Eyes on Fire

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"O.M.G. Cam Gigandet is one fine piece of ass," I moaned dramatically as James and I stepped out into the cool autumn air.

We had just finished watching Burlesque and though I hadn't thought the movie was all that great just being able to sit and ogle Cam had been well worth it.

"The things I would do to him," I continued causing James to cringe in horror.

"God, Bella. Do I really need to hear this?" He groaned, lacing his fingers through mine.

"No need to be jealous pudding pop. Cam may inspire lustful thoughts but he's got nothing on you, baby," I said smiling up at him.

If James believed that, then he was a damn fool. I snickered in my mind at my thoughts. If Cam Gigandet walked up to me right now and offered me one night of no holds barred, sweaty sex, James would be holding air. I chuckled silently at the image of him seeing the dust mold of my body, like in the cartoons. He rolled his eyes at my pet name, but smiled anyway.

"Did you like anything else about the movie besides the obvious eye candy?" He asked.

"Not really. I could have waited until it came out on DVD," I shrugged moving closer to him.

"I knew it," he laughed. "Next time I get to pick the flick!"

"Oh yes Sir Movie King as if the last movie you picked was any better," I huffed.

"The Last Air Bender was not that bad!"

"And it wasn't that good. I got more out of the cartoons than I did the actual movie. I actually feel bad that Jackson Rathbone signed on to star in that. Don't get me wrong it had potential, but it just was not put together correctly," I stated.

James shook his head, muttering under his breath about me not knowing a good movie if it hit me in the face. I merely smiled and hummed under my breath happily as he slung an arm around my shoulder. I swore there was no greater feeling than being head over heels in love. We had only been dating for a few months, but my heart was whispering that this could be the one. It seemed like I had been waiting for him my whole life. He was the tall, blond, faceless man who always starred in my dreams.

Meeting James had been a breath of fresh air. I'd experienced several emotional upheavals in the last few years. My father, Charlie, dying had been the most profound. He had died of a brain aneurysm my second semester of college and I still hadn't fully bounced back from that loss. I missed Charlie every second of every day and often wished I had just one more day to tell him how much I truly love him. As for my mother, we'd had a falling out at the funeral and hadn't spoken since. That hurt considering once upon a time we'd been very close. However, now that Renee had Phil, there wasn't any room left in her life for me.

Jacob and Billy Black had stepped in, helping me pick up the pieces as best as they could. They'd adopted me into their family, but after awhile things had become strained once Jacob started dating my former best friend Angela. Jealous of our relationship, she'd bitched and moaned until Jake finally bent to her will and kicked me to the curb. I'd given them both the finger and stormed out of their lives without a backwards glance. Last I heard they were engaged to be married. I guess that was one wedding I wouldn't get an invitation too.

After all that needless drama, I had thrown all my energy into school. I took as many classes and online courses I could to keep my mind off of the emotional black hole I called my life. I was now in my junior year of college with a solid 4.0 grade average; my father's motto of keeping your eye on the prize had kept me plowing on even in my darkest hours. I lived, breathed, and ate school. I had no friends to speak of and wasn't the least bit sorry about that. In my opinion people only came into your world to hurt you or leave you. I just didn't need to go through all that again.

Then one day, an emergency trip to Best Buy had changed everything. James had been standing behind me as I tried explaining to the idiot working behind the counter what exactly was the problem with my lap top. I had two research papers due and my patience had been holding on by a sliver of a thread. That sliver had been practically broken when James stepped in and fixed the situation before it turned ugly. When I say ugly, I mean I was 2.5 seconds away from bunny hopping over that counter and beating on the insolent fool with said laptop until the word Dell was permanently embedded in his skin.

James had smiled and I'd been captivated instantly. He was one of the handsomest men I'd ever been blessed to lay eyes on. His hazel eyes had sparkled with a humor that inspired me to want to join in and the rest of him hadn't been bad to look at either. For the first time in a long time, I took notice of something other than a research paper and when he'd asked me out, I said yes without hesitation. That had been five months ago and in that time we'd been virtually inseparable. I shivered in glee, barely suppressing the urge to swing around the lamp post Gene Kelly style. Yup I was in love!

"Cold babe?"His question brought me out of my thoughts and I glanced up, melting into his eyes.

"Just a tiny bit."

"I told you to bring a heavier jacket," he chastised lightly as he removed his jacket and draped it over my shoulders.

