Warnings: PWP, boy x boy graphic smut (rimming, handjob, blowjob, sex) boy x boy kissing, light bullying, cheating, swearing, domestic abuse.

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Just Sex

If there was one type of person that Kurt absolutely despised it was those who were incompetent, lazy, unintelligent and dressed in preppy clothing that did not suit their body type which would actually be quite enjoyable if dressed correctly. Yes he was describing his assistant Dave Karofsky to a 'T'.

Kurt never professed to be a patient man and pointedly told those who pushed his buttons at inappropriate times most often Dave. He was a model and he demanded perfection as well as attention from all the right people. However now he found himself in the midst of chaos due to the person he most hated.

"Ladies what on Earth is the matter?" Kurt asked the crowd of men who were in charge of set and lighting.

"We're missing your assistant who is supposed to have all the outfits out of the locked cupboard and presented in order so we don't waste time. He's the only one with the key."

"I'll give him a call," Kurt's agent, Taylor Kennedy sighed.

It was only five minutes after Taylor's call when said assistant ran out of the elevator and stopped dead at all of the stares. A cut ran across the top of his eyebrow and was dripping little drops of blood however the Steri-Strips had caught the blood before it fell.

"Sorry I'm late," Dave panted as he stripped his coat and scarf which exposed a tight white sweater that had Kurt cringing, "I had a fight with my boyfriend and one thing lead to another."

"Keep your personal problems out of my studio," Kurt snapped, "Are we ready now Taylor?"

"Karofsky get the outfits out of their bags and line them up in photograph order," She instructed and David nodded, quickly running over to the clothes, "Okay Kurt, we're going for sultry and sexy but keep it a little innocent. We need men to think that if they buy this cologne then they will also appear sexy."

"Got it Taylor," Kurt said in a sarcastic tone, "You want fries with that?"

"Shut it and pose!" Taylor barked and Kurt instantly turned from his diva state of mind to the fabulous model he professed to be.

"Perfect!" The photographer beamed after several shots were taken, "Can you suck your cheeks in a little to highlight your cheekbones?"

"I thought that was what Photoshop was for?" Kurt said and Taylor growled.


"Fine," Kurt sighed and followed the photographer's orders.

"Okay change it up into the green attire, it will highlight your eyes, even more once we get the photographs into editing."

The shoot didn't last too long and Kurt was glad when he finally got out of those horrible clothes and into his comfortable skinny jeans, shirt and converse. Not to mention the cologne absolutely reeked.

"I need you to meet with Karofsky tonight," Taylor said as she checked Kurt's schedule.

"Why?" Kurt asked, wrinkling his nose, "I'm sure he has boyfriend dramas to sort out and I don't want that in my apartment."

"You need to help him with the outfits," Taylor replied and Kurt's jaw dropped, "You could probably give him some fashion advice while you're at it.

"I am a model not a bloody slave," He gasped.

"You are also in my agency and what I say goes," Taylor snarled and Kurt whined.


"Yes, tonight," Taylor informed him, "You have several appointments tomorrow for the shoot on Wednesday as well as an interview to discuss your intentions when you go to London."

"My intentions? It's not as if I'm marrying the damn city," Kurt mumbled, bending down to tie his shoes and Taylor whacked him across the back of his head, "Ouch what the hell Kennedy?"

"You invited Anderson to your shoot?"

Kurt looked up to see the product filled curls and groaned, "No freaking way."

"Hey Kurt!" Blaine bounced over to where Kurt and Taylor were standing, "Sorry I missed your shoot but I can take you out to dinner to make it up to you and then maybe we can go back to mine for some hot chocolate and a movie."

"Excuse me," Taylor coughed, barely concealing her snort of laughter and moved away.

"Blaine listen baby," Kurt said, "We had sex a few times, got dinner once. We're not dating and most certainly not boyfriends so I don't know why you turned up today. How did you find out about this shoot anyway?"

"I am a model too you know," Blaine said looking horribly disappointed.

"That's why we fucked," Kurt said as if it explained it all, "Surely you know my reputation? I don't date and I don't do relationships. I simply enjoy the feeling of somebody ramming their dick into my ass."

"You don't have to be so obscene," Blaine hissed and several people looked over at them, "Can we take this somewhere else?"

"I'm afraid not, I have to discuss some things with my uh assistant."

"Karofsky? You despise your assistant."

