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It would be so easy.

She wasn't Arthur's anymore, wasn't Lancelot's, wasn't anyone's.

Watching her walk out of her house to God-knows-where left his body saying 'go to her', and his mind saying 'no way in hell'.

He started imagining what would happen if his body won.

"Gwen, d'you need help with anything?" he would ask.

"No, Merlin, thanks though." she would say, smiling sadly.

"This has to be hard."

"Yes, it's very heavy."

"No, I mean leaving Camelot cause of the Arthur disaster. Why? Why would you break his heart? There was another person whose heart you broke, but you never really noticed." Merlin would say, quickly.

Gwen would open her mouth, about to answer the first question, then would stop and ask, "Who?"

"I shouldn't say."

"I don't know why I did it, really." she would say, almost crying.

"Why would you do something and not know why?"

"It's fun, occasionally. Try it sometime."

Merlin would stand for a moment, letting Gwen get ahead.

Then he would run up and kiss her on the lips.

"What…" Gwen would say.


"It's okay…"

"Why did you break my heart, Guinevere?"

"I thought you didn't care, I guess."

"And it looked like Arthur cared? Him?"

"Well, yes, eventually…"

"And how many times did you tell me you loved him?"

"Probably a lot."

"You have no idea."

"I'm sorry."

Merlin snapped back into reality, and watched Gwen leave.

'I'm sorry' would be the end result if he went to her.

She couldn't be sorry enough.

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