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Chapter 3: Cheerios and tutoring.

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Jasper looked up and saw a woman with short Blonde hair inspecting him.

"Hmmm… Short, good for tops of pyramids…heard you can sing…that's nice…good looking, fit…best in England…" She then shook her head and smiled a dazzling white smile that kind of creeped Jasper out.

"Jasper," She said "I'm Coach Sylvester; or, since last names were abolished for the Cheerio's, Coach Sue, or just 'coach'. The Cheerio's would be honored if you would join." Coach Sue said.

"I-I would love to be on the Cheerio's." Jasper said, He was going to be on a cheerleading team? Already. So soon after Quidwitch and the Hogwarts cheer team. He owed Blaine 3 gallons.

"Great! You don't need the 'Sue Sylvester water', so here's just a bottle. And here," Coach Sue said dramatically "Is your Uniform, tailor it with magic kiddo." He choked on air.

"You know about magic?" He whispered.

"Please, I'm a Witch, literally. Half my Cheerios are witches and now we have Jasper Anderson, Wizard extraordinaire, on our team! We have practice today. 5:30 sharp. We won't lose. Oh and Jasper, tryouts for head cheerleader are tomorrow at 3:00- 3:25 they'll be over in enough time for your glee thing."

"Oh! Give me your wand." Jasper held out his wand. " Hmm… Holy, Phoenix feather. "Sue took out her own wand and tapped it on his. "There you go, kiddo, now you can do magic without upsetting the ministry."

"Who are the Witches on the cheerios?" Jasper asked.

"Oh the Cheerio Witches are; Santana Lopez, Brittany Pierce, Kristen (Kris) Kringle, Sarah Shaw, Rebbeca Erikson, Darla Jacobson, Quinn Fabrey, and Bunny Jackson." Jasper blinked when he heard Santana, Quinn, and Brittany's names.

"Coach?" Sue looked at him. "Can I have a list of everyone magical at McKinley?" She handed him one, out of thin air.

Rachel Berry: Pure blood

Blaine Anderson: Half-born (Muggle-born Mom)

Jasper Anderson: Half-born (Muggle born mom)

Finn Hudson: Half-born (Muggle dad)

Kurt Hummel-Hudson: Muggle born

Quinn Fabrey: Half-born (Muggle Dad)

William Sheuster: Pure blood

Mercedes Jones: Pure blood

Mike Chang: Half-born (Muggle-born Father)

Tina Choen-Chang: Half-born (Squib-parents, Wizard family)

Emma Pillsbury: Pure blood

Arthur *Artie* Abrams: Pure blood

Noah *Puck* Puckerman: Pure blood

Sue Sylvester: Half-born (Muggle Mother)

Santana Lopez: Pure blood

Brittany Pierce: Pure blood

Kristen *Kris* Kringle: Pure blood

Bunny Jackson: Pure blood

Rebecca Erikson: Pure blood

Darla Jacobson: Pure blood

Sarah Shaw: Pure blood

"Thanks, Coach." He changed in the Co-ed Cheerio room (They never had any boys, until now.. except Kurt and he hadn't been around when they built this locker room) and tapped on it, making it so he fit into it nicely. Damn. Blaine was going to laugh.

Jasper walked back to glee in the red and white male uniform. "Hey guys, Blaine. You're dead. I Know." He was only sticking his head in. Blaine frowned. "How?"

"Coach gave me a list." He then stepped fully in the room "For a price. She also made it to where I- and possibly the other cheerios?-"Santana nodded "Can do magic." Blaine paled.

"So," Kurt said, fidgeting.

"I don't care that you're Muggle born Kurt."

Kurt looked relieved.

Puck smiled at him and it nearly melted his heart. "Hey, Noah?" Puck nodded.

"Wanna, Umm… helpmewithmyhomeworkcusei'mbehind?" He said quickly.


"Wanna…ummm….Help me with homework? Because I'm behind?" Blaine had his mouth opening and closing like a fish. Puck had a weird smile on his face.

"Okay, so If X times 3 – 5= 25 To figure out what X is we?" Puck prompted.

"Umm… We add 5 on each side." Jasper said, he was back in his skinny's laying down on his bed while Puck tried to teach him math.

"Yes to get…?"

"30, I'm not Brittany. I'm slightly smarter." Jasper huffed.

"Sorry! We've been at Muggle School while you've been at Hogwarts you'll be pretty far behind. Now what do we do?" Jasper liked how he said 'we'.

"Umm… Divide by 3 on each side to get… X=10."

"Correct! Dude, let's take a break. Your flat screen has been mocking me for the past half hour."

