Alexis vs Beckett
Castle | Alexis, Beckett
Happy Holidays, rodlox!

"You may have my dad fooled, but I've got your number, Detective." The teenager squinted at her adversary menacingly.

Beckett returned the look evenly, not giving away an ounce of discomfort under Alexis' stare. "You think so, huh?

"I know so."

"You going to prove it?"

For the first time in the exchange, Alexis hesitated. She tried not to let her slip show, but from the slight twitch at the corner of the other woman's mouth, Alexis knew Beckett had read her tells. Trying to make up for her moment of doubt, Alexis straightened to her full height, raising her chin in defiance. "I know every single hiding place in this loft, Beckett. There's no way I won't find them."

Still, Beckett appeared unconcerned. "I'm hearing a lot of talk, but I'm not seeing a whole lot of evidence to back up your claim."

"I've found where Dad's stashed the Christmas presents every year since I was two, Beckett. I'll find your hiding place!"

As Alexis walked up the stairs, she heard Beckett say to her dad, "You Castles take your holiday traditions way too seriously. I thought she was going to torture me for the information."

"That's what you love about us," was his only response.


It was 2 am when Alexis felt confident enough that all of the other occupants of the loft were truly asleep. Slowly, careful to avoid the third step from the top that squeaked, Alexis made her way down the stairs. For the first 15 minutes, she checked all of the obvious places she was sure Beckett was too smart to hide the presents in, but had to be eliminated nonetheless. She'd made the mistake one year of checking the obvious places last, since her dad never hid presents there, and to her shame had found them only an hour before Christmas in the back of the coat closet.

She was about to give up on the living room when she thought to check one last place. As delicately as possible she lifted the lid of the grand piano, having already looked in the bench much earlier. She let out a soft laugh, and muttered, "amateur," under her breath when she saw three small, neatly wrapped presents. Picking up the one on top, she thought it felt unusually light but dismissed it and went to check the tag.

An angry cry escaped her throat at the words written there:

Better luck next time, Lex.


"I think she found your decoy presents," Castle mumbled to his sleepy companion.

"Which ones?" Beckett asked on a yawn.

"I love that you're just a little bit evil."