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The party had been Abby's idea. She begged Gibbs to have both Tony and McGee at her place, around noon, that Sunday; she not only wanted to celebrate Tim's birthday, but the fact that they were now brothers.

Gibbs agreed, he could never quite say 'no' to Abby, and picked up both brothers from Tony's place (where McGee had been staying since his release from the hospital) around eleven-thirty. He didn't say a word, no matter how many times they asked where they were going, and was quite certain DiNozzo had convinced himself Gibbs was going to kill him and McGee by the time he pulled up to Abby's building.

"S-so, boss," Tony started barely hiding the stammer in his voice. "Just decided to pay Abby a visit?" he glanced back at McGee, who just shrugged. Gibbs still didn't answer. Instead, he put his car into park, turned the engine off, and opened his door.

Gibbs was halfway towards the building's entrance when Tim and Tony caught up to him. They were having a whispered argument, both trying to convince the other to once again ask Gibbs why they were at Abby's.

The argument followed Gibbs up the steps and outside of Abby's apartment. Finally, DiNozzo cleared his throat and said, "Boss, are you going to tell us why we're here?"

Jethro just smirked and knocked on the door. He heard someone shushing someone else, a lot of scrambling around, and finally Abby's voice called, "Come in!" Gibbs turned the knob and threw the door opened, allowing the two younger guys to go ahead of him.

It was dark inside, and McGee and DiNozzo hesitated in the threshold before walking inside. Suddenly, the light snapped on and a chorus of 'surprise' hit them full force. Abby rushed towards them, giving each a big hug.

"What's this?" Tony asked when she stepped away from him.

"This is a celebration," Abby said excitedly gesturing towards the banners spanning across her living room. One read: 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TIM.' While the other said: 'BROTHERS FOREVER.' "I thought why not kill two birds with one stone. You know?"

"Abbs, you didn't have to do this," McGee said softly.

"Of course we did, Tim," Sarah commented standing next to their parents. "It's not every day we inherit a big brother." She grinned Tony's way. He smiled back, shaking his head.

"Well, let's get this party started," Palmer stated, rubbing his hands together.

"You hid the alcohol, right?" Tony whispered to Abby. She just smiled and walked away. DiNozzo turned, looking Gibbs' way. "She asked you to help didn't she?" Jethro just shrugged and walked past Tony, deeper into Abby's apartment.

"I love our friends," Tony commented turning to look at Tim.

"Me, too," McGee replied with a small smile.

"Well, come on, little bro. Let's join in the festivities."


Tony was coming out of the bathroom when he heard two voices coming from Abby's bedroom. He was torn between listening and just walking away, but when he heard his boss's name he crept closer to the door.

"I mean, Gibbs did have a point," Cecelia said softly.

"So, we're going to act civilized?" Senior asked curiously.

"Why not? I mean, you are Tony and Tim's father."

"I wasn't much of a father," Senior responded under his breath.

"And you've changed… some," Cecelia admitted begrudgingly ignoring Senior's comment. Anthony laughed softly. "Besides, it won't hurt for us to stay friendly. Not friends," she added quickly, "just friendly. For our kids."

"For our kids," Senior agreed and Tony could almost see his father nod.


"You know, you still look pretty in the sunlight."

"Good-bye, Anthony," Cecelia said and Tony quickly moved back into the bathroom as Abby's bedroom door opened. Tony waited until he was sure both Senior and Cecelia were gone, before walking out of the bathroom, straight into Tim.

"Hey," he said taking half a step back.

"What were you doing?" McGee asked curiously.

"Nothing," Tony responded peeking over his shoulder. "I was just using the bathroom." Tim nodded, a little skeptical, but decided to let it go.

"Abby was looking for you," he said pointing over his shoulder.

"Then let's go see what she wants, McBro," Tony commented and walked past Tim, grinning when he rolled his eyes. He could get used to having a little brother.

The end...


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