A few days later while she was cleaning, Sazuka heard footsteps coming down the hall. They were going to wait on her hand and foot if she hadn't stepped in. The night Megumi shoved her away she had been extremely embarrassed, but she wouldn't let that get in the way of her pride. He had even begun to teach her Japanese. She could finally understand him better. As the footsteps got closer, she turned to face the person approaching.

"Good Morning, Megumi," she managed to form the sentence clearly. Smiling down at her, Megumi chuckled.

"Good Morning, My Princess," Megumi replied in a dreamlike state.

'Oh no... He's about to-' Her thought was cut of just as it happened. Megumi was on his hands and knees bowing before her. 'Ugh... I don't like not being able to tell if he really likes me or if something weird is going on.' Just as she thought that, Megumi snapped back to his previous state of mind. Glancing up at her he frowned, deep in thought. Without thinking twice, she lifted her hand and rested it against his cheek lightly. It was as if he was soothed by her touch, because when she did that his eyes shut and he leaned into her hand.

"Megumi, what's going on? Why do you act like that?" Sazuka kept her voice gentle as she whispered her question, worry clear in her voice. There had to be some reason for his odd behaviors, right? There had to be something causing him to have manservant fits so quickly. Standing slowly, Megumi took her hand, bowing his head before he spoke

"There's a curse that was placed on my family... I was hoping I could control the fits rather than have to tell you, but... I've been cursed to serve you for eternity."

Blinking a few times she stared at him, confusion clear on her delicate features. 'A curse? For eternity? How will I ever know how he truly feels about me if this curse is hindering him to act in such a way toward me?' Kissing her knuckles he cupped her cheek for a moment, then rested his head on her shoulder weakly. How was she to know that he had feelings for her too? How was she to know that at this very moment he himself was thinking the exact same things? Closing her watery eyes, she rested her head gently to his. There had to be a way to break this curse. To free him of his manservant fits. She could tell that he hated having them as well. It hurt to not know how he truly felt, but she would be okay. The only thing that mattered to her right now was to find a way to break this terrible curse.

"Megumi, I want to break this curse. I don't want you to suffer anymore."

When she said that Megumi's head shot up and he averted his eyes from her face before he accidentally looked into her eyes. It seemed that eye contact was the main way he broke into those overwhelming fits.

"Sazuka... I-If it's what you truly wish, I will help you to find a way," his voice was almost inaudible as he spoke.

"Yes, it is. I can't stand knowing that you're having these fits and can't control them as you wish to."

Nodding in understanding Megumi left the room to fetch his father to ask him for information. 'I really hope there is a way to break his curse.