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Jasper POV

Maybe a night on the town hadn't been such a great idea after all. I suppressed a growl as I watched yet another guy approach Bella for a dance. She's mine, a dark voice whispered in my head when she smiled and allowed the human to lead her out on the dance floor.

"Careful leech, your teeth are showing," Jacob advised, clamping a hand on my shoulder.

Damn right my teeth were showing! Did she have to move her hips like that? The lust coming off her partner was enough to cause a riot.

"I don't know what you are referring to," I growled, trying to pretend I hadn't just been thinking about drinking her dance partner dry. He was getting a little to handsy for my peace of mind but Bella was perfectly capable of taking care of herself.

Jacob took a sip of his beer and stared at me from the corner of his eye. "Of course you don't," he snickered softly. "If looks could kill almost every man in here would be dead."

My lips quirked into a tiny smile. "It's that obvious?"

"It would take a blind man not to notice how you stare at her when you think no one is looking. My question is when are you going to do something about it?"

"Do something about what," I asked, deliberately acting obtuse. It was question I was starting to hate. Rose had sent several text messages in the last few days asking if I'd declared myself yet. When she'd found out I hadn't she'd ordered Edward to call and talk some sense into me, he'd wisely kept his mouth shut but I could tell he'd wanted to add his two cents.

"Bella," he said loudly, luckily the music and noise in the room was loud enough that she didn't hear him. Not to mention that douche was currently whispering something in her ear, something that made her throw her head back and laugh.

"Could you keep your voice down?" I hissed.

He shrugged, dark eyes shimmering with humor. "I could but it's nice to see you squirm. I will only get louder if you don't start talking."

I glared at him but he only grinned and gestured for me to proceed. "It's not as easy as everyone keeps making it out to be, you know she has her mind set on James. She has this fantasy that she will save him and they will live forever and ever in perfect bliss."

Jacobs grin faded at the bitterness in my tone. "Yes, there is that but you should at least tell her how you feel. She can't read your mind and she won't know unless you man up and tell her."

"Easy for you to say, you have no idea what it's like competing with a memory only to find you don't even compare."

"That my friend is what you call assuming and you know what they say about assuming? I think you are using James as an excuse because you are afraid she won't return the feelings but that is a chance you have to take. Love is all about taking chances and sometimes you have to risk failing to succeed."

I wanted to sneer and tell him he didn't know what he was talking about unfortunately Jacob was right. Put me on a battlefield and I knew what to do, I could come up with a million and one battle plans in a blink of an eye but this was something completely foreign and new. I'd never been in love before not as a human and definitely not as a vampire. Love was a luxury I didn't have during my time with Maria and after I'd gotten away from her I spent years trying to build myself into who I was today. Sure there had been females who I'd shared physical relationships with but I'd never felt anything for anyone of them until I'd met Bella. I'd felt the pull to her while she was going through her change and it had grown stronger and stronger with every moment spent together.

"What if I lose her friendship?" I asked, after a moment.

"You won't know unless you try. I doubt you will ever lose her friendship, Bella isn't like that. Trust me I know," he said with a rueful smile.

I sighed watching Bella smile at her dance partner. "Things would be so much easier if there wasn't a James," I said out loud.

"James isn't here right now but you are, I suggest you stop glaring at every man in here and ask her to dance," Jacob said wisely.

"Never thought I'd see the day I'd willingly take advice from a dog," I joked.

Jacob drained the rest of his beer. "Yeah, well, I never thought I'd see the day I'd willingly hang out with a leech but here we are."

"Touché," I said giving him a fist bump. "Your boys look like they are having fun," I mentioned changing the subject.

He followed the direction of my eyes towards the spot on the dance floor where Paul and Sam were grinding with two females. Based on the emotions they were projecting someone was getting lucky tonight. "Yeah, it's good to see them having a good time, it's been awhile since we could relax like this."

Noting the faraway look that appeared in his eyes, I patted him on the shoulder and went off to claim my dance with Bella. Her partner looked like he wanted to protest when I tapped his shoulder and asked to cut in but I shot him a healthy dose of fear and watched in satisfaction as he turned tail and ran away.

"Jasper," she chastised lightly. "Play nice."

"It was either that or get involved in a bar fight," I said with a grin. "He wasn't ready to let you go yet, Sugar."

