Memories my mind still replays, comforting thoughts 'till I awake.

Williamsport, Pennsylvania …

"I'm just trying to help." And he'd be a fool to believe Ruby but she's done enough to get in his good graces not to worry that Sam won't.

"Can you help me save Dean?"

Ruby almost rolls her eyes because Sam is like a friggin dog gnawing on the same old bone.

"No. Nothing I know of is powerful enough to do that."

Bull shit but it's gotten her this far and-

Sam stops the car in the middle of the road. He doesn't have time for anything other than working on how to get Dean out of hell.

"Then I have no use for you."
"What?" she really didn't see that one coming.

"Get out."

"Whose body are you riding, Ruby?"

And what the fuck?

"What do you care? You've never asked me that before." Then again, Sam hasn't asked a lot of things before, things the BoyKing should be asking but…
"I'm asking now." And Sam really wants to know, needs to know because he can't behave with callous disregard at the woman Ruby's wearing.
"Some secretary."

"Let her go."


The BoyKing is getting rather prissy and its not exactly what Ruby signed up for but she's gonna have to stick it out until he breaks that last seal.
"Or I send you right back to hell."

Right then Ruby has the overwhelming urge to clock him one, and no way is Sam surviving that but…

'Notyet,notuntilIgethimonhisknees.' And that's a warming thought as she leaves.


Rain Tree Ranch, 6years ago…

It's beautiful.

Everything just right … perfect…

And everyone present, everyone who matters … family…

She's all he can see, when Pablo and Jean walk in…all the noise fades, all the voices hush and the soft glow of the tiny lights in the tent are caught like fireflies in her smoky eyes.


Her tiny frame is draped in lace and silk, dwarfed by Pablo in his suit and Jean in her fancy dress but its Kris… beautiful, smiling…

'My Kris.'

Because she picked him.

"It's always been you, Junior."

And what a road, damn! So many chances missed, so many things unsaid, so much time wasted…

'Not anymore. Not ever.'

He means to keep that promise, no Davis is getting in the way of their happiness again and thank God Dani''s grown up because his little sister would've been hell to get past.

Junior doesn't expect Ken Davis Sr to remain civil for long but he can hope and for just one night dear old Dad is making nice with everyone. As weddings go… well, Junior thinks this one is perfect.

'Not bad for short notice and yay! No swan napkins!'

"I do."

He's smiling like a damn fool as he slips the silver diamond band on her finger but no one would notice the difference because Junior is always smiling. He can't help it; he's always been a cup half full kind of guy, relaxed and laid back. Kris loves that about him.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife."

The cheers and claps of friends and family fill the tent; the lighting makes it feel even more surreal. After all the trouble they've gone to, all the obstacles in their way, all the problems…

"We're really married." Kris looks up at Junior, her eyes bright in the soft glow of candles and tiny lights. She's happy and smiling, her hands held in his.

"We made it." He can't help but kiss her again, to hold her and they both laugh. "Mrs. Davis." He teases, loving the soft crinkling of her nose.

"Mr. & Mrs. Fresh Start." Kris corrects with another kiss before everyone is pressing around them, wishing them well, congratulating them…


Yeah, they can be happy now. Kris will ride, build up her jockey career… and Junior… well, there's the family business to run or other environmental projects to work on, maybe he'll just stay home and raise their kids.

'Mr. Mom.' The thought has him laughing.