I need to write my essay. Now. If I don't I will be doomed. It would be awful. Sort of. I guess I'd be okay. Not too bad. But it would still be painful. I'll fail everything. Well maybe not everything. Just some things. Like that essay that I should be writing. I don't want to write it though! Why can't someone just write it for me? I really have no idea what to write. So I'm mindlessly writing this to get my writing juices flowing. But this isn't really working. I'm just waiting to see what I have to write for this essay. I guess I should look it up. Maybe I will but not now. I don't feel like looking it up at all. I just want to do what I'm doing and procrastinate some more. But I will start it soon... I hope.

A/N- Another Hermione procrastination one-shot. While I'm procrastinating again. I have 1.5 hours to write my essay... -.-