This fic is based on my all time favorite cheesy Lifetime Christmas Movie, A Boyfriend For Christmas. I've always loved it and I wanted to write another fic for Jake and Nessie after seeing Breaking Dawn. While this fic isn't entirely like the movie, the idea of it is loosely based on it - with Jake and Ness tossed in for the enjoyment of the Twihards. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Naughty Thoughts


"Yes Alice, I'm still coming home for Christmas!"

Renesmee grinned into the phone as she hurried along the crowded sidewalk. She was on her way to her last exam of her first semester at college with Leah. Her Russian History final was the last hurdle standing between her and a long, relaxing Christmas break.

"Oh yay! I can't wait for you to unwrap all your presents! Rose and I went to Tiffany's in New York a few weekends ago, and I can't wait for you to see-"

"If you tell me it won't be a surprise Alice!" she quickly interrupted. Alice had a tendency to get ahead of herself.

"Oh, okay," her aunt replied, her excited voice growing a little dull.

"I'll be home tomorrow and I can't wait to see you," Renesmee added, hoping to cheer her up.

"Alright, but you have to promise to set aside some time for your dear aunt before your silly dog steals you away."


"See you then!" Alice trilled before hanging up. Renesmee tried not to roll her eyes as she slipped her cell phone back into her pocket. She turned to Leah, who was walking beside her and giving her a knowing grin.

"They can't wait to get their little baby Renesmee home so they can spoil you rotten," she laughed, linking arms with her. Renesmee laughed, pulling her hat down further over her copper curls. Neither she nor Leah really needed the coats and gloves they were donning; it was all for show. To them, the December weather was barely noticeable.

"You can't wait to get home either, who are you kidding? You get to run around and be all wolfy with Zach."

Leah blushed, her dark eyes going from no-nonsense to dreamy in a matter of seconds. "I know, right?" she laughed.

Renesmee giggled with her, happy that Leah was finally so light hearted and content. For most of her life, Jacob's beta and friend had been a somber shell of a girl, rarely smiling and almost never laughing. Over the years, Renesmee had grown accustomed to inviting her along when she and Jacob would do fun things. The older she got, the closer she and Leah had become. Now, Leah was her closest friend besides Jacob.

"The last thing I expected when I went home over Thanksgiving was to imprint," Leah admitted.

"Did you ever think you would?"

"Honestly, no. But…then it just happened when Zach moved here. I never thought I would….and the fact that I was the pack's first double imprint is kinda strange to wrap my head around I'm the pack freak - only girl to phase, only wolf to imprint on another wolf. Although I'm more partial the latter freakish thing," she admitted with a smile.

"It's amazing," Renesmee assured her as they walked. "I'm happy you have an imprint. Now you have a new best friend like I do."

Leah smirked as they walked along, her eyes getting a little hazy. Leah had been phasing for years, just hanging around La Push as a member of Jacob's pack for almost a decade. When Renesmee was full grown and seven years of age, she had decided to go to college in Seattle to get away for awhile. She had picked a small, private school on the outskirts of the city, and when she told Leah about her plans to go away to school the gleam in her friend's eye had been unmistakable. Leah had packed up and gone with her, much to Jacob's relief. Renesmee knew that he felt better about her going away to school with another wolf to protect her. Renesmee had grown close to Leah over the years as Jacob's imprint and was really just happy to have a constant friend and roommate. They lived together in an apartment on campus and enjoyed their college life very much - neither one had to hide what they really were.

"Yeah, friend…" Leah laughed nervously. She glanced at Renesmee sideways, giving her a coy expression.

"What? I'm just saying I'm happy for you! Why's that weird?"

And she was. Jacob telling her he had imprinted on her was one of her fondest memories of childhood. He had told her on her first birthday that a special kind of Quileute magic bonded them together for always. He explained it all as he extended the length of her special bracelet he had given her after she was born. Renesmee reached under her coat as she thought of that day, touching the soft leather braid on her wrist. They had been the best of friends ever since, and she cherished little else above her friendship with Jacob.

"Ness, he's….he's a friend, but I think I may like him a little more than that."

Renesmee laughed loudly, earning her a few looks from nearby students as they walked. "What? Really?"

Leah laughed. "Of course. Have you seen him without a shirt on? Talk about ripped. He puts all the other guys to shame."

"Hey, not so fast," Renesmee said, jabbing her friend playfully in the side. Leah snorted, shaking her head.

"Jacob? Bleeech," she joked.

"But your imprint…he's still in high school!"

"Yeah, and? He'll grow up. I'm not getting any older," Leah pointed out.

"But he's your imprint!" Renesmee laughed, biting her lip. They wove through the crowded sidewalk together, avoiding other students as they walked and talked.

"Right. So are Paul and Rachel. They're married."

"You're right," Renesmee said slowly. "But their imprint was more like…romantic, right? Some are more….um…friends?"

"Depends," Leah admitted slowly. "Sometimes the whole imprint situation changes with the needs of the people involved. Paul and Rachel's made them become more than friends. Much more than friends."

"I guess you're right," she agreed with a shrug.

