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AN. I just want to saw that only the bits about Avaric, Shell and the Lustitiaens is based off the bible/ONWTK movie and book, the rest is all me.

In the book, Xerxes (Fiyero) is murdered in his bed 4 years after all this happened, and he and Esther (Elphaba/Fae) never have children or anything. But that was kinda depressing, so I changed that.


Avaric Tenmeadows was publicly hung on the twelve foot pole he had constructed in his own backyard the next day, charged with attempted genocide and assaulting the Queen.

Under orders from the King, all those bearing the symbol of the Lustitiaens where arrested and trialled. Many were likewise executed or imprisoned on similar charges of crimes against the Munchkin people.

Fiyero also sent notices to other provinces, informing them of the Lustitiaens, their symbols and their crimes and within months a large investigation was launched in all provinces across Oz, finding evidence of Avaric and his crimes and slowly, all Lustitiaens were rounded up and made to face punishment for their crimes.

On the day that Avaric's edict was supposed to go through, Munchkins who found themselves under attack were able to retaliate. There was bloodshed on both sides, but only two Munchkins and three Vinkuns were killed or seriously injured. And the story soon spread about how the Queen was a Munchkin herself by birth, and that she had risked her life to approach the King and beg for the lives of her people. The Munchkins loved her even more for it, and the Vinkuns respected her even more.

Shell Thropp, to the surprise of all, and none more than Shell himself, was chosen by the King to replace Avaric as the Royal Vizier to the Crown. And the eunuch Kos, was promoted to Head Eunuch, serving as assistant to Dillamond. And if anyone noticed that he more often than not was referred to as "Boq" and seemed to be very close friends with Queen Fae, no one said anything.

Fiyero continued to call Elphaba "Fae", mostly because he was just used to it, and because he insisted it suited her. Elphaba soon confessed her secret to Aysha and Galinda, both of whom were stunned by their friend's tale.

Much to Elphaba's annoyance, Galinda picked up Boq's habit of calling Elphaba "Elphie", but Asyha was like Fiyero, and continued to address the Queen as "Fae".

And no one had ever seen a royal marriage in the Vinkus quite like that of King Fiyero and Queen Fae.

Within a year of their marriage, the Queen had moved completely and permanently into the King's quarters, and Fiyero passed a ruling enabling that Elphaba was able to approach him at any time, even unsummoned. Nothing like it had ever been seen before.

When the castle announced the Queen was with child, the whole Kingdom rejoicified. Finally there would be an heir! Of course, with Vinkun tradition, it was expected and hoped for that the first child would be a boy. And there was much speculation about whether the child would inherit the Queen's unique skin tone.

One evening in autumn, as the sun was setting, Elphaba lay in bed, exhausted but happy beyond comprehension, watching her husband cradle their newborn daughter. In that moment, not a King, not even a husband, but simply a father.

"Are you sure you're happy with the name?" Elphaba asked him tiredly for the umpteenth time.

He smiled at her. "Yes, my love. I think it's perfect. And I think she agrees too. Do you like your name?" he cooed to the half-sleeping baby.

"Nessarose Kasmira Melena Tiggular."

"Princess Nessa," Elphaba said fondly.

Although she had few memories of her sister and mother, she was happy to be able to honour them through her daughter.

"You should sleep," Fiyero told her gently, seeing how exhausted she was.

"What will you do?"

Fiyero positively beamed. "I'm going to take our daughter to meet her mother's cousin, who I'm sure will treat her as a granddaughter as much as he treats her mother as a daughter. And I'm sure Boq has been hovering the halls outside these rooms since you went into labour."

Elphaba giggled, she was sure of that too.

"And then I think the court should meet their Princess."

Elphaba hesitated. "I think many will be disappointed she isn't a boy-" she began anxiously, but Fiyero interrupted her with a kiss.

"Well, I'm thrillified, so they will be too," he said simply and Elphaba smiled happily.

"Ok. And ask Boq to send word to Aysha and Galinda, please?" she asked him and Fiyero nodded.

"I will," he promised and then left the room with baby Nessa contentedly in his arms.

Elphaba shook her head in amazement as she lay in her bed alone, reflecting on all that had changed. If someone had told her that she would be Queen of the Vinkus, she would have laughed.

But here she was, with a husband who loved her and a beautiful baby daughter.

And just to think, she thought to herself as she drifted off to sleep. It all began with one night with the King.

The End

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