Two months later, Tsubasa was completely healed and ready to finally leave the hospital and step out into the great outdoors once more. All of his friends, including Ryo, came to take him back home, all extremely happy that they would finally all be together again. Yu couldn't contain his excitement and was constantly discussing what he would do with Tsubasa as soon as they got him out.

"First, I wanna have a beybattle with him!" he said as they sat in the car while Ryo drove them to hospital: "Then I wanna go to the park with him and eat ice-cream and candy together! Oh! And then we'll play with my kitten Libra!"

"So where do chances to breath come in?" Gingka quipped as they laughed.

"Awww but I sooooo miss him Gingki! You have no idea how much I missed him! I can't wait to play with him and hang out again!" Yu cried happily.

"I can't wait to see him either!" said Kendra: "I really want us to go out together again like we used to before all these fiascos happened!"

"Oh and hey, don't forget the tournament!" said Masamune: "We still need to face Team Garcia, Team Excalibur, and this new team, Team Wild Fang!" said Masamune.

"Oh yeah! And research about team Wild Fang told me that Kyoya and Benkei are actually on the team!" Madoka exclaimed.

"What? So that's where they've been all this time!" Gingka screeched: "Hah! Bring it Kyoya! I'm so lookin' forward to our battle!"

"And this time, Tsubasa will be battling with us on the team!" said Masamune: "Thank goodness for that! I'd thought that the whole team was gonna fall apart!"

"We're soooooo gonna win guys! Don'tcha worry oooonnee bit! Team Garcia are losers! Team Excalibur ain't so tough! And Wild Fang? Blah! They're goin' down!" said Yu.

"Hey look guys! We're here!" Kendra squealed happily as their car pulled to a stop beside the hospital.

"Oh yeah baby! Big bro, here I come! Race ya to the door!" Yu jumped out of the car and shot off towards the main entrance in a flurry of uncontainable excitement.

Once inside, the receptionist guided them to the main hall where Tsubasa was waiting. Yu rushed towards him and grabbed him in a strong embrace, pressing his face close to him.

"Oh Tsubasa! I missed you so so so so much!" he cried as the two hugged each other fiercely.

"I missed you too kiddo!" Tsubasa ruffled his hair fondly and kissed the boy on the top of his head.

"Tsubasa!" Kendra was next, immediately pulling him in a hug and kissing him wherever she could reach as he stroked her silky hair.

"Honey...I love you sweetie!" he said lovingly, kissing her sweetly on the lips.

"Yeah! All together again!" Gingka cried happily.

Suddenly, they heard a voice from behind them...


"Huh?" Masamune turned and couldn't believe his eyes. Standing behind him were Zeo and Toby, staring at him with looks of joy on their faces.

Masamune gasped, covering his mouth in shock, then said: "Z-Zeo? T-Toby? Guuuuyyyss!"

The three ran towards each other and embraced happily, all immensely glad to be finally reunited again.

"Hey look! It's Masamune's friends! They're alright!" said Tsubasa.

"Oh thank goodness!" Madoka cheered.

"Guys! I've missed you so so much! Oh guys I'm so glad you're okay!" Masamune sobbed as he hugged them fiercely.

"We spent a lot of time in hospital after they found and released us," Zeo explained: "Toby especially needed intense medical care to regain his senses and return to normal. Those freaks almost drove us insane!"

"Toby! Y-You're okay now?" Masamune asked concernedly.

"Yeah, I'm much better pal!" Toby gave him one of his familiar warm smiles and rubbed his shoulder: "It took a while, but I finally regained my senses. Now we can all be best friends again!"

"Oh man! This is the best day EVER!" said Gingka.

"It sure is!" said Kendra: "Now then, let's go win that tournament!"