turned noble savior-type leader. Here he was falling apart at the seams. But, inside he was making a very dark vow. He'd never forgive her. No matter what ever happened he'd never forgive Mary-Lynnette Carter-Redfern for as long as he lived. They were married for Goddess-sake. She married him a year into college just to show him that even though they weren't together through this war they'd still be connected. How could she leave him?

"Don't think like that, Ash. She might have a legitimate reason." Poppy whispered.

Ash didn't want to hear that. He pulled himself away from Poppy. He wiped his face and moved away from her. Her pulled all the emotion from his face and looked at Thierry.

"What are we here to discuss?" he said sounding stronger than he thought possible.

Everyone looked back at him warily. He was acting as though nothing had happened. But, they knew what turmoil he had to be feeling. Well, not really. Only Thierry could possibly fathom what sort of emotions were going through Ash. The others had never been separated before. Thierry put a comforting hand on Ash. Ash took it quietly.

"Ash, maybe we should wait until…" James started.

But, Ash cut him off, "Let's get to work."

James was obviously going to try to reach his cousin again, but Poppy put her hand over his. She easily combined their minds.

Leave it alone, Jamie. Ash is in no state to listen to what we've got to say. This is the way he wants to cope so let him.

James looked at her with uncertainty and disbelief.

Poppy, we can't just ignore this. You know more than what you're saying. I know you do. And if I know Ash, this might very well break his track record as of late.

Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Thierry nodded, "Well, this will come as a pleasurable surprise after all of this. Sara, come join us."

The Oracle and oldest member of the Night World stepped out of the office. She ignored the rest of them. Sara was almost as old as Thierry and if it was true that she was an old soul than she'd lived even longer. Her long black hair reached to her waist with one lone white streak. Her eyes shone brightly despite her age and changed color like Maya and Ash's. She was small at five foot five. Not as small as Poppy and Gillian, but still significantly so. But, she seemed taller somehow. She had a heart shaped face and a level of beauty that was unattainable; which was saying something considering how old she is and how her features are marred by a deep gash that slashed from her left temple to her chin. Right now her eyes were the violet of a true witch. She walked up to Ash and placed gazed at him levelly.

"I am sorry, Ash Redfern." She stated truly saddened by his plight.

Ash felt himself smile, "Sara Strange."