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I finish school a little early today, one of my classes is cancelled because the professor's sick, so I head back to the apartment, planning to catch up on some studying.

I stretch out on my bed with my laptop and a couple of books and make a start on a paper that's due next week. But then my mind starts wandering and I find myself thinking about Riley.

I've been thinking about Riley a lot recently. I guess that's not too surprising given what's been going on between us since the Corset Incident. At first I thought that it was just going to be a one-off, but we've fooled around a few times since then, and every time we do it, I hope that it won't be the last. I'm confused by this whole thing though. I honestly always thought that I was totally straight. I'd never looked at a dude in a sexual way before Riley. And then when it happened, it was all so fast that I had no time to think about it. That one night at the party, and then what happened back at our place afterwards, has changed everything for me.

I start surfing idly, then with a little more purpose. Thinking about Riley has made me horny - he usually has that effect - and I find myself scrolling through my favorite porn sites, looking for something to watch. The sites all involve girls. I briefly consider searching for some guy on guy, but then I chicken out. I kind of want to check that I still like pussy.

I pull up a video of a blonde chick who looks a bit like Rose - which is totally why it ended up in my favorites - and start to watch it. She's definitely hot, and my dick gets interested straight away as I watch the guy squeezing her tits and sucking on her nipples, flicking them with his tongue. Then he moves down further and starts eating her out, lapping at her pussy while she throws her head back and moans.

I'm just starting to get into it, palming my erection through my sweatpants and thinking about getting it out so I can jerk off properly, when I hear the sound of the front door. The door to my room is shut so although I freeze for a moment, I carry on watching. The dude is finger fucking the blonde now and it's hot, I don't really want to stop.

But then my door bursts open with no warning and Riley's there, grinning at me as I grab my laptop and slam it shut, sitting up in an attempt to hide the tent in my pants.

"Hey dude," he saunters over with a knowing look on his face. "Watching something good? Can I see?"

"Maybe... and no." I glare at him.

"That's just mean, Em. If I was watching good porn, I'd totally share."

He's not lying, we've watched porn together before once or twice, usually when we've been drinking. We never jerked off to it, just watched it and then snuck off to our rooms to wank afterwards. But that was before I fucked him, before everything changed between us. I'm not sure how I feel about watching porn with him now.

I'm not really sure about anything anymore.

"I don't know," I mumble.

"Go on." Riley's already settling on the bed beside me, pressed up close, his thigh flush against mine. He grabs my dick through my clothes and squeezes. "I'll help you with this if you show me your porn."

Well that's too good an offer to turn down.

I open the laptop again, and then before I press play I feel like I need to mention something.

"It's got a girl in it."

"Em, I didn't think for a minute that you'd graduated to watching gay porn yet," he chuckles. "I like pussy too you know, although I do like watching gay porn best."

"Really?" I look at him then. Flushed cheeks and dark eyes glinting with mischief. "Why?"

"I don't know," he shrugs. "It's just really hot watching two guys together."

I pause for a moment, nervous and a little conflicted. "Show me," I say, handing him the laptop. "Show me some that you like. I wanna see."

He looks surprised, but pleased too. "If you're sure," he looks intently at me and I nod. I'm positive. "Okay then."

He pulls up some site that he's obviously registered with, logs in and clicks through to a favorites list. He finds what he's looking for pretty quickly and we get the laptop set up at the foot of the bed while we sit side by side leaning against the headboard.

I feel nervous, then feel dumb for feeling nervous. It's just porn; and it's just Riley. What am I scared of? I glance sideways at Riley, but his attention is on the screen, his teeth biting his lower lip as he watches the scene unfolding on the laptop.

I take his lead and turn my head back to watch too.

The boys on the screen are making out, still fully clothed but they're really getting into it. The camera focuses in on them as they kiss aggressively, all lips and tongues and teeth as they pull at each other's shirts.

They don't waste any time. As the shirts come off I notice that as a couple, they're not dissimilar to Riley and me. They both have dark hair, but one of them is much more muscular than the other. His shoulders are broad and he obviously spends some serious time at the gym. Whereas the other guy has Riley's build, he's slim and lean, boyish-looking. Kind of a twink, as Riley jokingly likes to call himself. I wonder whether he picked this video because of them looking like us. Knowing Riley, that's pretty likely. He's kind of sneaky like that.

Watching them together immediately makes me think of me and Riley doing stuff. Which in turn makes my dick get impossibly hard. I press the heel of my hand against it, rubbing surreptitiously as I lose myself in the action on the screen.

The two boys are naked now and the smaller guy is going down on the other one, sucking enthusiastically, taking the muscular dude's cock really deep. I remember how it feels to have Riley's lips wrapped around me like that and feel a flush of heat rush through me. Fuck. I'm aware of movement next to me and look down into Riley's lap to see that he's got his jeans open, hard dick in his hand, stroking it slowly as he keeps his eyes fixed on the screen.

Any residual discomfort at the situation is driven away by the sight of Riley's hand moving over his cock. I push my pants and underwear down and nearly sigh in relief as I take myself in hand.

The boys on the screen have switched places now. Twinky Dude is on his back on the bed while Muscular Dude sucks his cock and then pulls off to lick at his balls. Then he flips the twinky guy over, pulling his hips up and spreading the cheeks of his ass. I'm expecting him to get some lube and use his fingers, and I feel my face burn hot as he lowers his head and licks. It's hard to see exactly what's going on because of the camera angle but Twinky Dude is moaning and pushing back and clearly fucking loving whatever Muscular Dude is doing with his tongue.

