Part 2.

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Snoogans and Snoochie Boochies!

"Danger! Dan-" Sheldon managed to get out as he was awoken to the fact someone was in his room just before that someone put their hand over his mouth and shushed him.

"You'll wake Leonard and Alex up." he heard a familiar voice tell him as his eyes adjusted to the minimal light.

"You can't be in my room. People can't be in my room." Sheldon told Penny in a hushed voice. The embarrassment of Leonard or Alex coming in to find Penny on his bed was enough to have him heed her warning and keep quiet.

"Well, at some point, we're going to share a bed, so you better start getting used to it." she told him, a small smile gracing her lips.

The may have been true, but Sheldon wasn't ready for it now. He would need to prepare. There would be some sort of an agreement to be drawn up. He was sure he probably had the first time around, and now was going to be no different.

"What do you need?" he asked her.

"I'm sorry." she told him.

"I am sorry as well." he replied. He felt like a great weight had been lifted with those five simple words.

Penny curled her body next to his stiff one, which was tucked in like a mummy. She rested her arm across his waist. Neither said anything for quite some time, and Sheldon found that having Penny there in his bed wasn't the worst thing in the world, although it was still just barely tolerable.

"I'm not heartless." he told her. Because her the last jab she had thrown his way earlier that evening had been what hurt him the most.

Penny snorted. "If you're about to explain your circulatory system to me, save it."

"While that was my first inclination, I realize it was not what you were implying with your earlier statement." Sheldon was still stiff as a board in his bed. "I love Alex." he told her.

Of all the things she had expected to hear from Sheldon after sneaking in to his room, that was something she hadn't even considered.

"I do to. He's great, isn't he?" she smiled.

"He is."

"At least we did something right."

"I'd like to point out that I rarely do anything wrong, so the odds of him…" he started, but Penny put her hand back over his mouth.

"You just needed to agree with me there Sheldon." she said, lifting her head to look in his eyes. He nodded, and she removed her hand. She took in her surroundings as the two friends, future mates, shared a bed for the first time. "This isn't as weird as I thought it'd be."

Sheldon wasn't sure what to point out first. The fact that the thought of sharing a bed with him would be weird, or that she was correct in that this wasn't 'weird' at all. He was surprised then to find that it didn't feel weird to him at all. Just slightly uncomfortable, but more so because this was a first for him. He found that he really didn't mind her in his bed at all. Odd…

"Have you realized that, given the year Alex has come from, compared to his current age, and our current year, that you will be pregnant with him within a years time? And furthermore, it dawns on me that we never inquired if we were married before or after his conception."

"I thought the less we knew the better?" she asked.

"While that is true, I find that I want to make sure we do things right. The proper time line has already been disrupted by his presence at the time in which you and I would have naturally started a relationship. The closer we can keep the natural order, the less future events will change, thus ultimately bringing the time line back to it's natural state."

"Okay, I understood about half of that." Penny said, now half awake. Sheldon was warm and comfy. She couldn't help falling asleep there next to him. She yawned. "Well, he said his birthday was October 24th. He's excited to be turning seventeen."

"Oh dear Lord!" Sheldon said, sitting straight up in bed, knocking Penny to the side with his sudden movement.

"What?" she said, now fully awake since he's startled her.

Sheldon did the math, five times. He didn't need to, as he knew it was correct the first time he'd done it in his head, but he thought, just for a second, because this was big, and perhaps had thrown him off course, mentally, for just a moment, that somehow he'd come up with a different answer if he did the problem just one more time.

He finally looked to Penny. "Alex is sixteen, turning seventeen on October 24th, 2029 his time. His birth will take place on October 24th, 2012. Which means he was conceived on or around January 24th, 2012." Sheldon was going to hyperventilate by the time he was done speaking.

Realization washed over Penny. "In four months, I'll be pregnant…" Now she was going to hyperventilate.

This was all to much for Sheldon. He needed something normal. Someone who could make things normal. "Leon-!" he started, but Penny's hand covered his mouth again as she gently pushed him back down in bed.

"Shhhh! Why are you yelling for Leonard? What the hell is he supposed to do? Just shut up and lay here, okay?" she said, wanting at this point to go to sleep, to forget the fact that four months from now, she'd be pregnant.