"I didn't have a heavier jacket that looked cute with this outfit," I pouted snuggling into the fabric with a sigh.

I loved the way he smelled, all manly and eyes ran over my frame in appreciation, taking in the black skinny jeans that hugged my curves like a second skin. I paired it with a blue long sleeved shirt with a deep 'V' that showed off a hint of my modest cleavage and wore a black cropped jacket over it. I'd almost slipped into a pair of heels for the outing, but had decided on a pair of Chuck Taylors instead for comfort.

"Babe you always look good no matter what you wear," he assured me with a wink.

"Umm hmm sure," I teased slightly. "I can't help it if I like to look good for my man."

"Bella, have I told you how much I love you lately?" he said as I playfully I wrinkled my nose.

"Not since yesterday. You are slacking, Mr. Michaels!"

He stopped suddenly and I stopped to look up at him in surprise as he cupped my face tenderly.

"You have no idea how much I love you," he whispered fervently as his thumbs caressed my cheek bones.

I smiled softly turning my face into his hands and breathed deep, inhaling his scent in bliss.

"I don't even think there are enough words in the English language to tell you," he said tenderly.

"Oh James," I whispered standing on the tips of my toes as my hands rested on his chest for balance and kissed him sweetly. "I love you too," I breathed pulling back reluctantly.

Yeah, we were pretty corny like that. We often found ourselves stopping in the middle of something just to proclaim our love, but I adored every second of it. Themanjusttotallygotme. I thought with a happy grin as a warm feeling fluttered in the pit of my stomach.

"Come on" he said with a naughty grin "Let's get you home so I can show you all the ways I love you."

"All the ways," I asked with a grin.

"All the ways," he confirmed with a heated look.

My toes literally curled in my shoes as we resumed walking. We talked about nothing and everything. That was the great thing about my man. He not only stimulated me physically, but mentally as well. He was my sunshine after the rain and I couldn't wait to get him home.

"Why did we park so far away," I grumbled, noticing the street wasn't as well lit as I would have liked it to be.

There had been a string of killings in Port Angeles lately. A shiver of unease crawled up my spine as we continued to stroll along. I looked back over my shoulder, but saw nothing. Yet, there was something urging me to grab James and haul ass the other way. I brushed it off as being nothing more than me being silly. I watched entirely too many horror movies and they often liked to play with my imagination.

"There was no parking nearby," he answered vaguely stroking his thumb along my wrist. "Don"t worry babe. I won't let anything happen to you."

"My hero," I drawled in a fake southern accent and he burst out laughing.

"Babe, that was horrible, but you get an A for effort," he added as I pouted briefly.

"James I . . .," a soft whimper sliced through the night, catching both of our attention and we looked at each other in alarm.

"Did you hear that," he asked pulling me to a stop.

"No," I lied just as another whimper pierced the air.

"There it is again! It's coming from the alley," he said, motioning toward the opening.

"I don't hear anything," I insisted, tugging him away from the alley. "Let's just hurry home. I want to do bad things to you," I whispered seductively hoping to claim his attention, but another whimper echoed through the night air.

My blood ran cold something was not right.

"I think someone is hurt," he whispered, letting go of my hand "Wait here while I go check it out."

"No," I squeaked grabbing his arm and pulling him back. "Don't go. Let's just mind our business and go," I pleaded, hoping he would see the desperation in my eyes and do as I suggested. I knew what I was saying was wrong but something just didn't feel right.

Another whimper grabbed his attention. I saw the exact moment he made up his mind. One of the things I absolutely loved about him was now coming back to bite me in the ass.

"Bella wait here and call the cops," he said firmly. "Someone's hurt and I can't just leave them."

"Then I'm coming with you," I declared, pulling up my imaginary big girl panties. There was no way in hell I was letting him go alone. Whatever it was we would face it together.

"No Bella. I need you to stay here just in case someone passes by that can help. I'll call if I need you," he whispered sternly.

I opened my mouth to protest, but he kissed me swiftly and walked into that alley without a backwards glance. I crept closer, squinting my eyes as I followed his progress before the darkness swallowed him. I stood with my cell phone pressed to my chest waiting anxiously for James to say something. My ears were straining so hard I almost jumped out of my skin when an agonized scream pierced the night air. Without thinking, I plunged into the darkness my fingers frantically trying to dial 911 as I ran towards the screaming. Not looking where I was going, I stumbled over something and fell forward. The cell phone dropped as I put my hands out in front of me to break my fall. Something sharp cut into my flesh and I hissed in pain as my knees hit the ground. Two shoeless feet appeared in front of me and I looked up to find a pair of crimson eyes leering back at me. I fell backwards recoiling in horror as blood red lips curled into an evil grin as I scampered backwards on my ass.

