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Nobody knew he was here. Nobody knew what he knew.

Caspian walked through the tunnels of the How. He was looking for the drawings of the King and Queens of the old. He could have gone back to his castle and found them there, but no. It was the drawings he needed. After a long search, he finally found them.

He stared at the drawings, studying every line of them. He couldn't see it, but he could feel it. There was something there. Something he was missing. He had been here years before. He hadn't felt anything then. But when he was here with the Pevensie's months ago, he'd felt it. He'd heard it.

Voices. They were so soft he had barely heard them. The more he concentrated, the softer they got. It made no sense.

What did make sense was that Edmund and Lucy were hiding something. Throughout the whole war between the Telmarines and Narnians, they had barely spoken. Peter and Susan had taken charge. Edmund and Lucy had been supportive of them; there was no doubt about that. But he had often seen them whispering to each other as they stood in front of these drawings.

Out of interest, Caspian mimicked Lucy's actions. He traced his finger over Lucy's drawing. As he traced it, he heard only one of the voices. The male voice.

Is that you Lucy-Lu?

Caspian whipped his hand away. Had he just heard that? Caspian shook his head and switched to trace Edmund's drawing.

Edmund? Is that you?

Again, Caspian took a step back. His instinct told him that this was wrong, but he was too curious to walk away now. This time, he traced the two drawings with both hands at the same time.

I've missed you Lu!

Edmund, you've finally come!

Have you missed me?

I want to be with you again Ed.

Lucy, talk to me.

Edmund? Are you there?

Caspian cleared his throat.

'No. It's Caspian, the current king of Narnia."

Where are Edmund and Lucy?

Caspian swallowed loudly.

"They're back at the castle."

They've forgotten us!

"No!" Caspian said. "I'm sure they haven't. But if you don't mind me asking, who are you?"

Do you not know?

Caspian shook his head, then realised they couldn't see him. "No."

He's moved on...

She's moved on...

"Do you want me to go get them?" asked Caspian.

Silence filled the How. A few minutes later, the voices returned.

We need to move on.


Caspian turned around to see Susan running towards him.

"Good afternoon Susan."

"Where did you go this morning? We didn't see you at breakfast."

"No, I went riding."

"Oh, okay then."

"Say, have you seen Edmund or Lucy?"

"Last I saw them they were in the library together."

"Thank you. I'll see you at dinner?"

"Of course."

Caspian then grabbed Susan's hand and placed a small kiss on it. Susan blushed and Caspian smirked.

"Goodbye Susan."

Susan tried to brush her hair in front of her face to hide her blush.

"Goodbye Caspian." she mumbled.

"Edmund? Lucy?"

"Over here."

Caspian followed where Edmund's voice had come from. As he rounded the corner he saw them standing in an aisle, looking at him expectantly.

"What have you two been doing?"

"Just looking at books." said Edmund casually.

"Anything interesting."

"Not really."

Caspian nodded and spotted a book that hadn't been placed back properly, as if it had been placed back in a hurry. Caspian strolled over and picked up the book.

"The Golden Age. You're researching yourselves?"

"No, we're just...remembering old times." said Lucy carefully.

"I see."

Caspian sat down in one of the old arm chairs. "Remember when you told me everything about the Golden Age?"

"Yeah." said Edmund.

"Are you sure told me everything?"

Edmund raised his eyebrow. "What brought this about?"

Caspian glanced at Lucy. She was staring at the ground.

"Just wondering."

Edmund didn't quite believe him. "Did someone say something to you?"

"About what?"

Edmund narrowed his eyebrows. "What do you know Caspian?" he demanded.

Caspian put on a shocked expression. "Why, whatever do you mean?"

"Caspian, please." said Lucy quietly.

"What? I'm just asking a simple question. Did you not tell me anything about the Golden Age?"

Neither Edmund nor Lucy would meet Caspian's eye.

Edmund sighed. "Just tell us what you know."

Caspian stood up and started walking away.

"Caspian!" yelled Edmund angrily.

Caspian spun around.


"What. Do. You. Know."

Caspian stared at Edmund.

"If you can't trust me with your secret, then I'm not going to trust you with mine."

"This isn't about trust Caspian!"

"Then why can't you tell me?"

"Because it's too painful." answered Lucy in a whisper.

"Why is it painful?"

"Come sit down Caspian. We need to talk."

By the time Edmund and Lucy had finished telling their story, Caspian was shocked.

"I'm so sorry." he said.

"It's not your fault. You didn't know." said Lucy dabbing her eyes.

"And you haven't seen them since?"

Edmund shook his head. "I don't even know if Jess is still alive."

"She is."

Caspian surprised himself, as well as Edmund and Lucy. His mouth seemed to have a mind of its own right now.

"What do you mean?" asked Lucy.

At first Caspian didn't know what he meant. He was so confused over everything. But now it all seemed clear. So clear that he felt like kicking himself for not figuring it our beforehand.

"I heard them today. At the How."

"They're at the How?" asked Lucy excitedly.

"Not exactly." said Caspian. Lucy's face fell.

"When I first took you to the How, I showed you the drawings of the Golden Age. I heard something there. I felt it. At the time I didn't know. I went back there today and I heard them, a boy and girl. They were asking for you."

"What did they say exactly?" asked Edmund.

"At first, they misunderstood and thought I was you. I told them who I actually was and they asked where they were. I said you were back at the castle. Then they said that you'd both moved on. I offered to come get you two, but they said that they had to move on. They didn't speak again after that."

Edmund stood up. "We need to go to there. Now."

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