Desperate to not talk about what they had just discovered, Sheldon changed the subject back to what had originally been uncomfortable, but now paled in comparison. "Am I to take it that you will be spending the night here tonight?" he asked, and felt Penny nod.

He leaned over and opened the top drawer of his night stand, producing a small bottle of Purell and handing it to Penny. "In that case, the odds are that I will say something that will cause you to want to cover my mouth again at some point tonight. Where you decided that doing so was acceptable behavior between us, I have no idea, but if you are going to continue to do it, please, take this." he said, handing the bottle to her.

Leonard and Alex smiled to each other from the other side of Sheldon's bedroom door as they heard Penny laugh.

"Do you know what our wedding anniversary is?" Penny whispered to Alex. She hadn't managed to be alone with him in a week. This was the closest she was going to get. The guys were engrossed in a game of Halo, and Penny had managed to corner Alex in the kitchen. "Because in four months, I'm supposed to be pregnant with you, and I was wondering…"

"If it was a shotgun wedding?" Alex snickered at the thought of his grandpa Wyatt scaring the crap out of his dad, pressuring him to make an honest woman of Penny. Grandpa Wyatt always did hold a special place in his heard for uncle Leonard.

"Exactly." she smiled and nodded.

"Sorry, I promised dad I wouldn't say." Alex shrugged, and his mom got that look he knew all to well. She was NOT happy with him right now. He'd just die laughing if she tried to send him to his room right now. "Dad, mom's trying to get me to tell her your wedding anniversary!" Alex yelled from the kitchen.

Leonard, Howard, and Raj all snickered. Sheldon didn't even look up from the TV. "Spoilers, Penny."

"Are you asking her out because you want to, or are you doing it because you think you have to?" Leonard asked Sheldon as Sheldon paced the apartment. He'd raised the question to Leonard about an hour ago on what his thoughts were on him asking Penny out on a proper date.

Was it to soon? What if she said no? What if she said yes only because she now felt obligated given what they knew of their future? What if he was only asking because of what he knew of their future? What would he do on a date with Penny anyway? His one and only date had been with Amy Farah Fowler. It had been successful for them because of their similarities. However after experiencing the dating habits between Leonard and Penny when they had coupled, he knew that her expectations would be vastly different than that of Amy's.

"I need condoms." Sheldon said.

"Whoa wait a second there cowboy." Leonard said as he stood from the couch, deciding he needed to get a handle on Sheldon before he had a meltdown. He took Sheldon by the shoulders, and led him to his desk chair. "What makes you think you need condoms?" Leonard did his best not to laugh.

"History and math show that the probability Penny will expect coitus from me is 97.856%. Given that she is my future wife and mother to three of our offspring, it would be detrimental to our relationship if I were to decline an offer. She herself has stated that she's a 'big ol' five' and will most likely initiate acts that would eventually lead to coitus. Also, given that Alex was born on October 24th, 2012, I wouldn't want to risk impregnating her, thus creating our first offspring earlier than intended, disturbing the future timeline more than it already is."

Leonard just stared at Sheldon. "You tell her that, and you wont have to worry about having sex with her tonight."

Penny smiled as Sheldon squirmed at her door. She wondered who'd pressured the poor man in to coming over and asking her out on a date. He was obviously nervous, and she wasn't sure if he was doing it because he felt obligated, given their future, or if he did it because he really wanted to.

"Sweetie, I think we're past a proper date at this point. How about you come over later and I'll make you dinner? Anything you want." She reached out and rubbed his shoulder, hoping he'd calm down.

Sheldon was surprised at exactly how calming her gesture had been. Even more surprised that his first thought hadn't gone to the fact that she was touching him and when the last time she washed her hands was.

"Alrighty." he said, raising his head enough so she could see his nervous smile, and then scurried back to 4A.

"It's a shotgun wedding, isn't it." Leonard asked Alex as they watched Sheldon ask Penny on a date.

"Totally." Alex said, and they both smiled.

Sheldon and Penny's evening in at her place had been pleasant.

She'd made spaghetti with hot dogs cut up in it and set the table for them. She contemplated lighting candles, but she knew he was nervous, and wanted this to be as comfortable as possible. Making things romantic would just make this worse.