"Just be happy that we both have our own overgrown dogs," she muttered. They both laughed as they hurried up the steps of the main building on campus.

Renesmee knew that as much as Leah joked she was overjoyed that she had imprinted. Zach was the great nephew of one of Billy Black's brother, and had been living with his family out of state. When he phased that summer for the first time, the pack had invited him to live in Forks to be with the rest of them. He had joined Sam's pack immediately, and he and Leah crossed paths while he was patrolling one night. Leah had been home for Thanksgiving break and was just phasing to take a run. They had locked eyes and the rest was history. Leah had done nothing but talk about him since she had returned from Thanksgiving break.

"Are you excited to go home to see yours?"

"I just want to see him," Renesmee lamented sadly, biting her lip. She had stayed at school over the holiday, claiming she had to work. Even though her family was nothing but close and supportive, holidays brought out the worst of the lovey-dovey stuff that she pretended to hate. In a house full of couples, it was difficult to be the only single person. As a child she rarely noticed; as an adult, it was like it was being shoved down her throat. It wasn't that she hated seeing her affectionate family members; in reality, she was quite envious. It was very difficult to constantly be surrounded by people who were so in love while she had no one.

Yes you do. You have a best friend who adores you, and vice versa, she chided herself. When things at home got complicated or too PDA-ish for her tastes, she could always count on Jacob to take her away and have some fun together. She brushed her hair behind her ear and tried to remember that Jacob would be there for her always.

"What's with you?" Leah asked as they walked into the building. Renesmee shifted her backpack on her shoulders, debating whether or not to confide in Leah. She paused on the steps, moving out of the way of the other students as they hurried to class.

"It's just that….I'm jealous."


"Yeah. I want what you have with Zach. I mean….I hear you guys talk on the phone and…he flirts with you. I know you pretend to hate it, but Leah…come on. Isn't it nice?"

"Of course it is. I'm trying to keep things casual for awhile. He's a senior in high school, barely eighteen. I'm a lot older, but…it's nice to be wanted. Finally," she said softly. "But you acted so surprised when I told you that I liked him like that back there. You had to know."

"I had a feeling, you simply confirmed it. I'm just….a little envious of the fact that he sees you as more than just friends. Is that weird?"

Leah gave her a perplexed look, tucking her shoulder length hair behind her ears. "No, of course not. But I don't get it - guys drool over you all the time. What do you think I have that you can't?"

Renesmee sighed, trying her best not to sound whiny. "I just…my family is so weird and protective. Can you imagine if I brought a guy home? They would just….tear him up. Figuratively, I mean."

"Well…maybe you just haven't found the right guy."

"I know I haven't. Can you imagine the third degree Jacob would give him if I brought him home? He'd probably run a background check on him the minute I told him his name."

Leah burst out laughing, shaking her head. "You're right on that one. But…isn't it nice to have someone so protective looking out for you?"

"Pffff….No. Jacob would rip me to pieces if he saw me bring home a boyfriend."

A knowing smile crossed Leah's face. "He might not rip you to pieces…but the guy? I'd kiss him goodbye!"

"Yeah," Renesmee agreed. "Do all….do all imprints turn…romantic or…or just some?"

One of Leah's dark eyebrows shot up. "Why do you ask?"

Renesmee shrugged, trying to keep herself from blushing harder than she already was. "I….just wondered. That's all. Hey, we're going to be late. Professor Downey will lock the doors on us if we don't hurry!" she said quickly. Leah made a tsking noise in her throat before following Renesmee up the rest of the stairs. They made it to their final just in time, taking seats beside each other as the final exam was passed out.

An hour later, Renesmee was feeling a little guilty; she wasn't really trying her hardest on this particular exam. All of her thoughts kept wandering to what Leah had said about imprinting.

Did all imprints take a turn for the romantic, or did some just remain friends? The question plagued her as she tried to focus on her exam. Her analytical side wanted there to be some sort of imprinting reference guide that she could use to compare her experiences to. She didn't have much to base her thoughts on - a few of the older wolves were married to their imprints, but that didn't necessarily mean she and Jacob would be like that. Claire was still too young to compare, although Quil was easily to her what Jacob was to Renesmee - best friends. Jacob had never made a secret that she was his imprint, and he had always answered her questions about it over the years. Honestly, she didn't think about the whole 'imprinting' thing much anymore.

However, she did think about something else.

As much as she hated to admit it, she had been a little relieved to get to leave him for awhile and go away to college. Things had been a little funny between them before she left, and she hadn't been able to put her finger on why. Part of her thought the awkwardness she sometimes felt around him was all in her head.

In my head along with all my naughty thoughts about him, she thought with a smirk. Jacob's wide, tan, chest flashed to the front of her mind, making her smile. On habit, she looked around the room as if her father was going to pop out of the corner and hear her errant thoughts about how deliciously sexy Jacob was without a shirt on.

I shouldn't think things like that. If anyone knew I think about him shirtless I think I would want to crawl into a ball and die.

Thinking about Jacob in all of his chiseled, shirtless glory was something new for her. Jacob was and always shad been her best friend and that was enough.

Or was it?


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