"Ah, the perks of being a vampire," she sighed, linking her hands behind my neck.

"No that is the perk of simply being you," I told her.

Bella changed the subject. "You and Jacob looked all chummy at the bar, what were you talking about?"

I shrugged. "Oh, just guy stuff nothing you'd be interested in."

"I'm just glad you guys are getting a long so well."

"Who would have thought," I murmured, concentrating on the feel of her in my arms. She looked smoking hot tonight, she was wearing a pair of painted on jeans, an off the shoulder red top and a pair of red peep toe high heels. "Have I mentioned how delicious you look tonight Miss Swan?"

She grinned. "The puddle of drool you guys left on my carpet might have been a dead giveaway."

I chuckled. "I thought Jacob was going to go all big brother on you and make you go change."

"Funny thing is compared to all these other females in here I am wearing the most clothes!"

I wrinkled my nose in distaste, she had a point there was a whole lot of flesh on display tonight. "I always did like for women to leave a little to the imagination."

"Yeah, well, I don't think Paul and Sam seem to mind," she said, looking over my shoulder and shaking her head.

"Most of the men in here don't seem to mind," I told her before saying, "I've missed dancing."

"Not me, pre transformation I couldn't dance to save my life. It used to drive me crazy that I had no rhythm," she sighed. "Just one of the many traits I inherited from my Dad."

"I wish I could have known your Dad, I mean I knew of him of course but I never got to meet him."

"I wish you could have too, he would have liked you," she said before putting her head on my shoulder, bringing our conversation to an end.

Bella POV

I was glad I hadn't let my initial feelings keep me from going out, turns out I was having a really good time even if the human men couldn't seem to keep their hands to themselves. The one I'd been dancing with before Jasper had been trying to get me to leave with him, as if I'd be that stupid. I'd nearly laughed in his face when he'd told me not to be scared, it had been on the tip of my tongue to tell him he should be the one very afraid. My body shook with laughter and Jasper pulled back to look at me.

"What's so funny?"

"Just thinking about the guy I was dancing with before you."

His eyes darkened a fraction. "Oh, what about him?"

"Oh nothing," I said with a smile, and he relaxed visibly pulling me closer until not even a sheet of paper could pass between us. I stopped talking and let the music soak into my bones my fingers slid up to toy with the hair at the nape of his neck while my body swayed in his arms. The song the DJ was playing was talking about making "Love Faces" and it got my mind to wandering in forbidden territory. No matter how much I'd been trying to deny it this felt right, like that missing piece of a jig saw puzzle that you finally found its proper place. But this wasn't right, I thought dropping my head on his shoulder. I was just missing James and Jasper was a convenient replacement. I could not do that to him, it wouldn't be fair and so when the song came to an end I pulled away and went to go drag a reluctant Jacob out on the dance floor.

The DJ had picked a livelier tune and I put my hands over my head and moved in time with the heavy bass, Jacob finally loosened up and put his hands on my hips and I was laughing at his attempts at dancing when a flash of red hair caught my eye. I stopped dancing and narrowed my eyes searching until I found what I was looking for.

"Bella, what's wrong?" Jacob asked following my stare. "Bella!" he said more forcibly when I didn't respond.

I put my hand up, shushing him while I willed the female I was staring at to turn around. Hope and revenged raced through my body only to die a sudden death when she finally turned and I realized it was just a human.

"It's nothing," I said, noticing Jasper heading our way. Worry was etched in his face and I shook my head mouthing I was alright. "Nothing at all," I repeated, turning back to Jacob.

"Didn't seem like nothing," he said when I resumed dancing. "You were growling and I swear you were about to pounce."

"Just thought I saw someone I use to know."

"I don't know Bells, I.." he trailed off, his head rearing back at the same time the scent hit my nose.

I grabbed his hand pulling him off the dance floor. "We have to assume that if we smelled him or her than they definitely smelled you guys," I said just as the others joined us. "What do we do?" I asked nearly bouncing on my toes in excitement.

Jasper looked at me. "For now, nothing. They would have to be idiots to attack someone on the inside, you want to watch the ally ways or dark corners. This area is way too populated for you guys to wolf out," he told the other guys.

"There is no way we can just stand by and do nothing," Jake pointed out and the others nodded in agreement.

