'I can't believe I had to leave my China mother to come to Japan and live with these... These... Man servants...' Suzuka thought to herself in slight disgust. 'They'll be at my beg and call... Cowering in fear of me... I won't like it one bit. In fact; I would be better off in China.' Sighing softly, she then began to think more. One thought came to her mind that certainly terrified her. 'What if they k-kill me for my family's fortune? Or... or what if they hurt me?' Shaking the thoughts away, she glanced up to the hand of a middle aged man. After blinking for a few moments she realized who it might be.


The male nodded, smiling warmly at her as he held his arm out to her.

"Xie Xei," Suzuka spoke softly, despite her inner thoughts.

The fact that Kuroshi spoke Japanese and she spoke Chinese, didn't exactly help her case. So not only would she have to deal with strange men in a strange country, but she'd also not know what they were saying. After arriving at the Kougami Mansion, Suzuka felt a little more at ease, but now more concerns arose within her. 'Oh no, what if they want to make ME their servant? Is that even possible? I don't mind working, but I would want to get paid? Or what if everyone hates me? I'm so worried... This just gets worse and wor-' her thought was cut off when she looked up.

"Konichiwa," The male before her spoke extremely much too quickly for her to interpret, but she assumed it meant hello. Unsure of how to reply, she merely nodded a hello. The moment their eyes met the young man fell to his knees before her and started to kiss her hand.

"My Princess" he spoke in such a seductive tone it frightened Suzuka, who yelped and kicked him away from her.

Crawling toward her the male suddenly stopped and bowed his head in shame. His entire body shook as he grumbled to himself. 'Did I hurt him? He was so forward I didn't know how to react' Despite how she felt about the servant idea, she was more concerned for his physical being. Kneeling beside him she placed a hand on his shoulder. Just the sense of how close they were at this moment made time seem to stop. Looking into his eyes again, she saw what looked like fear and desire. Before either of the two had time to react, Kuroshi, stepped in between them holding his hand out to her, to help her up. This behavior was very odd. What was possessing the male to kiss her hands?

"Megumi, this is Miss. Suzuka..." Kuroshi snickered at his son as he turned to face him.

"As I told you before she arrived, our family was cursed to protect and server hers. What you just experienced was the curse."