She ran from the room, leaving Logan to stare at his parents and the prime minister in disgust before he followed Marie. He found her sitting in their living room, crying. He sat beside her and rubbed her back.

Marie sniffled and smiled sadly through her tears, "I hope you're not taking this personally."

He kissed her temple, "Of course not. Trust me...I know there are a million and one reasons why you're not ready to have a baby because I can list those same reasons as part of my own for not wanting to do it. I don't blame you."

Marie pursed her lips and sighed as she looked into his eyes, "I appreciate you trying to defend me."

"I'll be the first to admit that my father can be a bit of an-"


Logan wrapped an arms around her shoulders and pulled her toward him, "I knew I liked you for a reason..."

She wiped her face and sat up to look into his eyes, "I need to tell you something."

Noting the seriousness of her expression, he furrowed his eyebrows and watched as she stood to nervously pace in front of him, "What is it?"

Marie ran a hand through her hair, "Aside from the fact that we just got married and are just now getting to know each other and enjoy each other's company...I have another reason why I don't want to be pregnant yet..."


She closed her eyes and looked down, "I've been pregnant before."

Logan blinked and remained silent for a few moments before he stood, "I don't understand."

"When I was with Remy..." He still looked confused, so she continued, "When I was 4 months along, I got into a car accident and lost the baby. I got into the accident after one of our fights, and that's basically what ended our relationship."

So that explained why it was so important that she and Remy resolve their issues...

He stood and took her hands, "I do wish you had told me this earlier...but I understand you better now..."

Marie smiled and hugged him as she laid her head on his chest, "What are we going to do?"

"Nothing at all," She looked up at him in confusion as he continued, "We aren't ready to have a baby, so we won't have a baby."

"But your parents...the prime minister..."

He kissed her forehead, "It doesn't matter what they want or what they think. We're going to handle this OUR way, alright?"

Logan kissed her gently, then immediately began contemplating his plan.

After a long day of avoiding his parents, Logan and Marie got dressed and left the palace in his Aston Martin V12 Vanquish. The press almost immediately began tailing him after recognizing the flashy car.

They went to a notoriously hip club and made no efforts to hide as they took their time in getting out of the car and heading inside. Once inside, they met up with some of Logan's friends and set up camp in the VIP section.

Logan ordered a bottle of champagne and poured Marie a glass before putting an arm around her and leaning over to whisper, "You better drink up! Make sure they know there won't be any pitter pattering of little feet!"

Logan had one glass, but refrained from drinking anymore since he had to drive. Marie drank three glasses before Logan pulled her onto the dance floor.

He allowed his hands to roam over her body and squeeze her ass as they ground against each other provocatively. They made out a little on the dance floor before heading back to the VIP section of the club to hang out with their friends a bit more.

When the night wound down, Logan and Marie bid everyone goodbye before heading out to their vehicle, which was promptly brought around by the valet. Of course, photographers took pictures of them kissing and snuggling while they waited for their car.

When they sat down in the car, Marie laughed, "That was a fun night!"

"It certainly was! My parents are going to be livid!"

She giggled, "What do you think they're going to be more angry about? The fact that we were partying and I drank...or all the public displays of affection?"

Logan laughed as he pictured his father's face, "The PDA...definitely. The pictures taken tonight will show the public that are marriage is still strong and in tact...while also letting them know that we are not even thinking of having kids, so any speculation or buzz that the prime minister and my parents try to create will be trumped by the fact that you were seen downing a bottle of Dom."

Marie rolled her eyes and laughed, "I'm lucky I had a big dinner..."

She watched him as he drove, then reached over and grabbed his crotch. Logan jumped and raised his eyebrows, "Here? Now?"

"Why not? Are you scared?"

Logan checked to rearview mirror to make sure they weren't being followed before he found a darkened side street and pulled into it.

As soon as the car was in park, Marie was on his lap, practically attacking him with hungry kisses.

He hurriedly hiked up her dress as she unfastened his pants.

Logan whispered against her lips as she pulled his erection from its restraints, "God,'re a dream come true."