"For all we know they could just be here just for the music," I piped in and four sets of eyes looked at me in disbelief and I shrugged. "Hey, I was just trying to be positive!"

"Bella is right, there is a possibility that whoever it is could be here having a good time just like the rest of us but let's circle the room and see if we can weed them out."

We all split up and I was just coming out of the bathroom when I spotted them, three males chatting up a bunch of college girls. Bingo, I thought pulling out my phone and sending the guys a text, just as the group started for the exit. I followed, Jasper was the first to respond telling me to stay put but there was no way I could do, those poor girls would be on the missing list come morning and I couldn't let that happen.

"What the hell did you think you were doing," Jasper growled, following me into the house. Jacob and the others had stayed behind in Port Angeles to clean up the mess I'd made while Jasper had hauled me back to Forks like some wayward child.

"Saving lives, what do you think I was doing," I snapped, kicking off my ruined shoes.

"Being stupid!"

"What was I suppose to do let those girls go off and be slaughtered?"

He paced the length of my living room. "No, but I told you to stay back and you completely disregarded my request!"

"I saw an opening and I took it," I said, standing my ground. "I will not apologize for that."

"When you don't listen you put yourself and everyone else around you in danger."

"But I didn't and everyone is fine so this is conversation is pointless," I pointed out bored with the subject. Here I was high on the knowledge I'd not only saved three girls lives but kicked some major ass and here he was killing my mood. Granted it may not have been the smartest thing to have followed three male vampires but if I'd done like he'd asked God only knows what could have happened and I wouldn't have been able to live with myself knowing I could have stopped it. "I don't understand what the big deal is anyway!"

Jasper was in my face instantly. "The big deal is you could have gotten yourself killed!"

I rolled my eyes. "First off, you need to lower your voice, I have neighbors and secondly stop being so damn dramatic."

"Stop being dramatic, stop being dramatic," he repeated again, voice rising with every syllable. "Pull that little stunt again and I'll.."

"You'll what?" I interrupted, not liking his tone one bit. "Ground me, ship me back to Idaho? You are not my father and I don't have to stand here and take this," I started for the door but he grabbed my arm.

"You're not going anywhere until we are done," he growled, pulling me around to face him.

"Take your damn hands-"

My words were cut off by his lips crashing down on mine. If I'd been thinking clearer maybe I would have pulled away, maybe I would have remembered all the reasons why this was wrong, maybe I wouldn't have wrapped my hands around his neck and pulled him closer. I moved against him restlessly, our lips devouring each others in a hungry kiss. His hands moved lower urging my hips closer to his hardness and I followed willing, moaning into his mouth as answering heat flooded through my lower regions. I silently cursed the fact denim stood in our way. His lips left mine to trail kisses along my jaw line. "You're so beautiful," he breathed once he reached my ear.

"Mm," was all I managed before I gripped his head and brought his lips back to mine. I wasn't interested in talking, all we ever did was talk, this was a time for feeling and boy did I want to be felt!

His fingers found purchase in the small tears of my ripped shirt, rubbing against my bare skin, fanning the flames racing through my veins. I moved against him like a cat in heat trying desperately to soothe the ache in my lower body. Pressure started to build and I was oh so very close to letting go when the reality of what I was doing stopped me in my tracks. Embarrassment, shame, and lust warred for dominance.

"Oh no, no, no," I groaned, trying to twist away from him.

"Bella, don't," he said, keeping a firm grip on me. "Let's just…"

"You have to go," I uttered, finally managing to wrestle out of his hold.

Jasper's face fell. "Why?"

"You just can't… we just… I just… I need some space," I finally managed to get out.

"Bella, I didn't mean to…"

"Please," I pleaded, not sure how much longer I could keep it together. It hurt my heart to see the rejected look that crossed his face before he hid it behind a blank expression, but at that moment I could do nothing for him. I seriously needed some breathing room. "Just go, I promise I will call you later."

He left without another word and I couldn't help feeling like the biggest bitch in the universe, I had to bite my tongue to keep from calling him back. I raced upstairs tearing off my ruined clothes as I went and change into sweats and sneakers before I jumped out my bed room window and headed for the trees. A run would give me time to hunt, think, and figure out how to forget this had ever happened.