The REAL chapter 15!


"Peter Pevensie you listen to me!" Susan yelled angrily as she followed her brother down the hallway. Peter didn't stop or even break his brisk pace as his sister yelled at him. He was far too used to Susan's hysterics by now.

"My chambers are private! And to be quite honest, I would like it stay that way! That means I don't want guards going through all my personal things!"

Peter didn't respond.

"Are you even listening to me?"

Peter sighed and stopped walking just as he reached the door to his sister's room. "It's hard not to hear you Su." he muttered before turning around to face her. "Look, I understand you don't want the guards in there, but when it comes to the safety of this family we can't take any chances. We're all worried about you, I'm sorry. The intruder could be hiding in there, or left something which could threaten your safety. We need to be sure."

Susan stamped her foot from frustration and scowled as Peter led the guards into her room. Her alarmed maid quickly rose from her chair and picked up the dress she had dropped. She was about to hang it back up in the wardrobe before Peter beckoned her. From where she was standing, Susan could hear fragmented pieces of their conversation.

"…no, no, I've been in here all night…"

"…any noises? Perhaps a…."

"…all the windows locked…."

"….no one but me and Milady Sire…"

Susan watched as her room was torn apart. Well, to her it was. Susan always kept her things neat, tidy and clean. The guards rummaged through her draws and although they were under strict orders to put things back where they found it, her possessions were askew. But that wasn't the reason she hadn't wanted the guards in her room. Really, she was terrified they would find Jess. There were not many places one could hide in her room, but with Jess being able to outsmart both her brothers she knew Jess must be clever.

A small hand found Susan's arm and she turned around to see Lucy. Two guards stood behind her, both dripping with weapons. Of course, she had forgotten. Until the intruder was found they each had to have two guards act as their babysitters. 'Perfect.' Susan thought sarcastically.

"The intruder isn't in Edmund's or my room." said Lucy, her eyes wide. "Anything in yours?"

Susan shook her head. "Honestly Lu, if the intruder hasn't been found by now then they must have escaped."

Lucy nodded. "I agree. Maybe we can ask some of the locals if they saw a guard riding into the woods."

Susan didn't like the idea of that. The last thing they needed was to get the locals involved. Some were incredibly loyal and although she was thankful, she didn't want even more search parties wondering through the woods. It would increase the chance of Caspian getting caught.

"No, the locals may act rashly." she said quickly to cover up her true intentions.

Lucy cocked her head at her sister and smiled. "Why Susan, you're acting like you don't want the intruder to get caught!"

Susan forced herself to smile and laugh with her sister, but could see Lucy wasn't falling for it.

"Susan." said Lucy, suddenly so serious.


Lucy raised an eyebrow. Susan glanced quickly back up at the guards to see they were also looking at her quite strangely. No doubt they thought she had hit her head. Susan pulled her sister into a tight hug. Lucy was now dreadfully confused.

"Susan wha-"she started to say but was interrupted by Susan.

"Later." she whispered hurriedly in her ear.

Lucy nodded once and they let go of each other. Lucy gave her sister a quick worried smile then left.

"Alright men, the intruder isn't here. Let's go to my chambers." yelled Peter.

Sounds of draws being shut and doors being closed filled the room as the guards filed out. Susan stood by the door glowering as they left. Some of the guards had the decency to at least mumble a "sorry Milady" or "apologies Queen Susan" as they left. Susan gave her bewildered maid the rest of the night off and when she was finally alone in her room, Susan allowed herself to sit down and cry.

Jess heard guards enter the room loudly and a woman's shriek as she dropped what she holding. However it was Susan's protest that could be heard the most from inside the wardrobe. Jess panicked as she heard the guards searching the room. The wardrobe doors were flung open and Susan's maid stood there holding the red dress. Worry was etched onto her young face. She was about to put the beautiful garment away before Peter called her over. The maid left hurriedly, wanting to comply with the High King's orders. Three guards walked into the massive wardrobe and started to rummage through the many colourful dresses.

When the three guards weren't looking her way, Jess slipped out and joined them. She pulled the dresses aside and pretended to be looking for the intruder when all she wanted was to run away.

"Bloody ridiculous if you ask me." one of the guards to her right grumbled.

"I think he's long gone." replied another guard. "I don't know how, but he can't possibly still be here."

Jess proudly smiled a little to herself and carried on searching.

Soon enough, Peter clapped his hands and ordered all the men out. Jess followed the men out of the room hoping no one would notice her walking a little awkwardly. She passed Susan who looked incredibly mad and kept her head down. When they were out in the hallway, Jess was swallowed up by the flurry of guards. Everybody had orders to follow. Jess lagged behind the group of guards and wasn't surprised when no one noticed her slip away. They were all so busy searching for an intruder in hiding places that they didn't bother to search in the most obvious place: right in front of them.

Jess continued down a series of hallways trying to work out where she was. She passed several guards as she walked, some acknowledging her with a nod which she returned. Jess was amazed at how by walking like she had a purpose, no one stopped her. She came to the kitchens and pushed open the door. Cooks and maids bustled around preparing breakfast. Looking around, Jess spotted a door and started to walking briskly towards it. Before she got there though, the door swung open and in stepped a maid carrying a bucket of water. The maid (who couldn't be a year older than thirteen) saw Jess coming and curtsied politely. Jess ignored her as she stepped outside. The light from outside blinded her for a moment. After spending so much time in the dark wardrobe, her eyes hadn't had the chance to adjust. But Jess forced her eyes open and started to jog into the forest, not wanting to stop and risk getting caught. The innocent maid watched the guard leave before realisation dawned upon her. She placed the bucket of water on the ground and ran to tell the nearest guard.

Within the next minute Edmund was down in the kitchens with a least twenty guards. The maid stood beside him, crying silently as she blamed herself for the intruders escape. A couple of the guards comforted her as Edmund stood in the doorway, his eyes scanning the forest entrance. His fists were balled and a scowl was on his face as he turned away and walked back into the castle. Out of rage, Edmund kicked the bucket of water and continued on.

He was not looking forward to having to tell his siblings that the intruder escaped.

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