"Sure, bet I can beat you at Halo?"

"You're on!" Puck announced. He was so cute! They played Halo, Jasper beating Puck's but across kingdom come.

"How'd you-?" Puck asked.

"No biggy. You just, here." Jasper guided Puck's hands and showed him how to perform the move. "See, no big deal." He smiled.

"Thanks man, what was Hogwarts like anyway?"

Jasper sighed; he missed it in ways and in others… "It was, magical! The celling is charmed so you can see the outside sky. There is floating candles and the feasts, Oh my Hecate, The feasts!" Puck chuckled.

"What else?"

"The lessons, my friend Hermione and I rocked at them; while our friend Ron wasn't so lucky. And my favorite classes were Care of Magical Creatures, Potions (Even though Prof. Snape is a git sometimes. ) DADA, and Transfiguration."

"What about the people?"

"We had a enemy, then, in third year, he became our friend. His name was Draco Malfoy, he was so nice. His father is a death eater. Hermione is so sweet and smart; she is self-conscious when she's beautiful. Ron, eats… a lot. He's nice though." Puck nodded.

"Do you guys learn magic, Noah?"

"Yeah, but through potions. Not like you did. You're the smartest guy I know, even if it's not Muggle wise. And I don't care if people call you the chosen one. You're just, Jasper to me."

Jasper beamed, than he checked his watch. "CRAP!" He said, jumping up and running to his dresser.


"I'll be late to Cheerio practice, it's at 5:30 and it's almost 5:15." Puck nodded.

"I know! Let me drive your car; call me at my cell # when it's over. I drive like a maniac." Jasper blushed. "I'll even get you some notes ready while you're gone. Go get changed."

"Thanks, Noah."

"YOU THINK THIS IS HARD! TRY BEING WATER BORN!" Coach Sue yelled, as the finished a routine for the third time.

"Go again!" Jasper put a smile on his face and yelled "5, 6, 7, 8!" They flipped and kicked and did the splits so much it hurt. While doing this he sang 'eye of the tiger'. When they were done it was almost 7:45.

"Okay girls, and Jasper, hit the showers. There are stalls and rooms for changing so I don't want to hear 'Jasper peeked at me!' got it!"

"Yes, Coach!" All the girls chimed.

When they got to the shower rooms, a girl with ugly, yellow/(is it supposed to be?) blonde hair, green eyes, and huge tits stepped in front of him.

"Sarah Shaw. I'm-"

"SARAH!" Sarah winced. "Yes Becca?" She squeaked.

"I want to talk to new boy." A girl with short black hair, Pink-ish eyes, and tits that reminded Jasper of ice-cream cones (did she stuff some in there?)Said. "Jasper, I'm Rebecca Erikson. Call me Becca, or whatever you want."

Suddenly 'Becca' , Sarah, and a girl named Darla Jacobson (Brown hair, blue eyes.) were dissing Brittany and Santana.

"Leave them alone!"

"Siding with the glee freaks, we had such high hopes." The girls went to the other side of the Cheerio private locker room and 'humphed.'

"Thanks." They whispered as they walked out and Jasper began washing.

"Hi!" A girl with white hair with black streaks, black eyes that twinkled, and a nice smile said. She was standing next to a girl with big-ish ears, chestnut brown hair with red streaks, green eyes, and a overbite. "I'm Kris Kringle. This is Bunny Jackson. We're like you; the muggles stay away and ignore us." Jasper smiled, he felt so bad for 'Bunny' her parents must be jerks.

"I'm Jasper Anderson." He smiled warmly at them. They smiled back.

"We know." Bunny said, her voice had a huge Texas accent while Kris's was warm and jolly. "Everyone knows about you."

Kris nodded "You're a legend among Witch and Wizard kind! All those Quidwitch wins! And the cheerleading awards! See you tomorrow, Jasper!" The girls went into their rooms to get dressed now, he was already dressed.

Jasper dialed Puck's number and smiled when he picked up on the first ring.


"Jasper? Wow, for the first practice she worked you guys hard. I'm in the parking lot." Jasper smiled. "Be there in a few, let me get my stuff." He said.

"Kay, I'll be here, anyway, I should tutor you regularly, no offense but you suck man. "

Jasper grabbed his bag and slung it over his shoulder. He then ran to the parking lot with a large smile on his face.

"Noah!" He ran up and hugged Puck.

"Thanks for driving me!" Jasper exclaimed.

"Welcome, come on get in the car. For close to Halloween it's cold out here." Puck smiled at him. "Wanna go to Bread-stix to celebrate you surviving Coach Sylvester?"

Jasper blushed "Sure."

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