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A/N: This is actually based on the movie Immortals, but that category doesn't exist so... Greek Mythology for now.

I watched the movies and just wanted to add on the ending. It is a great movie and those who have not seen, definitely should. But before reading this, *SPOILER Alert!* I don't want to spoil the movie for you, so see it first. The story is after the ending in the movie, but before the birth of Theseus' child. I hope you like it. This is just a kind of preview. More will be coming

The Life of a God


Theseus was sitting on the edge of Olympus, that was his home ever since he had died in the human world, looking out over the world of men. He was watching Phaedra as usual. He watched her go about her normal human life. Her stomach had grown quite a bit, with their child, since he had left. He remembered seeing her joy, when she realized that she was pregnant. Theseus had been very happy for her, even though he could not be happy for himself. He knew that he would never be allowed to meet his own child, let alone getting to know it. He didn't know the gender of his child yet, he looked forward to it.

So Theseus just watched Phaedra, even as it pained him that he couldn't get any closer to her. He yearned to touch and cherish her, but he couldn't.

He was a god now. A true immortal god.

Theseus sighed. He was thankful to Zeus for saving his life and granting him immortality and even the powers of a god, that were now his to command, but Theseus wished for nothing more than to be with the woman he loved.

"Theseus," a woman's voice called to him softly.

He didn't have to look back to know that it was Athena, coming to check up on him, again.

"Yes, Athena?" he asked.

"Are you watching her again?" she asked, coming to a stop right next to him. Her voice changed, but Theseus didn't know why that was.

He sighed once again, still looking at Phaedra from the edge of Olympus. "Yes, I am. As I will always watch over her. I know we can never be together again, but I will always love her and only her. So I will always be watching her." He emphasized every 'always' he had spoken.

Athena gently placed a hand on his shoulder, trying to sooth him. She knew it wouldn't work, nothing she had said or will ever say will sooth him or even ease his pain and heart break. "You know mortals do not last forever. They die and the world moves one. So should you."

Her voice was as gentle as her touch, but her words stung Theseus nevertheless. He suppressed the reaction to jump off the edge of Olympus, he knew that wouldn't kill him and that he would land safely on the ground, and run to his love, to be close by her and never let her go. Instead he just looked up into Athena's eyes. He didn't know what emotions his face betrayed, that he clearly saw the shock cross Athena's face.

Athena was shocked by the amount of pain in his eyes. She sat down next to him and took his hand in both of hers.

They just sat there for a long time and watched the human world shift and change.