New York City, December 24, 1997. Manhattan is always loud and full of life, but it's always at this time of year, during the holidays, when it seems to get even

livelier. Multi-colored Christmas lights dotting most windows, trees decorated with Christmas ornaments, and mistletoes watching over doorways. It's a time of

merriment and giving; a time when we take a break from our fast-paced routine and reflect on what we have.

I wondered what it was I had as I stared out of the limo's window, watching the pure snowflakes flutter to the street, the bright lights of the outside world diluting the

splendor those flakes try to give out as they accentuated the Asian features of my small, pale face, which I inherited from my mother. I took note of some of the

activity going on outside my window, such as the last minute shoppers moving hurriedly in and out of stores. The streets of Manhattan are always bustling, but it

seemed especially more so today. The limo came to a stop when the street light turned red, the world stopping momentarily for a rest, just long enough for me to see

clearly. I watched a couple with two children walk by me, crossing the street; they seem so cheerful. I gave out a small sigh, my mind wandering. I wasn't feeling too

eager about my destination, even though I said I wanted to go. My blonde hair, which reached down toward my mid-back, was clean and straight for the occasion, and

I was wearing the only dress I own; a spaghetti strap black dress, with the left side split up to my lower thigh. I wore matching black heels, and anklets on both of my

legs, and a grey overcoat to battle the cold. I'm not used to dressing up like this; I prefer my jeans over a dress any day, though I guess it's okay to try new things.

I crossed my right leg over my left, staring out of my right side window when the limo started to move, my eyes unfocused. "…Aya?" a voice called out suddenly,

breaking me out of my trance. I gave a slight gasp and blinked, looking to my left. I almost forgot about my… date. My date is wearing a black tuxedo with matching

black dress shoes, his blonde hair slicked back. I was actually wearing his coat, he having offered it to me, so he has no coat on. It's actually because of him that I'm

in a limo. His dad is some kind of rich CEO or something, I forget. Actually, what was his name again…? "Yes?" I replied, feeling a bit embarrassed for forgetting. It's

not like I really know him, but still… Was it John? James? My date raised an eyebrow as he observed my face. "What's wrong? You're the one who wanted to come to

the opera." he told me. I blinked a few more times to this, before clearing my throat. "…I don't know. I just… You're right. I'll try to have more fun." I replied, giving

him a small smile. That's right. We're going to the opera. I saw an ad in the newspaper a few days ago and for some reason, I just really felt like going to see it. It's

kinda weird, since I was never interested in stuff like that. Maybe I'm just getting bored… Anyway, that's where this guy comes in. George? Henry? Whatever his name

is, he kept on pestering me to go out with him, so I figured I'd take advantage. At least I didn't have to pay for a ticket.

After about another 20 minutes, we finally arrived at our destination: Carnegie Hall. The driver pulled the limo up to the entrance, and the doorman opened my door

for me. I thanked him as I exited the limo, feeling the cold breeze brush up against me. My date came around toward me as the limo drove off, putting his arm around

my shoulder. "Here we are! Aren't you glad you decided to go out with me? I even had my dad get us the best seats for us tonight!" he exclaimed with a grin on his

face. I looked at his hand on my shoulder, sighing to myself, but nodding all the same as we made our way inside. He looked at me again, huffing slightly. "Lighten up!

We're gonna have a great time! You'll see!" he added as he led the way, opening the door for me. I sighed out again and smiled, nodding my head as I walked in

ahead of him. The auditorium that we're in is really beautiful. There was a great, big chandelier hanging above our heads, with the ceiling bearing that famous painting

of heaven, though I forgot who painted it since I was never very good at history… or art. The place was packed with people who seemed to all belong to a rich, upper

class. I really feel so out of place right now, but my date took charge and led me to our seats, somewhere right in the middle on the ground floor. I may as well enjoy


The play is actually pretty good. From what I get, it's about a Prince who falls for a commoner who is accused of being a witch, or something. Right now, the Prince,

the girl, whose name is Eva, the King, his father, and a guard are on stage. "Father, please give me permission to marry Eva." the Prince begged his father, kneeling

before him, to which the King replies "I FORBID IT! You know well what will happen if you do! Those who succumb to her beauty ALL die in horrible ways!" I couldn't

help but smile as I watched the events unfold; I half-expected it to be really boring, but I'm actually enjoying myself. And that actress is really beautiful. She's

wearing a long, red dress that I don't think I can fit into and her long, auburn hair is hanging freely down her back. It's really a sight to behold. "So, Aya, after this,

how about you and I find us a hotel suite and settle in with a bottle of fine wine?" my date asked me, his arm wrapping around my shoulder again. I really didn't like

him doing that, so I turned my head toward him to tell him as much when I heard the actress singing. I quickly forgot my annoyance and looked upon her again,

reveling in her beautiful, crisp voice. As she sung to the audience, it seemed that, for a moment, she was looking right at me. Or, maybe not… I mean, there are a lot

of people here right now.

Before I could really wonder if she had looked at me or not, something happened that sent a shock through my body; the man playing the prince suddenly caught on

fire! Then the King, and then the guard too! I gasped as I watched it happen; is this part of the play? The answer to my question came to me right away when the

prince fell into the audience, the people around him also catching fire. Before I knew it, the stage curtains also caught fire, and more people on the audience as well!

"What the hell?" I gasped out as I saw more and more people catch fire. Everyone started to panic as they all rushed out of the auditorium. My eyes kept darting

around everywhere as more and more people were ignited; it almost seemed like a furnace in here! Screaming and crying filled the room as the ones who were lucky

enough to not get incinerated rushed out. What should I do? What CAN I do? I had to do something! People are dying around me! This can't just be an accident! It

reeks of terrorism! As I looked around frantically, I noticed the people in the upper floors were also on fire, and some were falling over the edge! But how the hell did

they catch fire too?! I didn't have time to ponder the thought as I saw one unfortunate man falling right toward me! Without a thought, I quickly jumped over the seat

in front of me, the man falling right where I was just standing, dead. I regained my composure as the room quickly emptied, the raging flames dying down somewhat,

the beautiful red and gold themed room now a charred black reeked with the stench of burned corpses.

I noticed that my date had run off without me, but I had no time to think about that coward. I set my eyes onto the stage, my hand reaching into the inside of my

dress as I pulled out my M84F handgun. I noticed that while the chaos ensued around me, the singing actress hadn't run off. In fact, she had been singing the entire

time, as if nothing was happening. And she was still there, having finished singing, her eyes now set on mine with a very questionable sneer on her lips. We stayed

motionless for a few moments, staring each other down, before I tightened my grip on my gun and ran toward the stage, sprinting up the steps.