Disclaimer - SM made these wonderful characters. I just want a chance to play :)

Everything is dark.

I try to open my eyes, but I've got no strength.. No sight.

Calling out my mother's name, all I get back is silence.

And more silence.


There's sirens. I can see light behind my eyelids.

I try hard to open my eyes.

I can hear voices.. Someone reassuring me that everything will be okay.

I whisper for my mom.

I try to open my eyes.

Something loud goes off in the distance.

Some sort of machinery.

Another reassuring voice, telling me they will get me out in no time.

I try to open my eyes.

They open. Slowly.

I see my mothers dead eyes staring back. Lifeless.

All goes black, as I get suffocated by the darkness.

I know, it's very short. Hopefully, the few of you who have taken a chance and read my tiny story.. will stick around long enough to truly get stuck into it.

I can promise more explanations in the next chapter.

This story has been stuck in my head for months.. and I had it all outlined and a few chapter written.. but I decided to just go with the flow and just follow the character outlines and see where it leads me. I have got a road I'm following in my head, though. Do not panic. I know where to go ;)

Thanks for hanging around.. I think whoever gave this story a shot deserves some brilliant rec's in return!

ExquisiteEdward - Colour of Loneliness. I Looooooove this Edward. He is soo.. mm. Yummy. The swear words make me all tingly. LOL!

ExquisiteEdward - My Devil. I only just read this story today, but I am already hooked.

So there you have it, two brilliant stories from a awesome author! Go knock yourselves out.

Peace. x