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It really wasn't Brennan's fault that Booth's ties sent her libido through the roof. She knew that he had never worn them before they met and the fact that he did now was a testament to her influence on him. Every time she saw one, it was a reminder that he was hers. She had left her mark.

But today, today he was playing dirty. He had, for the first time in ten years, decided to wear his XXX tie. He had told her that he had pushed it to the back of his closet, never wanting to be reminded of being stranded out in the rain as she drove off in a cab ever again. Plus, it was sort of a collector's item to him: the first tie. In the museum of their relationship, it held great significance for him. Nevertheless, he had brought it out for the special occasion. Leave it to sentimental Booth to remember an anniversary.

So when he walked through the door that evening, she met him with a bottle of tequila and a smile.

"Welcome home." She smiled.

"Hi." He grinned, knowing exactly what she was doing. As they split the bottle, they reminisced over the past ten years. And just when they had hit their limits, she had crooked her finger, pulling him in.

"I like your tie." She shared, her voice low. "But I like all of your ties." She said as she ran a hand over the smooth material. "They're Boothy."

"I wore this one just for you." He told her proudly. She chuckled silently to herself.

"What's…what's so funny?" He asked.

"You wear them all for me. Without me, you wouldn't have ever worn them in the first place." She informed him. He laughed, knowing she was right. "Do you remember when that marine biologist got you the dolphin tie?" Booth winced, hating any memories that dealt with him trying to move on from her. "I feigned support, but I was actually incredibly annoyed with her. Ties and dolphins? Those were my things." She said as she moved to straddle him. "You were my thing." She said as she ran her hands over his shoulders while his came to rest on her ass.

"Bones, from the minute I met you, I've always been yours." He smiled.

"Mine." She grinned as she pulled on his loosened tie playfully, drawing him towards her lips. She kissed him passionately, completely uninhibited from the amount of alcohol she had drank and it wasn't long before he stood up and carried her to the bedroom, never letting her legs leave his waist.

As soon as he deposited her on the bed, he began stripping her of her clothes. When he finished with her, he undressed himself quickly and slid over top of her again. She wantonly spread her legs and sighed in contentment as his hard body pressed deliciously against hers. The tequila coursing through her system made everything feel shinier somehow and what usually turned her on was now electric to her skin. Every touch, lick and suck felt ten times better against her body as Booth made his way down her torso and back again. His tongue drove her wild as he playfully teased her body, never finding one particular place he wanted to focus on.

"Booth!" She cried as her fingers tangled in his hair. "Oh, please. You feel so good." She begged but it was too late, he was already flipping her over to her stomach and pulling her onto her knees.

"I know that when you've been drinking, you want to be touched everywhere at once." He whispered in her ear from behind. "I've only got two hands, but I'll see what I can do." His dark murmur sent a shiver across her neck and she spread her legs once more for him. He entered her from behind and they both gasped at the snug angle they had created for themselves. His left hand massaged her breast and his right found its way to her clit, rubbing soft circles that were meant to drive her crazy. His lips played with the spot behind her ear and she reached up behind her to hold the back of his head as he wrecked havoc on her nervous system. With every arch of her back, she pushed herself forward into his waiting fingers and with every backward slide, she was filled with his thick and throbbing cock. She was dizzy with over-stimulation and the noises that she was making echoed around the room. She came hard, shattering in his arms but he held her tight, one arm protectively across her shoulders as he slowly brought his fingers to a stop. He ran his hand up and down her thigh and she leaned forward, holding onto the headboard.

"Take me, Booth." She grinned through her post-coital haze. With that, Booth unleashed himself in her, thrusting hard and deep until he was pulsing hot streams of desire within her. They both collapsed onto the mattress and Booth pulled her close, wrapping his arms around her tightly.

"Thanks for the last ten years, Bones." He mumbled into her hair. She let a small sleepy smile grace her lips before she responded.

"No, Booth. Thank you."