'Your Majesty' Yushun walked into Ryuuki's quarters 'Already?' Ryuuki asked Yushun just nodded 'We see, we shall be there soon' Ryuuki responded 'Hai' Yushun bowed and left 'Shurei' Ryuuki whispered 'Come on Shurei-sama' Kourin encouraged as she gripped Shurei's hand 'Ok Shurei-sama, just once more, one more and then we are done' Jyusan said, Shurei let out yet another scream as she gripped Kourin's hand tighter almost to the point of bruising the younger girl's hand '…Ok I lied….just once more' Jyusan smiled 'That's what you said the last time' Shurei breathed 'Yes well now I am quiet sure' Jyusan assured her 'ok start pushing in 5,4,3,2,and 1' Jyusan said, once more the sound of Shurei's screams followed, which was followed by the cries of a baby. Jyusan stood up with the baby in her hand 'it's a girl' she smiled 'A girl?' Shurei asked 'Hai, a girl ' Jyusan said as she cleaned the little girl. She handed the girl to Shurei 'Congratulations Shurei-sama' Kourin smiled 'Arigito, Kourin-san' Shurei didn't take her eyes off of her baby girl. 'Mama! Mama' the three woman heard yells from the other side of the shoji door 'Seien, Renjiro come in here' Shurei called The Shoji door opened to see Shurei's sons, two year old Renjiro who was being carried by Seiran, and four year old Seien who was holding on to Seiran's tunic, Seien let go of Seiran's tunic and ran over to his mother ' Boy or girl?' The four year old asked 'Girl' Jyusan smiled at the young heir 'Oooh!' The prince said in excitement while the two year old just sat in Seiran's arm playing with Seiran's hair 'Renjiro-Kun, do you want to go see your little sister?' Seiran asked the young prince 'Hai' Renjiro dropped Serian's hair as Seiran lowered himself to put down Renjiro. 'What are you going to name her?' Seien asked his big brown eyes staring at his mother 'I don't know, I'l discuss it with your father' Shurei smiled. Just seconds after Ryuuki walked into the room, Shurei gave her husband a smiled 'It's a girl' she said 'Leave us' Ryuuki ordered all the rest of the people in the room, in seconds the only ones in the room were just Ryuuki, Shurei and the baby 'Ryuuki, what's the matter? I gave you two healthily sons, now we have a healthy daughter' Shurei said, Ryuuki crossed the room to his wife and picked up the little girl 'She's gonna look like you Shurei' Ryuuki smiled, Shurei let out a sigh of relief happy knowing her husband was not mad at her for giving birth to a daughter 'What did you name her?" Ryuuki asked 'Well…..I was going to leave that to you' Shurei explained 'We see…. how about…..Sayuri' Ryuuki looked from his daughter to his wife 'It's a beautiful name' Shurei smile brightened.