All I Want For Christmas

After an emotionally draining hunt on Christmas Eve, the boys wind up in some trouble and receive help from an unexpected source.

I know, too many stories from me out there and not enough completed ones. Sorry about that but when I actually got a moment to write this week, this is what popped out of my brain onto the page. In the spirit of the season I was compelled to write something a little more heartwarming than my usual fare (although the first chapter may not be too warm and fuzzy). I hope any who read will enjoy.

Disclaimer: I own nothing!


"Just… save it Sam okay? Look, I'm good, really, I just... I want to get the hell out of here. We did our job, what we had to do. Sure, it kinda sucked but all in a day's work right? So, let's hit the road and get busy looking for the next job. Somehow I'm sure there are more dead things out there that need a little reminder that they don't belong here anymore, just like this one."

The voice doesn't hold its usual venom and the younger of the two Winchester brothers is about to call him on it when Dean picks up their duffle and heads off in the direction of the car, effectively ending any chance to actually have a conversation. He watches his brother's receding back and hears the snow crunch and crackle under his boots. He wants to suggest that they just head back to the town they just came from but Dean had been adamant to put as much distance between them and this place as possible.

It's going to be a long drive.

Sam looks to the grave once more, eyes the charred and smoldering bones within and shivers at the sight of them and of the tiny cross that marks the sight. This was no 'simple' salt and burn and he knows his brother is having a hard time dealing with it. An impatient honk comes from the distance and Sam is in awe that his brother can make even that simple act sound pissy. Great. He picks up the shovel and heads off towards the car and his agitated brother.

The Impala rumbles down the black asphalt, its exhaust creating a smoky tendril that reaches out into the night air. It's cold, too damn cold, and on what is supposed to be a night filled with love and peace, the chill that has descended upon the passengers seated inside has more to do than with just the weather outside.

The moonlight casts a glow on the car's ebony skin and reflects itself on the face of the driver. There is no peace or love, no warmth or wonder of the season depicted on his face. His expression is sour and angry and he has his hands wrapped around the wheel so tightly that his fingerprints may be permanently etched within it.

It is tense and eerily quiet within their home away from home. No music. No voices. Just silence; each man deep in thought about the spirit they had to dispatch from this world into the next.

Sam chances a quick look towards his brother and the emotionless mask he sees makes him swallow and even though he wants to reach out and comfort him in some way, he decides now is not the time and does not allow his gaze to linger. Dean is upset and hell, if he needs a little time to cool off then he is willing to wait.

This hunt was the worst possible kind.

A girl. She had been a young, innocent girl once upon a time. A child, vibrant and full of life. A child who no doubt had dreams of her own, with a spark of innocence and a warm and gentle heart. But all that she dreamed of, all she wanted to be were stolen away from her as she lay bound, gagged and forgotten by the people who she trusted; when the ones who were meant to be her protectors left her in a damn cellar to rot. And die.

She breathed her last breath on Christmas Eve, twenty years ago, and has been bound to the earth since that day, a twisted and vile version of herself exacting revenge each December 24th on others she viewed as having dared to treat a child with anything but the love and affection each child deserves.

The driver sighs as his hand drags through his tussled hair. He closes his eyes briefly and feels a pang of sadness deep in his heart. Most of the time he can just let it go, can take some solace in the fact that a tortured spirit has been set free, that they are no longer forced to relive their death time and time again, that they are finally free to take that final step into whatever lays beyond.

But sometimes the job takes its toll. Sometimes it is much more complicated than that. The rational part of himself tells him, shouts to him that it had to be done, that she was killing people who may not have been the best parents in the world but didn't deserve or earn her wrath. His jaw tightens because right now, that fact doesn't make the act of burning the bones of a child any less vulgar or disgusting. There is just something so inherently wrong with that. The fact that she had been tainted and turned into something so opposite of who and what she was in life makes him sick to his stomach.

Green eyes stare out to the road ahead and squint slightly as a single snowflake floats down from the heavens and melts upon contact with his baby's windshield. He gazes up and follows the next one, and the next one, until more and more flakes descend and he mutters a quiet 'perfect' to no one particular.

Faster and faster they fall, slowly dusting the blackness of the car and the road ahead with just enough of the white stuff to piss him off. He sighs and silently begs the road and the skies to give him a damn break already. He's tired and beat up and emotionally wrecked and all he wants is to see a sign letting him know how long until the next town, until he can lie down and sleep until forever.

The Impala's engine slows as the driver lifts his foot from the gas to reduce her speed, as he peers out at the snow as it begins to blow across the open road. The wind howls outside and he looks to his brother in the passenger seat.

Both men are now wide awake, forced to keep their eyes on the road that continues to become more and more difficult to navigate.

"If we don't come across anything soon Dean we better stop until the worst is over."

The driver almost flinches at the sound, the gravelly voice of his brother seems unexpected when they have travelled in silence for so long.

"Yeah, let's give it five more minutes Sam and then we'll pull off the road."

As soon as the words travel from his lips he feels the back of his beloved car swerve, her tires having lost their traction as she comes in contact with a patch of black ice. He adjusts his grip on the wheel and lets out a gust of air through his nose when he manages to right his car. His heart flutters in his chest, he really doesn't need this kind of shit after the night they've had.

The snow and wind are howling all around them now and the older brother is reminded how it sounds similar to when bones are ignited in flame. He smirks at the randomness of that thought and peers outward at his car and the road as they continue to be blanketed in a layer of white slop.


"Yeah, I know, help me look for a spot that won't take us straight into the damn ditch."

He should learn not to open his mouth. He should know things are never quite that simple.

As the car crests the top of a hill it's enveloped in a powerful beam of light that causes both men to struggle to make out whatever is in their path. The car decelerates as the gas pedal is abandoned and eyes squint to adjust to the images peering into them through the glass. The brothers gasp in unison as they take in the view of a much larger vehicle as it closes in on their position.

The older Winchester yanks the wheel to the side, panicked and quick in his movements to avoid a head-on collision with the beast that looms right in front of them. The car fishtails, its perilous grip on the road finally gives way and the brothers are powerless to stop whatever events are destined to unfold around them.

It's loud and violent as the truck slams into the hind quarter of the car, as steel meets steel and sparks illuminate the blackness of night. As the passengers bounce around the inside of the now half-mangled car, it is unable to comply with the futile movements her driver still makes to bring things back under control.

The eyes of the brothers lock for a split second as they seem to fly through the air and head straight towards the ditch they were trying so desperately to avoid.

The blinding light and layers of snow give way as the brothers are plunged into blackness, and silence fills the car once more.