"My, my, my you smell delicious," the red headed woman said as she stepped over who I finally noticed was James.

He was curled up in a fetal position and appeared hurt. I had fallen over him!

"What did you do to James?" I hissed in a dangerous tone.

This bitch was going to pay for hurting James. She responded with a careless shrug, followed by a flick of wild hair. I wanted to rip it out of her head strand by strand.

"James," she repeated, swirling the name around on her tongue for a second before reaching down to stroke his skin.

"My James," she softly said.

I wanted to launch myself at her screaming that he was mine!

"I like it," she murmured, reaching down to touch his face.

Everything went black as my temper snapped. Just who did she think she was touching him like that?

"Get away from him," I growled, springing to my feet and rushing at her.

However, she had already moved out of the way. How had she moved so fast?

"Or else what?" she taunted, picking me up by the throat with a strength that was inhumanly possible.

My legs dangled beneath me as I clutched at her hands, gasping for breath. I kicked out trying to get her to let me go. She hurled me into a wall. The sickening sound of bone cracking reached my ears even as I screamed in agony.

"Oh dear that looks like it hurts!" She giggled.

"James," I whispered brokenly from where I laid on the ground.

I wanted to crawl to him but I couldn't feel anything.

"What do you want," I hissed as pain wracked my body.

She came to stand over me with a small grin playing around her lips. It was a smile I would never forget for as long as I lived. She kicked me in the ribs and I bit back a scream as more bones shattered.

"Poor little broken doll," she said, leaning down to me. "Don't worry. I'll take good care of your boyfriend," she whispered in my ear.

"James," was all I could choke out.

Blood bubbled up from my throat and dripped down the side of my mouth. Her eyes flickered at it. My eyes widened in horror as she leaned towards me, but her head snapped up suddenly. Her nose twitched, as if she smelled something.

"Such a waste," she murmured with one last longing look. "You smell absolutely divine, but I must be off. James and I have a date with eternity."

The last thing I saw before unconsciousness claimed me was her slinging James over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes and running off. I mouthed his name once more before everything went black.

I didn't know how long I was out, but I could hear voices whispering through the mountain of pain crushing me. What were they talking about? Me apparently! Pain was rolling through me, keeping me immobile. I heard someone ask a Carlisle if I was going to be alright. Who the heck was Carlisle? Was I at a hospital? Had someone found me, maybe helped James? I wanted to open my eyes, but they seemed to be glued shut no matter how hard I tried. I heard Carlisle murmur that it didn't look good. There was internal bleeding, several broken bones, and he didn't think that I would make it through the night. I didn't want to die. Once upon a time I may have wanted to but at this moment I realized I wanted to live. There were so many things I'd yet to accomplish, too many places I had yet to visit.

I felt myself begin to panic. Where was James? I needed to find James and save him from that evil red headed bitch.

PleaseGodpleaseletmelive. I prayed silently turning out the voices that continued to whisper around me.

"You know what you have to do," the most annoying voice I'd ever heard declared loudly. God, she needed to go back to whispering.

"Alice, I can't just make that decision. What if it isn't what she wants?" The male voice I assumed was Carlisle said.

"You had no problem doing it for Rose!" That voice must have been the girl Alice.

"Yes and she hated me for a long time. Alice, I don't want to do that to another person."

"Carlisle, I've seen it trust me she won't hate us for this. In fact, we will be doing her a favor by evening the playing field!" Alice yelled.

Who were these people and what decision were they talking about?

"What about the agreement with the wolves?" Carlisle's voice sounded pained and worried.

What Wolves?

"What about it?" Alice shot back sounding bored.

"We will have to leave Alice."

"So we leave. It's not like we don't have tons of other homes to go too. It's about time to move on anyway. How much longer can you claim to be thirty five without people growing suspicious of the fact you haven't aged a day in years?"

"Alice…," Carlisle growled.

"Don't Alice me. Carlisle, you know I am right, but if it will make you feel better we will get her approval."

"And how are we going to do that?" Carlisle asked sounding aggrieved.

"She will be waking up any minute now," Alice said with a perky laugh.

