"Master, I must inform you that the treasure chest in that room has a 95% chance of containing the item we need to find the sacred flame." Fi, the floating spirit said appearing next to Link. A large tick mark suddenly appeared on the back of Link's head as he had just spotted the treasure chest himself. Looking through the bars to the obviously trap-laid treasure chest, Link sighed.


Not to mention that whenever he saw something, and had already thought, 'Hey! There are a bunch of enemies up there! I better defeat them!' Fi would just so happen to pop out of the Goddess Sword and say 'There are enemies up on that ridge, I highly suggest that you defeat them before proceeding onward."

And oooh how he hated it when she would tell him he was low on health, or if his shield blew up to get a new one...

DAM THAT DAIMOND FREAK! He kept taking his sword and throwing it at him! Of course his shield was gonna break!

"Master, I am sensing very high levels of stress eminating from your body. Is there something wrong?"

Link stopped, realizing he was back in the main room of the dungeon before turning around and noticing Fi staring at him with, almost a worried look on her face. She suddenly got very close to his face, staring at him in great curiosity. The blonde swordsman blushed, not expecting the spirit to get that close to him. He watched as her solid eyes looked over him in curiosity, causing his face to heat up even more.

"Master, I am no longer sensing high levels of stress, but your body heat has risen by 48%. Are you sure there is nothing wrong?" Link spun around, glaring forward as Fi followed after him, still wondering what was wrong with him.

He was beginning to wonder that himself.

Link & Fi (C) Nintendo