They'd made small talk mostly. Sheldon told her how pleased he was that, even with Alex's presence, and the additional task of figuring out how his time machine worked and how to fix it, his schedule had, for the most part, returned to normal. He realized that things would be changing, and soon, and he'd have to make and adjust to a completely new schedule, but he wanted to hold on to the one he had as long as possible. Some normalcy in a very un-normal situation.

She'd told him about an audition she'd gone on, the new flavor of cheesecake her other job had just gotten. She felt very unimportant compared to him. She told him so.

He'd told her that she was very important. Important to him and his routine, (which she'd scowled at a little, but let slide for the most part) but mostly important to their future family. He told her how he was sure that she was the reason they'd raised what seemed to be three wonderful children if Alex was any indication. Even if Alex had managed to get himself stuck in 2011.

When dinner was done, Sheldon helped Penny clear the table and wash the dishes. Their hands had occasionally touched as Sheldon passed Penny a dish to dry, and while they never said it to each other, their hearts would race at even the slightest contact.

With both of them looking at this as something more than just two friends spending an evening together, something in their relationship shifted. They looked at each other differently now, unbeknown to the other. Yes, things had certainly changed, and they both decided that whatever that change was, it agreed with them.

They also both had realized that, despite the others quirks, this could really work. They could look past those things, work with them, learn to love those quirks. Although, one day they wouldn't really be quirks. They'd be endearing. They'd be something the other couldn't live without. Part of their routine.

So at the end of the night, when dinner had been eaten, dishes washed and dried, and movie had been watched, Sheldon rose to leave.

His palms were sweaty, his heart was racing, and he felt a little dizzy. Sort of like that time Penny had made him a Cubalibre at the Cheesecake Factory and he'd played the piano, or when Howard had made him drink that funny tasting milk.

"Good night, Sheldon." Penny smiled to him as they stood in her doorway.

"Good night, Penny." he replied.

And then he leaned down and gave her a chaste kiss on the lips. It wasn't like their one and only closed mouth make-out session a few months ago, but it jolted their entire being.

Penny turned the key to apartment 4A as slowly as she could, trying to make as little noise as possible. As soon as she was in and had shut the door behind her, she walked as quietly as she could to Sheldon's room.

She'd had a nightmare. What it had been about, what it had meant, didn't matter. What did matter was that she had been startled awake by it in the middle of the night, alone in her room. She realized then that she didn't want to be alone. She wanted to be held and comforted, assured that it was just a dream. She wanted someone to kiss her forehead and pull her against their body, encompassing her in a protective shell.

She realized that at this moment, that wasn't going to be what Sheldon was ready to do. He'd just barely gotten over her touching him. He'd only felt comfortable enough to give her a quick kiss earlier that evening. But she'd take what she could get from him know, because even thought it wouldn't be exactly what she had wanted, it would be exactly what she needed.

Sheldon was still awake, sitting on his bed, the time machine in the TARDIS lunchbox open in front of him. It was the bane of his existence. Its simplicity, its complexity, all of it left him lying awake in bed until some ungodly hour most nights. He hated that he couldn't figure out his own invention.

He simply sighed as Penny entered his room, letting out a huff as she did when she found Sheldon still awake.

"People can't be in my…" he started but stopped with the look she was giving him.

"Sheldon, for God's sake, I'll be your wife and carrying your child soon. Get over it." she whispered as she climbed in to bed next to him.

Sheldon put the pieces he'd taken out of the time machine back in their proper places and closed the lid, setting the box on his dresser then returning to his bed. He stood at the edge of it as Penny laid back and patted the space next to her.

"Were you planning on ambushing me again?" he asked as he finally laid down next to her. He was on his back and she scooted on her side next to him. The bed wasn't exactly built for two, but they were both comfortable.

"I had a nightmare." she told him as she slowly, as to not startle him more than she figured he already would be, rested her cheek on his chest and a hand over his heart.

"I see. I believe that this may be the type of social situation that would call for me to offer you a warm beverage." he said, and awaited her answer.

"Just… can I stay here a while?" she asked, cautious. She'd pushed her luck the other night and she knew it. But perhaps tonight, given her emotional distress as she was sure he'd put it, he'd let her stay without a fight.