Damn I wanted to smack her. How did people put up with that voice all day… wait how did she know I was awake?

"Come on Bella. I know you are in pain, but I need you to try and push that aside for a minute," she urged quietly.

Ha! That was easy for her to say when she wasn't the one with multiple broken bones and internal bleeding! Couldn't they have given me something for the pain? Geez what kind of hospital was this!

"Carlisle, can't you give her something for the pain?"

"I could but I don't know if she is allergic to anything."

"Somehow I don't think that really matters right now. Come on and put some morphine in her system. That will get us a few minutes for what we need to do," Alice said rather bossily.

Whatdidtheyneedtodo? I wondered trying to stay focused as they continued to talk around me. A cold hand brushed across my forehead. It felt like it had been hours later since that touch, but I began to feel the pain slowly subsiding. I managed to open my eyes to stare into the faces of the most gorgeous man I'd ever seen.

"Bella," Dr. Hottie asked in concern. "How do you feel?"

"Like a ton of bricks fell on me," I croaked as a straw was pushed in-between my lips.

"Take it slow," he warned as I took a few sips.

"Where am I?"

"My home," he responded.

"I thought I was in a hospital?" I stared around the room fearfully, but then Carlisle smiled down at me and the fear melted away. Gosh he was hot!

"My name is Dr. Carlisle Cullen. My wife, Alice, found you unconscious and brought you here," he spoke calmly and I felt myself start to relax.

"Oh," I mouthed.

I noticed a tiny dark haired female standing behind him. She was very young looking and I wanted to tell the good doctor kudos on snagging a young one. Alice was watching me with a remarkable pair of golden eyes. Come to think of it, they both had unusual golden eyes, but I thought they were so pretty.

"Hi Bella," she chirped moving closer to me and I noticed Carlisle give her a warning look. What was that all about?

"Hi… I…," I started to speak, but was interrupted by the hyper pixie.

"No need to thank me," she waved me off.

I wondered how she knew what I was going to say. Better yet how had they known my name?

"I just know things," she answered in amusement. "It will all make perfect sense soon. Carlisle, step out for a minute. I just need to talk to Bella alone."

Carlisle looked reluctant, but he took his leave, stating he wouldn't be far if we needed him.

"Bella," she started the minute he walked out. "Can you remember what happened?"

I nodded squeezing my eyes shut as memories of James rushing to the aid of a monster flashed through my mind.

"We were attacked. I tried to help him, but I-I-I couldn't help him," I sobbed, fresh tears rolling down my face.

I cried more as I remembered her twinkle of laughter as she took my James away. Cool hands brushed at my tears and I appreciated the comforting gesture.

"It's not your fault Bella. There was nothing you could do," Alice soothed.

"She took him," I sobbed miserably.

"Okay. We need to talk quickly Bella as we don't have much time. You have a decision to make. I won't sugar coat things… You will be dead come morning and that is only…a few hours away."

I listened as she outlined the only option that could save my life. Call me foolish for believing what she told me but in my mind it was the only way. With a quick nod of my head, I gave her the approval Carlisle so desperately needed.

"Carlisle, it's okay. She is ok with the decision, but you have to hurry. I'll tell the family to prepare to move A-S-A-P," and with that Alice was gone in a blur of movement.

I now knew what that evil bitch was that had stolen my James. That also explained how she managed to toss me like a rag doll. I looked up at Carlisle, who was staring down at me with a sad smile on his face.

"I'm so sorry Isabella. I wish this hadn't happened to you, but we will be here to help you every step of the way."

"Thank you," I croaked as he prepared medical syringe. "What is that for?"

"I'm going to inject my venom straight into your heart and go from there," he murmured.

"I hate needles," I mumbled as a single tear escaped the corner of my eye.

"I wish there was another way for you, but we just can't. The risk…," he said trailing off, running his hand over his face.

"Oh," was all I could muster.

I laid there staring up at the beautiful man, I tried not to think of what was going to happen in the next few days. Alice had explained the process to me quickly. She had warned me that when I woke up, this life as I knew it would be irrevocably changed. She had assured me that she, as well as the rest of the family I had yet to meet, would be here for me through the whole ordeal. I wondered how James was doing and my blood immediately started to boil at the thought of that red headed bitch. Alice warned me I may forget some things, but I vowed I would remember every single thing that has happened to me. I vowed that on Charlie's grave that Red would be seeing me again. For that, I was certain.