I'm distracted by the sound of Riley next to me, his breathing is harsh and when I look his hand is moving furiously now, his eyes glued to the image on the laptop. He obviously really fucking likes watching rimming. Interesting.

"Have you done that?" I ask, distracting him so that he turns to look at me.

"Rimming? Yeah," he breathes, his hand still moving. He looks really hot, flushed and sweaty, like he's close. Watching him jerk off turns me on more than the video.

"Which way around?" I jerk myself faster, thumbing at the tip, feeling how wet I am.

"Both ways," he smirks. "It feels fucking amazing." His tongue sweeps across his lower lip and then he looks down at my cock. "I promised to help you with that, didn't I?"

"Yeah," I grin. "It's not gonna take long though." I'm not lying.

He moves fast, sliding down to kneel between my legs. "I want you to come in my mouth."

There are no arguments from me. Riley's mouth is fucking amazing. I groan as he takes me in swiftly, sucking me down until he can't go any further. All my attention is on Riley now, the video forgotten as he sucks up and down my dick, tonguing around the head with each stroke until I'm right on the edge, bucking up into his mouth. Then he uses his hand too, just sucking on the head as he jerks me, and I swear it feels as though he's sucking the cum right out of me as I explode in his mouth, crying out with the force of it.

When my cock stops pulsing he takes me deep again and I can feel the warm slickness in his mouth and I know it's from me. He pulls off, licking his lips and grinning and crawls up to kiss me. His mouth's still salty and bitter but I kiss him back hard, holding him close, still shaky from coming so hard.

I feel Riley's hand moving and realize he's pumping his dick, his breath coming in little gasps as he breaks away. He moves back, straddling my thighs as he pauses to tear his t-shirt off, and then his hand is on his cock again.

I watch, entranced by the slick slide of his fist, the shiny wet head pushing through as he hitches his hips, fucking into his hand. He looks so hot like this. I lick my lips, tasting a hint of my cum from Riley's mouth and it makes me want to taste him.

I grab his hips and roll him off me. "Lie down," I mutter. "I want to try something."

He chuckles, surprised but unfazed by me manhandling him. I have a suspicion that he likes it when I throw him around. I press him down into the mattress and strip the rest of his clothes off. My foot bumps the laptop and I notice the video's ended anyway, so I slam it shut and move it out of the way.

I'm still fully dressed; but Riley looks desperate and I don't want to make him wait. I crawl over him, kissing him hungrily before I trail down his chest, licking and nipping my way down.

He props himself up on his elbows watching me, and I glance up at him when I reach his cock. His eyes are hot and needy, lips parted. "Please," he whispers as our eyes lock.

"I've never..." I say, somewhat unnecessarily.

"I know. But Em, you don't have to..."

"I want to."

So I do.

I'm tentative at first. Using my hand to hold him steady I kiss the underside of the head, feeling the smooth heat of his skin, inhaling the musky scent. I kiss again, and then use my tongue, tracing the rim as I suck just the tip of him into my mouth. He's sticky and salty and as I swirl my tongue around to catch it all, Riley whimpers and his thighs quiver around me. I sink lower, taking more of his cock and I move both of my hands to his thighs, spreading them apart just like I would with a girl if I was going down on her. Riley's thighs are firm and lean under my hands, the soft hairs tickling my palms as I stroke them. His cock is hard and hot in my mouth. I take him as deep as I dare, feeling him bump against the back of my throat.

"Oh my God... Em!" He slides his hands in my hair, scratching at my scalp as he moans and moves his hips in tight little movements. I know it's taking all his self-control not to thrust into my mouth and I'm grateful.

I manage to get into a rhythm, rising and falling over his cock, sucking as I come up and using my tongue as much as I can. It's weird being on the giving end of a blow job rather than the receiving. I hope I'm doing okay.

"Fuck... yeah, just like that..." Riley murmurs, stroking my cheeks with his fingers and running a thumb along my lip where it's stretched tight around his dick. "So fucking good, baby."

Okay, being called baby while I have another dude's dick in my mouth is kind of weird. But at least he's obviously loving this, so I must be doing it right.

I shift my position slightly so I can look up at him, and I feel my cock brush against the bedcover and realize that I'm half hard again already. Riley's not the only one who's getting off on this apparently. His eyes are open, but heavy-lidded and his skin is flushed right down his chest. He sees me looking up at him and he makes a little broken, desperate sound. "Fuck, Em... I'm..."

He pulls at my head, obviously trying to get me off his dick.

Fuck that. If I'm doing this, I'm doing it right.

I make a noise in protest, shaking my head slightly and dig my fingers into his thighs as I suck harder and Riley moans and shudders, his slim hips flexing as his body arches off the bed and I feel his cock twitch and spurt in my mouth, hot and wet, and not nearly as bad as I was expecting. I manage to swallow most of it and carry on sucking, more gently now, until he pushes my head away and flops back on the bed, limp and laughing weakly.

"Very impressive for your first time. Are you an over-achiever at everything?" His hands are still in my hair, slipping through my short curls where my head lies on his belly.

"I guess so," I reply smugly, raising my head to grin at him, my chin resting on the jut of his hip.

"My only complaint," he says, his face utterly serious, "is that you ignored my balls. They're not just there for decoration you know. Perhaps you can give them a little attention next time?"

Cheeky fucker.

I raise an eyebrow at him and he smirks back.

I launch myself up his body, pinning him down and tickling him until he begs for mercy and concedes that I'm fucking awesome and have mad blow job skills. Which I so obviously do. But I store away the comment about next time. I mean... there's always room for improvement, right?

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