Sheldon didn't put up much of a fight, but Penny did when he tried to insist that she sleep on top of the covers with a blanket while he slept under his pristine sheets. Of course, she won, much to her pleasure and his dismay, and soon, they were both nestled under his sheet, blanket, and comforter.

Once Penny had maneuvered herself back against Sheldon's body, forcing him to spread his right arm out so that she could nestle against him and provide optimal comfort for them both, (even though Sheldon was quite uncomfortable holding her that way at first) they found that they could relax in to each other quite nicely.

"This isn't as horrible as I had imagined." Sheldon whispered to her.

Penny snorted. "Thanks." She lifted her head from his chest and rested her chin there instead so that she could see his face. "You might as well get used to this. I like to snuggle." she smiled.

Sheldon rolled his eyes and tried as best he could to go to sleep. The sooner he fell asleep, he sooner morning would be there, and Penny would be out of his bed and out of his room. Although technically, morning wouldn't really come quicker, but since a good majority of the time she spent in his room and in his bed he would be sleeping, the less he'd spend awake and aware that she was violating several of his rules.

"Good night, Sheldon."

"Good night, Penny."

"Happy birthday, sweetie." Penny said to her son, giving him a hug and kiss before handing him his present. Alex tore at the paper revealing seven tickets for Disneyland.

"Awesome." he smiled, mostly excited to be getting out of the apartment. "Thanks mom, thanks dad." he said, and gave them both hugs.

Alex, his mom and dad, and uncles Leonard, Howard, and Raj, and aunt Bernadette had spent the entire day at Disneyland. They'd managed to ride nearly everything since it was a Monday and the park wasn't that crowded. Now, they stood on Main Street, enjoying various confections, watching the fireworks before making their way home.

Penny and Sheldon stood side by side, watching the brilliant display above them, Penny reached down and took Sheldon's hand in hers. He looked down to her as she looked up and smiled at him, resting her head on his arm, because he was to tall and she was to short to rest her head on his shoulder.

And then the unthinkable happened. Sheldon leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on her cheek.

The other five members of their party stood in front of them, oblivious to the shift the universe had just taken behind them.

Penny, no longer having to find ways to sneak in to Sheldon's room to spend the night with him, (although they were still just sleeping, and not actually having sex) locked up 4B and made her way over to 4A in her pajamas, which tonight consisted of a tank top and sweat pants.

"Night Alex." she said as she passed through the living room where her son was sprawled out on the couch, exhausted from the day they'd spent at Disneyland as a family, extended family included (which was his uncles Leonard, Howard, and Raj), for his birthday.

Alex mumbled something along the lines of goodnight and she stopped to pull the blanket over him so he didn't catch a chill in the middle of the night.

She continued down the hall and called out a goodnight to Leonard as she passed his bedroom door before making her way in to Sheldon's room. She didn't even bother to knock anymore, and it had stopped bothering Sheldon a few days ago.

"I had a great time today." she told Sheldon as she shut his bedroom door and made her way to his bed. He was already under the blankets and pulled them back for her as she approached. She climbed in next to him, laying on her side facing him.

Then, for the first time ever, Sheldon shifted so he was on his side as well, facing her. He brought his face close to hers.

"Do you feel obligated to sleep here?" he asked her in a hushed voice.

It took her a bit by surprise. "Sweetie, no. Not at all." She gave him a soft smile. "Do you feel obligated to let me sleep here?"


They were silent for a bit before she spoke again. "I never thought I'd feel this way about you."

"Nor I about you. It is quite the development." he smiled.

Penny giggled. "Yes, it certainly is."

"Penny, I was wondering. When I proposed to you, why did you decline my offer?" Sheldon asked.

"You didn't mean it." she smiled.

"Not true. I had every intention of marrying you. I wouldn't have asked if I didn't."

"But you didn't love me. You were only asking because you felt like you had to. Like you were supposed to." She reached up and ran her thumb over his cheek.

"But we both knew it was inevitable. I figured it best to get what I hear is a very nerve wracking situation for most males in that situation out of the way."