He pulled her panties to the side as she began guiding herself down onto his erection, "Save the sweet talk for later..."

She threw her head back and moaned as she settled on top of him and began rolling her hips onto him. Logan thrust up in tune with her movements in order to maximize pleasure and make them both cum faster.

After a few short minutes, Logan felt himself start to climax and quickly grabbed a hold of Marie as he thrust up against her harder and faster.

As their movements grew frenzied, Marie accidentally honked the horn with her ass and turned on the windshield wipers. When they were done, they leaned against each other, breathing heavily and shuddering as the aftershocks of pleasure hit them.

He ran a hand through her hair and looked up into her eyes, "I love you..."

Marie looked back into his eyes and smiled, "Love you too..."

Naturally, his parents and the prime minister were very angry with them over the fact that they'd been caught on camera, kissing, drinking and dancing "like they were in some sort of lewd striptease act"...or so his father said.

Logan told them, once and for all, that he and Marie's marriage was their business, and that they would have a baby when they were good and ready.

By the following day, pictures of the couple making out on the dance floor had replaced the ones of Marie and Remy. Headlines read "No Trouble in Paradise for Carcajou's Royal Couple".

Eventually, Marie and Logan moved out of their apartment at the palace in order to get away from his parents and out of the reach of the prime minister.

They moved into a royal estate that was located in the suburbs of Laughlinia. They also frequently traveled to Furfante so that Marie could visit her grandmother and make appearances there.

For their third year anniversary, they returned to the Grecian Isles where they spent their honeymoon.

Their first night there, they ate a romantic dinner. Logan smiled at his wife across the table. They'd had an amazing three years together.

Sure, they fought sometimes, and things weren't perfect, but, given their highly unique circumstances, they had made the best of it and felt lucky that they were in love.

They had successfully removed his parents and the prime minister's influence from their marriage and, for the first time in his life, he actually felt and acted like a grown up.

He had to credit Marie with that phenomenon.

Something about her made him want to be a better person...and now, he was feeling ready to start their family. He had no idea how to approach the subject, knowing her history and how terribly her last pregnancy after weeks of losing sleep over how to ask her about having a baby, he just gave up and hoped that one day, she would decide she was ready.

After all, she was still young and had plenty of life to live.

Logan was the 40-something year old prince who'd done enough partying and slacking off for ten playboys.

He was brought out of his thoughts by her voice, "Honey? Did you hear me?"

"I'm sorry, love...I was just thinking about you."

Marie blushed, "I was just asking if you were ready to exchange gifts..."

"Right! Yes."

Logan rushed from the room and returned with a large, painting-sized package. He handed it to her and she eagerly ripped into the paper.

She gasped and covered her mouth when she saw what was underneath.

It was a picture of her, as a baby, with her cousin Emma and her deceased mother. It had been taken during a family vacation, and it was one of the few precious memories Marie had growing up. Up until that moment, Marie thought that picture had been lost.

Tears formed in her eyes and she put a hand over her mouth. By now, Logan knew that these could be identified as "good" tears, so he simply smiled and enjoyed knowing he gave her a gift she truly loved.

After several moments of silence, Marie wiped her tears away and nodded, "This...this is gorgeous. Thank you..."

He reached across the table and caressed her hand, "It's going to be a little hard to beat, eh?"

Marie smiled, "I think I might give you a run for your money..."

Logan raised a brow, "Oh really?"

She said nothing as she slid the small box across the table. It looked as if a watch might be in it.

He slowly opened the box to find a positive pregnancy test.

Logan quickly looked from the test, to her, then back to the test, and back to her again.

His trembling hands picked up the stick, "Are this what I think it is?"

Marie smiled nervously, " this...ok?"

He said nothing as he stood, then took her hand and helped her out of her chair. Logan stared into her eyes for a long time before grabbing her face and kissing her on the lips, "This is more than OK."

That night, after making love, they laid in bed together. Logan kissed her bare shoulder, "I'm really glad my parents made me marry you."

Marie laughed, " arranged marriage ever..."

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