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Blood Stained Blossom


Obsidian Neko



Like A Bird In A Cage


Dear Diary,

It's night-time now. The master is asleep. Even now, though I write, I am terrified. If the master finds this diary he will bestow punishment upon me, until I am on the verge of death. That is what my master, Alois Trancy, is like. A fourteen year old, but as sadistic as a mass murderer. His butler also has an aura; though he seems non caring, there is something there that is deadly.

I had accidentally broken one of master's teacups earlier this afternoon, cutting my hand in the process of hastily picking up the pieces before I was punished. But Claude had seen my mishap. The look he had given me had caused my blood to freeze. And then master came. He saw the broken pieces of fine bone china in my hand, and reached for it. For a second I had thought he was going to check the aching gash on my hand. But I was wrong. Very, very wrong. That sadistic, frightening smirk lit up his face as he pushed the sharp pieces in to my hand, blood gushing from the multiple wounds. I had shrieked, and it seemed to excite him, for he ground the pieces further into my hand until I had fainted from the pain.

Though my master, he is a very frightening person. I both loath and fear him. I can only hope that one day I can escape from this hell.

Sakura Haruno,

My Master's Blood Stained Blossom.


Footsteps sounded outside my bedroom, and I froze. He had come again to torment me in the late hours of the night, making me suffer nightmares and a restless sleep. It was what he did every night. He loved causing me to have hardly any sleep, just so I made mistakes the next day and receive the punishment he loved inflicting.

As quickly and quietly as I could, I shoved the diary under the thin mattress I sat upon, just as the door opened without warning. My breathing hitched and my body felt cold as I stared wide-eyed at the figure standing in the doorway, his ice blue eyes looking maliciously at me as a wide grin curved his mouth. He moved forward, closing the door silently behind him without taking his gaze off me.

And then he was in front of me, sitting on the bed as he leaned close to my face. His fingers played with my long pink hair, twirling a strand around the digit before pulling the piece from my scalp. The small sting made me flinch, which was my mistake as his grin widened; and almost lustful look in his eyes. But I knew it wasn't the kind of lust for sexual desires. No; it was a lust for pain and blood. He enjoyed causing pain to others.

"Sakura... My beautiful Sakura.." He whispered against my cheek, and for a split second I saw him glance down at my trembling lip, licking his own in the process. My whole body began trembling and he laughed. A child's laugh. No, not a child's laugh. There was an almost madness to it that no child should possess.

"You look so much more beautiful in red.. Pink and red go perfect together." He grabbed a handful of hair and crashed the side of my face against the small bedside table. I felt the skin break and pain blossom as hot wetness trailed down my face. Tears prickled at my eyes as I tried desperately not to cry, but a sob managed to escape from my lips. His eyes turned mock-concerned and he cradled my face between his palms.

"You should know by now, Sakura. You should know those magic words to make me forgive you for breaking my teacup this afternoon," My eyes widened and he threw my head back against the pillows, causing a gasp to tear through my throat as the pain in my head caused my stomach to churn. I couldn't focus on anything. I felt as though I was on the brink of unconsciousness, but he wouldn't give up until I said those words I despised saying.

But no words would form; a sort of resistance dwelling inside me. It was the stupid thing to do to not answer him.

"Answer me you dirty bitch!" A hard slap across my face sent my head reeling in pain and I cried out, trying to sit up as I felt my stomach churn violently. But his body stopped me. His small body straddled mine, and I could do nothing but lay there in fear. Not once had master gone to this extent. But not once had I defied him, and now I was going to pay the price.

"You will repent for defying me, my bloody blossom,"

The beating felt like it went on for hours until I could not even stay conscious through the pain. I felt a rib break and heard myself scream before everything faded to black.


Alois Trancy looked down at the bloodied pinkette, a look of disdain apparent on his face. She had not even put up a fight, and only when he had grabbed a heavy ceramic vase from the desk in the far-hand corner, crashing it down onto her chest, had she finally given in to the pain. Her screams were like a drug that he couldn't get enough of. She was such a good toy. She was something that he'd never get bored of until the very end. But at the moment his fun had ended, seeing as she had passed out. A smirk adorned his face as he looked over his work. His art.

He'd always seen her as a work of art, especially when she was smothered in her own blood. Then disgusted crossed his face as he realised he was splattered with it too. 'It was worth it to hear that lovely scream though,' He thought, rising to his feet. Reaching the door, he glanced back at the cherry blossom once more before leaving the room, not bothering to close it behind him.


"Claude! Claude! Claude!" After continuously calling his butler, the dark-haired man finally entered the room, a look of indifference plastered onto his face. Seeing his favourite butler, Alois beamed at him, an almost child-like innocences in his eyes.

"Yes?" His impassiveness didn't affect the boy in the least as the adolescent danced over to him. "Prepare me a bath, I'm too dirty to sleep like this." The butler slightly quirked an eyebrow at the bloodstains, already knowing what had happened, and bowed slightly before leaving to prepare the bath.

It was not long after Claude left that the sound of the heavy door-knocker being used was heard. It caused Alois to frown slightly. No one had ever visited him so late at night. An idea struck him.

To punish whoever had dared disturb his lovely night, he'll play a game with them. One of his very own, well-thought games. He grinned at the thought. Maybe his night would get even more better after all.


The moment I awoke I felt unbearable pain. It was so much that I felt myself lurch over the side of my bed and vomit. I waited a few moments to calm myself down before laying back down, coughing slightly at the copper taste of blood in my mouth. I wiped my lips with the back of my hand, staring at it in horror as dark liquid smeared across the once-pale skin. My body began to shake, and I felt searing hot pain shoot through my chest, until I could taste copper strongly. I coughed, letting the blood escape my throat and felt excruciating pain. My ribs were broken.. He.. Master.. had broken my ribs, and they were cutting into my lungs.

Before I could stop myself, I was crying. Even though the pain was so unbearable, I could not stop the tears that fell hotly from my eyes.

'Someone please save me... I don't care who or what... Just somebody save me..!'

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