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Danny POV

Sam tucker and I walked out of Casper high for the final time.

"FINALLY! WOO WHO!" Tucker yelled jumped in the air and high fived me. Sam just rolled her eyes at our antics.

"So Danny what'ca gonna do now that your a high school grad?" Sam asked.

"I don't know. Ghostwriter, Clockwork and Frostbite said that they would help watch the ghost zone while I go to collage. I was planning on getting a degree on somthing like ghost studies."

"I think that's cheating Danny."

"Nah, I'm just kidding. I'm going to get a teaching license to teach people about ghosts."

"Why? Since when do you care if people know about ghosts?" Tucker asked.

"Since I learned that I was ghost king."

"Wait how come you never told us this?" Sam asked.

"Because Ghostwriter just told me last night about it."

"Oh, well than. So your really ghost king?"

"Yea. And it's a rule that I wear the crown of fire and ring of rage. So now I have to find said items. I think that the ring is still in Vlads house, and the crown is with Pariah. So I think that I won't have a problem."

"Okay, dude, I can't believe that though, how did you become ghost king?"

"Appearntly if you single handedly take down the old king you become king. Ghostwriter explained it all to me. I am nervous though, I have A LOT of enemys in the ghost zone, I don't know how they'll react to me ruling."

"Danny, they'll respect you because you'll be a fair and just king, and they won't have reason to attack you."

"I hope your right Sam."

"Hope Sam's right about what?"

"Hey Jazz, I was just telling them about how I hope Sam's right that I'll be a good ghost king and that the ghosts won't revolt or anything."

"Danny, you know they won't. And you'll be a great king little brother."

"Okay, enough serious talk, lets go eat!" Tucker said.

"You guys go, I want to talk to Ghostwriter."

"Okay, see you later Danny." Sam called, as I waved goodbye before going ghost and flying towards my house. ONce in I went down to the basement wear my parents wear working.

"Hi mom, dad!" I said.

"Danny wait! We want to tell you somthing!"

"Mom, can't it wait till I get back from Ghostwriters?"

"Oh I suppose. Have fun."

"K bye!" I said before zooming off to Ghostwriters lair.

"GW? You in here?"

"I'm over here Danny."

"Hey. Will you tell me your name now?" I asked once I found him on the couch.

"Why do you want to know it so badly?"

"Because I know the rest of the ghost's names."

"You don't know Clockworks."

"Yes I do. He was Adam. That's why he's the first ghost."

"What about Technus?"








"Oh Fine, I give up. My name was Ethan."

"See was that so hard?"

"Yes." I chuckled as I sat down next to Ethan and he leaned on me. It was nice to cuddle up a bit after a hard day of school. That is until Clockwork popped in.

"Hey Clockwork."

"Danny, I must warn you that your parents are going to tell you somthing that will shock you to your core. I must tell you to think clearly before you react to what they say."

"Thanks, and thanks again for ruining a good cuddle moment."

"It is my pleaser to do so. Goodbye for now Young phantom."

"There goes that moment. I guess I should go, see you later Ethan."

"Bye Danny."


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