"Yes that delightful bumbling idiot who's having relationship trouble," Kurt shivered, "Another reason why I will never settle down. Now can you go please?"

"I thought you were different Kurt," Blaine said as his parting words with a half-hopeful expression.

"Go figure," Kurt shrugged and the hopeful gleam in Blaine's eyes disappeared, a hand coming up before Kurt could react, "Shit!"

"Anderson get the hell out of here before I call security," Taylor shouted and Blaine held up his hands looking shocked.

"I'm sorry Kurt," He said and ran to the stairwell instead of the elevator, trotting down them two at a time.

"You okay kid? That was one nasty slap."

"Yeah," Kurt replied to a hovering Taylor, "Taylor I'm fine, I just want to go home, have a glass of wine and masturbate to the latest porn videos on the internet."

"Don't forget to take Dave with you," Taylor reminded him and sniggered at the double meaning.

"Damn I forgot about him."

So that was how Kurt found himself in a taxi with his messenger bag, a stack of paperwork and David Karofsky. He chewed his carrot sticks slowly, savouring the taste until they arrived at Kurt's building. Dave hauled the paperwork and his own bag out of the taxi as Kurt greeted the door man politely. They stood silently in the elevator until they reached Kurt's floor.

"So thanks for dropping your plans to work with me tonight," Dave said modestly as Kurt worked the lock open, "I'm sorry I interrupted them."


"You're screwing Anderson aren't you?" Dave asked as Kurt gestured him to the couch and Kurt shook his head, "Oh I saw him come in after the shoot."

"Was screwing and I don't settle down," Kurt replied as he poured them both a glass of wine and handed one to Dave, "Unlike you for instance."

"Yeah well I'm rethinking that," Dave said and waved to his cut forehead.

"That's shit," Kurt said in relation to Dave's forehead, "What did he throw? A plate? His fist?"

"A small glass vase actually," Dave said and frowned, "Would you be offended if I asked you to turn the heating down?"

"Can't you just take off that horrid sweater?" Kurt asked in reply, "It is winter and I'm a cold person."

"Yeah you are," Dave mumbled and Kurt smirked.

"Good comeback, there's hope for you yet," He said thoughtfully, "Now why won't you take the sweater off? You look like a snowman gone wrong."

"I'm good," Dave replied and brushed off the hurtful comment.

"We're supposed to be talking fashion so let me give you a makeover," Kurt said as the thought crossed into his mind.

"There's nothing wrong with the way I dress."

"Honey there's plenty wrong," Kurt said and started begging, "Please, please, please."

"What happens when you don't get your own way?" Dave asked with a smile.

"Unicorns stab each other, bunnies die and rainbows fade away to nothing," Kurt giggled and Dave laughed loudly, "At least take your sweater off so I can see if you're hiding something delicious under those disgusting clothes."

"Fine but I'm only wearing an undershirt," Dave sighed and pulled it off to a loud whistle from Kurt.

"Holy shit," Kurt said and took in Dave's muscular body, "Why oh why do you cover this up? You should just walk around naked all the time."

Dave blushed, "I'd get a bit cold."

"We all suffer to look our best."

"How do you suffer?" Dave asked, curious to know more about the famous Kurt Hummel, "Seriously, you have an amazing life."

"I have my hair highlighted constantly and let me tell you that stings like a bitch and makes it all dry. I have all bodily hair except my eyebrows and hair waxed and if you've ever tried it, then you know that pain."

"That just sounds horrible," Dave said sarcastically, "It lets you live like a king though."

"I'm hardly Henry the eighth," Kurt snarled, "I starve myself each day. Those carrot sticks I was eating? That was my dinner that I just had to eat because I was so hungry. I can't eat just anything and look like this. I work out for about three hours a day along with that."

"You need control," Dave murmured and Kurt stared at him, his big blue eyes widening at Dave's understanding.

"Exactly," He whispered, "My sex life is my only means of being out of control."

"How did we come to talk about this?" Dave asked with the ghost of a smirk playing on his face.

"Control," Kurt answered simply, "When I am with a lover I just want to let loose. For once I want someone ordering me, someone telling me when to come and what to do. Of course that is a hard thing to come by in this industry when almost every model looks like I do and wants me to top. I've yet to find someone to make me feel that way."

"Oh," Dave said quietly, not able to think of anything else to say and Kurt started toying with his sweater.

