A/N: Hey guys! Sorry I took so long with this chapter! I was busy with some stuff, plus I was lazy lol. But, honestly, this chapter was really friggin hard for me to write out! I literally wrote out a few drafts for this one before finally settling on one I liked. I think maybe its because this part of the game was more on gameplay than story. So, if you notice a different tone for this chapter that the others lack, maybe that's why! Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the read.

I ran past the reception desk into the adjacent hallway, the gunfire erupting from my right. As I peered around the door frame, I saw a group of officers before me

firing their guns toward the end of the hall at a monster I haven't seen before. It appeared to be some kind of lizard man, complete with scaly skin and walking on two

legs. My jaw dropped at the sight of it; how the hell did Eve manage to change an animal this much?

While the officers fired their guns at the creature, my eyes fell upon the havoc that befell the precinct. Broken glass, splintered wood, spent shells, blood, and… bodies.

It took everything I had to keep myself steady, to keep myself from exploding. Officer's bodies were sprawled on the floor in various places, most intact, some… not

whole… Some of their faces showed the fear they held in their hearts before dying, their eyes staring into nothing, the proud blue of their uniforms dyed crimson… I

knew these people… I laughed with them… I smiled with them… Biting my lip, I closed my eyes, the gunshots and shouting filling my head, my hands shaking.

The gunshots then dyed down, forcing me to look over to see that the creature was sprawled on the floor, dead. Some of the officers then turned to see me standing

behind them, a sigh of relief escaping some of their mouths. They then explained to me that the monsters just suddenly appeared out of nowhere, killing

indiscriminately. They infested the whole precinct, and there are more officers and monsters in the floor above, but it seems that no one has seen Eve herself. That

was when I started to get really suspicious. What's she thinking? It's almost like as if she's a different person.

"Ok, I got it. I'll head on up and help get rid of the monsters. By the way, did Daniel run past here?" I spoke, to which Melissa answered. "Yes, he ran upstairs. His son

was staying here after what happened last night, but he seems to have disappeared as well! We're trying to find him, but it's hard while fighting these things! I hope

he's okay." she informed me. Nodding my head, I thanked her and darted for the stairs leading up, my heart aching as I ran by the bodies of my friends.

I bolted up the stairs two steps at a time, more shouting and gunfire erupting all around me. As I turned the corner into the second floor offices, I suddenly came face

to face with another lizard man. It noticed me right away, hissing out a really high pitched sound, its claws extended fully as it readied itself to strike. Growling, I took

a step back and raised my gun, but I was too slow, the lizard man swiping at my hand, knocking my gun down the hall! Just how smart are these things? Before I

could recover from this mind fuck, the lizard quickly spun around and wacked me in the gut with its tail, pushing back down a flight of stairs. I landed on my side,

moaning out from my trip, looking up just in time to see the lizard rushing down the stairs after me, its jaw hanging open, sharp, pointy teeth eager to greet me.

Cursing out, I quickly sat up and grabbed onto my baton, swinging it outward, the lizard grabbing onto it with its jaws. The lizard refused to release my baton, instead

opting to push itself further toward me in an effort to pin me against the wall, its claws ready to gut me when it's close enough. Growling out, I pushed back as hard as

I could, my teeth grinding against each other as I tried to think of a way out of this mess, but this fucking lizard is a lot stronger than it looks! I don't care if my body

is immortal; I don't feel like finding out what it's like to get my intestines pulled out! I kept pushing against it as hard as I could, but I could feel my strength giving in

to it, my body slowly being pushed against the wall, the lizard's claws getting closer. Damn it! I need the barrier! How do I erect it? If I did, I could push this thing

away from me! But how? How? How? HOW?

Before my sanity started to reach its limit and my insides could get a breath of fresh air, some more gunshots erupted from behind the lizard, its body convulsing with

each shot. I then felt its struggle suddenly vanish as I pushed it away easily onto the stairs, blood leaking down from it. Sweat dotting my face, I looked up the stairs

to see a familiar red-head smiling back down at me. "Warner!" I shouted out, standing up on my feet and walking up towards him, a sigh of relief escaping my lungs.

But before I could reach him, Warner's welcoming smile suddenly twisted into a look of pain as he grunted out, falling on his knees. I stopped in my tracks, my eyes

wide as I saw another lizard man with him, its jaw clasped down onto his side, dark blood staining his uniform. "WARNER!" I shouted out as I bolted up the stairs,

grabbing the lizard by the neck, trying to pull it off, but only hurting Warner as I did so. Warner screamed out in pain when I tugged, the lizard having no intention of

letting him go. Suddenly, it just seemed like time was standing still, my hands wrapped around this thing's rugged neck as it slowly sunk its teeth further into Warner's

side. Should I get my gun? I don't think I have enough time. It'll tear out Warner's stomach if I don't hurry. No, I can't let that happen. Warner is my friend. He saved

me. I can't let him die like this. I don't want to lose any more friends! Anger and desperation started to well up inside of me again, my eyes suddenly flashing as green

and purple lights erupted all around me. My hands started to glow very brightly, brighter and brighter, my grip on the thing's neck getting stronger and stronger…

