This is based off the Deltora Quest series, following both the anime and the manga but using Yugioh places, characters, etc.

But either way, I don't own Yugioh GX, 5Ds or Deltora Quest


Once, in the land of Teraska, there were seven Tribes of people, living in territories spread across the country. The Satellite Bastets (1), the Werewolves, the Warriors of Thunder Mountain, The Psychics on the northern plains, The Daemons, the Vampires, and the citizens of Domino.

Each tribe held a gemstone of great beauty and power, kept within their territory. The gems had various powers, the strength of which was significant, but not all that powerful on their own.

Once, while the tribes were still suspicious of each other, the very essence of Darkness invaded the land from across the great mountains of the north. Not much was known about the Darkness, other than its untold strength and lust for power and chaos. It brought with it an army of uncountable size, swarming the Teraskan country side and spreading death and destruction in its wake.

But then, a saviour appeared; someone to lead the tribes and win the war against the Darkness itself. His name was Rohan, nothing more than a lowly blacksmith from the city of Domino. Rohan had been gifted with a vision, a vision of a belt with links of silver and seven medallions as thin as paper. He toiled day and night, never stopping or taking a rest until the Belt was finished, but even then, it was not complete.

Rohan travelled from one territory to the next, meeting with the leaders of each of the seven tribes. He told them of his dreams and of the power the Belt would hold. He made a treaty with each of the clans, placing their gems into the seven medallions as a sign of their joint power. And, as he collected each of the gems, the tribes' totems obeyed his commands, keeping him safe until the Belt was complete.

Once all the Gems were in place, and Rohan wore the Belt, the gems shone as bright as the sun and with all the colours of the rainbow. The people of Teraska joined with him and fought back the Darkness, which was severely weakened by the light of the Belt. With this, the war ended and peace returned to Teraska.

Once the Darkness had fled, and while tribes were celebrating, Rohan was given a gemstone of his own from the very land itself, a beautiful gem of every imaginable colour. The Opal. This became, along with the Belt, the symbol of Teraska. For the Opal was a sign that the land itself had sworn allegiance to Rohan and granted him one of its most precious treasures, the legendary Rainbow Dragon.

The Rainbow Dragon was one of the seven great dragons of Teraska. It could bestow unlimited inner strength to its chosen summoner, giving him or her power to call upon as many totem spirits as needed and not lose any energy. All of the Legendary Dragons had this power; however, none but the Rainbow Dragon had chosen a Signer (2).

The people made Rohan into their first king, the king of the finally united Teraska.

That is the history of Teraska.

But the story was not finished.

The children of Teraska were fooled by the Darkness who, though weakened, had not given up.

The Belt and Opal were passed down through the Royal family of Teraska, generation after generation and the Belt protected the country though out each reign, although the Rainbow Dragon didn't pass its allegiance to Rohan's descendants. However, after a long time of peace, the kings grew lazy and fat with good health, and the Belt was worn less and less. Eventually the king only wore the Belt on the day he or she ascended the throne.

And the Darkness saw this opportunity and grasped it with both its deadly hands. The gems of the Belt were stolen and taken by the seven Mists, great birds controlled by the Darkness, to be scattered though out Teraska in places no one would dare to look, the gem's totems locked in prisons of stone and their cards hidden with the gems.

The Darkness took over Teraska, turning it into a pitiful copy of its former glory.

And the last king, Ragnar, disappeared, along with his wife Arla, their unborn child and the Opal gem.

And this is where our tale begins.

I know this chapter was short, but it will get longer. Hope you all enjoy this story! XD especially if you like both Deltora Quest, GX and 5Ds! XD

(1) NOTE: For those who don't know, a Bastet is a creature which can change its form into one of 3 things. A) a cat, B) a human and C) part cat part human.

(2) NOTE: A Signer is a person who can summon a Legendary Dragon, such as Rainbow Dragon.