"Sheldon, sweetie. You don't get a proposal 'out of the way'. You wait till you're in love, and you do it because you want to. It should be special. Understand?" she asked. He nodded.

They watched each other for a bit before Penny finally yawned. Sheldon wished her a good night.

"Good night, Sheldon." Penny whispered, and leaned her head up to kiss his cheek. At least, that's where she had originally intended to kiss him. But she was so close to his lips, and she couldn't help herself. She'd loved both times that they'd kissed, and even more the simple peck he's given her cheek earlier that evening. And she'd be lying if she said that she wasn't thinking about doing that with him again, every second of every single day.

So here they both were, snuggled in his bed that was made for one, but fit two if you laid in it like they were. Penny's lips met Sheldon's and he put up no resistance.

"Where's dad?" Alex asked as he sat up on the couch. The sun was up, birds were chirping, and the time on the clock read that it was nearly nine in the morning. He never got to sleep in that late unless his parents were away for some teaching thing or lecture or whatever it was his dad went on business for. Even now in 2011, his dad's habits had him up and off the couch just before seven each morning.

Leonard, who'd also noticed Sheldon's absence, and quite frankly was worried that his best friend would come stumbling down the hall at any moment complaining of mucus or a sore throat, was on edge, and just as curious. If he's sick, I gotta get the kid out of here, he thought to himself.

Instead, Leonard just shrugged. "But be prepared to leave at a moments notice if he's sick. Let me do the talking. You just nod and follow me."

Alex laughed. "He make you sing him soft kitty too?"

Leonard, who'd been making breakfast, dished up eggs and bacon for him self and for Alex before walking to the couch and handing the kid a plate. He sat next to Alex and froze as he watched the young man devour everything on his plate like it was the first time he'd eaten in weeks.

"Hey, did you take a shower last night?" Leonard asked as Alex scooped some of his eggs on his toast and shoveling it in to his mouth. Alex just shook his head as he chewed. Leonard was thankful the kid was at least thoughtful enough to not talk with his mouth full.

"Huh." Leonard said as he took another bite. Alex swallowed.

"Wait, someone was showering in the middle of the night?" Alex asked. Now it was Leonard's turn to nod because his mouth was full. "Oh dear Lord." Alex said, sounding very much like his dad.

"What?" Leonard asked.

"Oh God!" Alex said, setting his plate, which still had some breakfast left on it, on the coffee table in front of him. "Eww!" he said, burying his head in his hands.

"What?" Leonard asked again, worried now that something was seriously wrong.

"They… you know… oh God!" Alex said, still speaking in to his hands.

Realization flooded over Leonard. He laughed a little. "How do you know?" he asked.

"It's what he does. After they… do that…" Alex said, feeling like he was going to gag, thinking of his parents doing 'it', which was probably their first time doing… that. "Do you know how horrible it is knowing pretty much every time your parents… do that."

"Sex?" Leonard smiled. "No way."

"Eww, don't say that word. Have you seen them? Ugh, now dad's gonna be all mushy all day. You know how he has a routine for like, everything? Yeah, he's even got one for that."

Leonard just laughed to himself and continued eating.

All the group of guys could talk about was the fact that Penny and Sheldon had had sex. Alex had gone to hide in his mom's apartment. He told her what his uncles were talking about, what they were trying to get his dad to talk about. And how he just couldn't take hearing any more about his parents having sex. It was bad enough that he knew they did it in the first place. He begged her to remember to be more discreet about it in the future, for him and his siblings sake.

Back in 4A, all Sheldon wanted to do was talk about the mid season finale of The Walking Dead.

Instead, he had to deal with Leonard, Howard, and Raj's curiosity about the previous night.

"I bet you just laid there while Penny did all the work." Howard snickered.

"Seriously dude, did you even know it was happening?" Raj laughed.

"He probably yelled 'Danger! Danger!' during it. Did he Leonard? You would have heard him. Please tell me he said that while they were doing it." Howard asked.

"Gentlemen, what did or did not happen between Penny and myself is none of your concern. Now, can we please talk about the aspects of the barn…" Sheldon asked, but he was cut off.

"I heard you showered after. Was that cause Penny was a dirty girl Sheldon?" Howard asked. That earned a smack on the arm from Leonard for talking so crass about their friend.