"This reminds me of all the preppy clothes Blaine wears," Kurt said, changing the topic, "I think I still have some of my brother's clothes. He's taller and thinner than you but that should make some stuff a perfect fit. Come."

With that, Kurt led Dave down the hallway of his apartment. Dave took in the photographs in the hallway, noting Kurt was extremely family oriented with the numerous family pictures. Dave grinned at what looked to be a toddler Kurt naked in the bathtub with what had to be his mother washing his hair which was spiked into a mohawk. He passed the photos and stood in the doorway to the lit room.

"I don't know why I've kept them," Kurt said from inside the room and Dave realised that this was the guest room. Kurt was currently in the walk in closet, "Finn should know better than to leave his clothing here because I'll just throw it out. I've even got his wife's dress in here for goodness sake."

"Now your pants are fine," Kurt continued as he emerged, "They're actually a really good fit. However I want you to put on this shirt, that blazer and add the scarf."

Dave followed his orders and dressed quickly. The shirt was a bit snug but the blazer fit well. He grinned at his reflection in the full length mirror Kurt had added on the back of the closet door.

"My God you look good. No, you look hot!" Kurt praised as he levelled the scarf before taking it off and opened the top two buttons of the shirt. Dave blushed the whole time, "That's it, we're going on a shopping trip as soon as some time frees up."

"It won't but the idea is there," Dave replied and his blush darkened when Kurt's hand trailed through the small amount of chest hair that was showing where the shirt was unbuttoned, "Kurt uh, what are you doing?"

"Tell me to stop," Kurt said and Dave froze, "Tell me and I won't kiss you."

Dave just made a small noise but made no move to stop Kurt from leaning in. He shivered as he felt Kurt's breath on his lips.

"Tell me."

"I don't want to tell you," Dave whispered back and Kurt took that as permission.

He crashed their lips together, letting his tongue immediately run along the seam of Dave's lips. Dave complied instantly, opening his mouth and their tongues touched. Kurt moaned into the kiss as their tongues battled furiously. Kurt withdrew his tongue and they returned to simple open mouthed kissing.

"Is this alright?" Kurt asked between kisses and for the first time he wasn't sure how to progress.

"God yes," Dave groaned as he stripped Kurt off his shirt before returning his lips to Kurt's neck, "Yes it's alright. More than alright."

"For God sake David dominate me!" Kurt groaned, "Mark me, make me yours tonight."

Kurt found himself unceremoniously tossed onto the previously perfectly made bed. Dave followed, fighting with Kurt's zipper and pulling the tight jeans down his long legs.

"No underwear?" Dave choked and Kurt grinned, his heart thumping as Dave looked at his length, "Can I suck you?"

"Yes!" Kurt's hips flew off the bed towards Dave's face.

Dave took his head into the warmth of his mouth and Kurt groaned, trying not to buck up. Dave was different to the others who had given him head. He was tentative, stroking the base with a soft touch and mouthing the head slowly and surely. He bobbed his head up and down, taking half of Kurt before attempting to go deeper. Dave choked and pulled all the way off.

"Sorry gag reflex," He mumbled, seemingly embarrassed.

"It's okay. I'd say it would be abnormal not to have one," Kurt said, "Lay down."

Kurt moved to sit on his knees and Dave took his previous place. Kurt quickly worked the belt and zipper of Dave's dress pants and pulled them off in one fluid motion, taking his socks with him. He then moved up to straddle Dave's naked hips and leaned forward to slowly unbutton the tight shirt. Dave sat up so he could shrug out of the sleeves and threw the shirt on the floor.

"Condom and lube?" Dave asked as they resumed kissing, Kurt now rubbing against Dave's half hard cock.

"Lube's in the bedside table, condoms in the bathroom," Kurt said hopping off Dave's body to walk into his ensuite, "Come to think of it I don't know how many I have left."

He said the last bit to tempt Dave to leave but Dave didn't budge. Instead he silently rolled over to the table and pulled out the half-empty bottle of lube. Kurt returned with the condom and a smirk plastered on his face.

"Last one," He said as he crawled onto the bed and knelt in front of Dave, dropping the condom on the bedspread.

"Lucky," Dave replied and groaned when Kurt started fisting his dick to make him harder.

Dave hardened quickly, quicker than he ever had with his boyfriend and he shook his head. He didn't want to think of him at this time when the most beautiful man in the world was currently giving him a handjob.