With a loud shout, I squeezed my hands are hard as I could, a snapping sensation running up my arms. The lizard then suddenly opened its jaws, no longer moving,

allowing me to pull it away from Warner. Panting out, I stared at the monstrosity before me, before releasing its neck, the body falling limply on the floor. Still panting,

I stared at my hands, flexing my fingers as the bright lights disappeared again, unable to believe the sensation I felt, but I was soon brought back to Earth with

Warner's grunts. I quickly knelt next to him and was going to help him up when he pushed my hand away. "Don't worry about me, Aya. I'm fine now. You need to

hurry on ahead. The others need your help." he told me. I bit my lip when he said this, looking down at his wound on his side. "But…" I started, but he interrupted.

"I'm fine, really. It's not that deep. So get going." He told me, pushing me away slightly. Sighing out, I nodded my head, standing up. "Get downstairs; it's clear now."

I told him, picking up my gun from the floor. Warner nodded his head, and without another word, I ran down the hall.

I hadn't realized how difficult it was to use my powers in the middle of a fight until now. When I fought Eve in the park, I was already prepared for her; it's not the

same when I'm the one caught by surprise. If I'm going to use this power to protect everyone, I need to learn how to use it properly, and fast!

As I made my way through the station, I fought off the lizard men with my fellow officers. So many of us were killed off by these monsters, but I couldn't afford to let

myself dwell on it right now. I need to do everything I can to make sure that no one else dies. But, I was starting to get really worried. As I fought off the monsters

and made my way further up the precinct, I still haven't seen nor sensed Eve anywhere. Is she even here? She always made herself known to me, but now I can't tell

if she's hiding or not here at all. And then there's Daniel; no one remembers seeing him in the turmoil, and the Chief is missing too, but I was told that Ben was

playing with one of our k-9s, a German Sheppard named Sheeva, and that she went missing as well. I felt a terrible prang in my heart whenever I thought of this, and

I was starting to hope that I was just paranoid.

The monsters were starting to thin out very quickly, and when I finally reached the 4th floor, they were almost all dead. I went through most of the building, and I still

haven't found them. I was starting to get dangerous thoughts when I suddenly heard a loud crash and screaming coming from down the hall. Gasping, I quickly ran

down the hall toward the room I heard the noise come from and opened the door, my heart caught in my throat. In the room before me were Ben, Daniel, and Chief

Baker. The three of them were huddled by the opposite wall, Chief Baker lying on the floor in a bloody heap, with Daniel kneeling before him and Ben, his gun drawn,

blood staining his suit. But that wasn't even what scared me…

Standing in the center of the room, facing the trio, was a very large, brown Cerberus. Yeah, that's right: A FUCKING CERBERUS. When the door opened, making the

usual damned fucking sound it always makes, the Cerberus slowly turned its three heads toward me, all six of its eyes fixed on my location, long, sharp teeth dripping

with saliva and three tongues hanging out hungrily. I was scared. More so than the alligator. More so than the lion. I was scared. It was at this moment, staring at that

monstrosity, that I realized that if I don't use my power to its fullest, I'll die, since I sincerely doubt that my body will heal after getting shred to pieces. On the far side

of the room, Daniel tried speaking to me. He shouted words at me, words I couldn't really understand in my daze, but I already knew: Yeah, that's Sheeva. One of my

partners. I knew her since she was a puppy. I played with her and helped feed her a few times. She was so lovable and smart. And now, because of that bitch-

BECAUSE OF THAT FUCKING BITCH- she turned into this. I didn't want to believe the pain in my heart; I wanted to hope otherwise. But fact is fact, and now I have to

fight a friend. Damn you, Eve.

I looked down at my gun, checking the ammunition. I stood calmly, though I was scared to death. I need to remember what it felt like to use that power. I need to

stay focused. After cocking my gun, I slowly looked up across the room at Daniel, my face sad, but my eyes determined. Daniel looked into my eyes, and when we

shared glances, we both knew. Honestly, at first, I always wondered why I was paired up with Daniel. Was it random? Or maybe fate? Call it whatever you want, but

even if my mind wasn't sure of it, my heart was. And his too. Even though I've been a cop for less than a year; even though I was his partner for a short time, my

bond for him is eternal. We just clicked like that. And if I ever needed proof for all this, it was right now, when he looked away from me, holstering his gun, pushing

his son closer to the wall with the unconscious Chief.

I took a deep breath, looking back up at Sheeva. Yeah, I'm scared, but I can't let that stop me… "Sheeva… I'm sorry… but…" I muttered, my eyes glowing brightly,

specks of green light surrounding me; specks of red light surrounding Sheeva. My feet started to feel really warm as I grabbed hold of my baton in my free hand,

crouching down slightly as Sheeva growled deeply. "I won't lose, Sheeva. I'm really sorry, but…I… won't LOSE!" I shouted out with all my might, dashing forward,

screaming out loudly as Sheeva pounced forward as well, her tongues flailing.