All eyes shot to the door to 4A as Penny threw it open. She didn't even bother to close it behind her as she walked straight in to the kitchen where Sheldon was standing by the counter. She walked right up to him, threw her arms around his neck, and pulled him down in to a searing kiss. Her body molded to his while Sheldon stood there awkwardly, still in shock from the events currently unfolding. He was sure he wouldn't be one for public displays of affection, and he was finding that right now, with what Penny was doing, that thing with her tongue, well, he just didn't really care.

His mind may have been care free in that moment, but his body was awkward. His hands floated around her shoulders and then down to her lower back, never actually landing anywhere. It was like they were caressing an invisible bubble around Penny.

She finally released his lips when they both needed air, and without any hesitation on what to do next, she pinched his butt, winked at him, and said "Come on, Moonpie." in her sexiest voice before turning and walking towards his bedroom.

Sheldon stood in the kitchen and watched her walk away. As soon as she was out of sight, he looked to his three friends sitting on the couch, mouths agape, then back to the hallway, then back to them, before finally looked back down the hallway, and scurrying towards his bedroom.

"I can't believe that just happened." Raj said, breaking the silence.

"I'll never be able to un-see that." Howard said.

Penny was fast asleep in his bed, and Sheldon, freshly showered, was restless. He picked up the TARDIS lunchbox from his dresser and took it out to the living room. Alex had been sleeping in his mom's apartment since Penny was insisting on spending her nights in Sheldon's bed.

Sheldon sat in his spot, placing the time machine in front of him, and got to work.

Tonight's the night, he told himself. He'd done this routine nearly every night now for two weeks. Every night, he was sure it'd be the night. But tonight felt different. He was so close to figuring it out.

As the night wore on, Sheldon became increasingly frustrated. He was tired of failing at his own invention. He was tired of having to look at the disappointment in his son's eyes every day when he had to tell him he was still working on it. He hated that there was something he couldn't figure out.

A small light started flashing.

And then another… and another.

A small hum, and the dash lit up like a Christmas tree.

Where you are read November 18th, 2011, 4:38 a.m.

Where you were going read June 13th, 2011, 5:27 p.m.

Where you had been read June 13th, 2029, 5:27 p.m.

Sheldon fiddled with the destination switches, moving them to November 18th, 2011, for 4:40 a.m. He checked his watch, and waited until just before it hit 4:39 a.m., and then he flipped the switch.

It was instantaneous. To him, he hadn't really even moved.

But his watch told a different story. He watched as it flipped to 4:39 a.m., ticking away, while the clock in the apartment turned 4:40 a.m.

"It's working!" Sheldon yelled.

Everyone gathered to say goodbye to Alex. Leonard, Howard, and Raj each took turns giving him a hug and telling him they looked forward to meeting him again, and that they couldn't wait to talk about this with him again when the time was right.

Penny was all tears. Technically, in less than a year, she'd be holding his infant self in her arms, so she wouldn't be without him to long, but she'd miss him every second until then she told him. Sheldon was the last to say goodbye to his son. He'd been hesitant to hug him, but Alex wasn't having any of that, and hugged his dad like it was going to be the last time.

His mom smothered him with kisses as he took the TARDIS lunchbox from his dad, who'd checked and rechecked the destination several times. Sheldon had set it for one minute after Alex had left 2029.

Alex flipped open the lid, smiled at his family, and flicked the switch.

"Alex! Regan! Christopher! We're home!" Penny shouted as her and Sheldon walked through their front door. The gala at the University had been a success, and Sheldon had gotten the grant money he needed. And even though they should have stayed to mingle a little more, show how grateful they were for the grant, they were itching to get home. Tonight was the night.

"Mom! Dad!" Alex yelled from his dad's office, physic's paper forgotten as he bolted through the office door and out to the foyer, jumping in to his parents open arms.

"We've been waiting a long time for this." Penny smiled, a little tear escaping and rolling down her cheek.

"Indeed." his dad chimed in, giving Alex another squeeze.

"That was crazy. You guys remember everything?" he asked.

"Yep, we sure do." Penny said.

"Alex," Sheldon started, drawing his son's attention. "you're grounded."

The End!