"I will come if you don't stop that," Dave said with another groan and Kurt smirked, covering his fingers with lube.

Giggling, Kurt pushed a finger inside him and sought out his prostate gland immediately, his body jolting at the first touch. Dave's hand was on his dick as he massaged the gland and he sighed contently when he slipped another finger into himself. He scissored slowly, enjoyed the burn of his third finger and made sure he was stretched enough before he looked for the dropped condom.

He tore open the condom wrapper, pinched the tip and rolled his down to Dave's now straining erection. He slathered Dave in lube and thrust two covered fingers into himself to make sure he was ready.

"I don't think I want to be in control anymore," Kurt said teasingly and Dave grabbed him, turning him around so he was pushed onto his front.

Slowly Dave pushed in and he felt Kurt tighten around him. He wasn't extremely tight like a virgin but it was the heat surrounding his dick that caused his eyes to roll back in his head. When Kurt had relaxed

"You're going to take it all aren't you?" Dave growled as he bottomed out.

"Yes, yes Dave!" Kurt moaned into the pillow, "I'm taking it all like the good dirty slut I am."

If Dave was shocked at Kurt's words he didn't show it. He slid out and rammed back in with one fluid motion and Kurt groaned. His hands grabbed at Kurt's thin hips as he began pounding his ass. Kurt was moaning happily underneath his body. Dave pulled out and replaced his dick with his tongue. Kurt groaned as Dave's tongue lay flat against his quivering hole.

Dave curled his tongue and prodded into Kurt's hole causing Kurt to scream with pleasure. He moved it around as much as he could in the tight surroundings. He pulled away and re-applied the lube to his covered cock before pushing back in. He thrust slow and deep, making his thrusts languid as the pleasure pooled in his lower belly.

"You're mine," Dave growled and pulled out once more, "I'm going to come on you, going to spread my cum all over your tiny body."

"You're in control," Kurt gasped as Dave's teeth dragged over his collarbone and bit down causing Kurt to thrust up but nothing would relieve his need for friction.

"Yeah that's right, I am," Dave mumbled as he marked Kurt's and chest in many different areas before grabbing his hips again as to place his body between Dave's legs, "You're going to come when I say."

Saying that, Dave started pumping Kurt's cock, his fist enclosing tightly and his thumb rubbing over the head on every upstroke. Kurt was thrusting up into Dave's tight hand and moaning loudly.


Kurt erupted with a groan over Dave's hand and most of it dripped onto the sheets below him. Dave pumped him through his orgasm and he slumped with a sigh while Dave moved to jerk himself off. With a cry, Dave came onto Kurt's stomach and his hips stuttered with the sensations running through his body.

Dave fell next to Kurt and they breathed deeply together. When Kurt let out a soft whine Dave came back to himself. He had just cheated on his boyfriend. He had just had sex and done several other unspeakable things with his boss. He shot off the bed and into a sitting position, his legs swinging over so his feet rested on the carpet.

"What's wrong?" Kurt asked as he sat up with Dave and touched his broad shoulder.

"I shouldn't have done this," David said as a stray tear leaked out of his eye.

"Why, because you cheated?" Kurt asked fiercely and Dave nodded, "Listen that dick had it coming to him. I may be an insensitive tool but I know that abuse in relationships ends very badly."

"I'm sorry Kurt," Dave said as he dressed quickly, "I shouldn't have had sex with you. You don't date, you don't do relationships and I'm very much a relationship man. I'm also your assistant and one you choose to bully constantly. Now I have to go back to my own relationship and try to salvage what's left of it."

With his shoes tied at lightning speed, Dave grabbed his undershirt from the floor and threw it on before bolting out of the room. Kurt stayed in the bed, listening to Dave swear and fumble with his paperwork that he had brought up to Kurt's apartment. It was only when he finally heard his door slam did he let himself cry.

Why was he crying? He didn't know but the tears wouldn't stop. He touched the bruises Dave had left on his hips and let his hand trail up to his stomach and chest where he felt Dave's cum drying. Playing with the swirls of white for a moment, he abandoned his chest and touched at his neck. He knew he had at least three hickeys across his neck and collarbone and honestly couldn't bring himself to care.

Kurt didn't know why he wanted people to see Dave's marks on his body but something within him wanted to wear a loose tank top and low rise jeans to work tomorrow to show off. The thought of Dave once more led to more tears welling up in his eyes. So he curled up into a ball and cried some more.

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