This is a world where in America Jasper is only a girl name. Peace.

Chapter 1: Please read on.

Blaine Anderson only wanted one thing for Christmas, and he had got it. He was 2 years old by a week ago and he had finally got it. Blaine had asked Mommy and Daddy for FOREVER if he could have this.

"Mommy! Can I hold it! Please Mommy!" His mother chuckled.

"Him Blaine, dear. Little Harry is a him. But- Professor Dumbledore said we should change his name. His last name will be Anderson tomorrow. We could change his first and middle. Blake dear, does that sound OK? I'll even let Blaine help out!" Blaine beamed.

They were in England, they would be until Blaine turned 8, then they would leave.

"Blaine," His father, Blake, warned. "You only get to help pick his middle name."

"Blake! I know! We'll re-name him Jasper!" Blake looked at her weirdly while Blaine giggled.

"Mommy, Jay-per is a girl name!" Samantha Anderson just smiled fondly.

"No, Blaine dear, it's mostly used as a girl name in America, but in England and other countries, Jasper is a fine uni-sex name."

Blake ran a finger through his brown hair and sighed, they had already made Ha- Jasper look like them with magic (That poor kid… that name…). He was utterly adorable, he had soft brown eyes(From his 'mother') , brown curly hair with blonde lights streaming through it (Addition of 'mother' and 'Father'), elfish ears (From his 'mother'), soft skin, and was on the small side (mother). He looked a lot like his new 'mother'. But he still had a lightning scar on his forehead.

"Yes, Sammie."

"Mommy! Can I name him! His middle one! Mine is Andrew and his will be…. Jacob! Jasper Jacob Anderson ." Samantha smiled. "Jasper Jacob it is."

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