Harry Potter and the legacy of Dino Thunder

Post GOF, Harry has been betrayed by his friends and decides to put his past behind him and runs to America Reefside looking for his father's cousin Tommy Oliver. Harry/Kira

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Chapter eighteen: Dino rangers roar, power rangers score and the adventure continues

The school year progressed, with no attacks the rangers fell into the school like normal students and participating in normal activities like parties, soccer games and martial arts tournaments (which were always contested by Harry and Conner.)

Harry and Kira's relationship blossomed further, this caused for a lot of stalkers and disbelievers thinking they could do better for Harry and Kira. All of these attempts failed badly, some dissolved into friendships and others resulted in enemies and fights such as the incident with Marcus who was the quarterback of the school football team.

(Flash back)

Kira was getting her stuff from her locker when a pair of strong arms covered her eyes "Guess who?" Kira knew it was Marcus. Marcus had a crush on her since eighth grade. "Marcus?" Marcus grinned and released her and promptly pressed against her. "Hey gorgeous. Let's say you and I..." "NO! Marcus." Kira snapped cutting him off. "But..." He stammered.

Kira snorted and pushed him back "I'm with Harry. I'm happy. I'm not going to cheat on him." She stated. "Why you little..." Growled Marcus as he went to launch himself at Kira, intending to show her who was boss when. "Touch her and you die. If I find out you've been trying to break us up, you die. If I find out you've done anything to her that'll hurt her I will kill you." Harry whispered, his emerald eyes that Kira loved were gone replaced onyx of his ranger form.

Filled with rage, Marcus rushed Harry, to find Harry had already unleashed a backward spinning heel kick to the stomach, driving the wind out of him. Marcus sank to his knees and fell backwards as two rapid fire jabs smashed into his face.

Harry then felt six sets of arms pulling him off Marcus. He spun around to find it Trent, Conner and Ethan."

Harry was in a foul mood by the end of the day. He had just been told that there was a Prom for the graduates that year. He didn't care about needing a date as he had Kira, he didn't need the suit same reason. The thing that irked him was that he needed to dance! "Why me." He growled as he punched and kicked the bag suspended in the ceiling.

That was when he heard the very familiar sound of the Dino Sensor going off. Running over to the computer screen, he logged in and saw an interesting sight. Mesagog was fighting Lord Voldemort and winning. "Everyone...It's time. Time for me to finish Voldemort and for us to finish Mesagog." Harry said into the morphers unable to mask his glee.

"On my way." Came Conner as he ran from the back garden of his house past his mother shouting "Going out." Jumped into his Mustang, drove and picked up Ethan who was beginning the walk across town. When the two of them arrived in the basement they found Kira, Tommy and Harry waiting for them. Kira was holding onto Harry for dear life. "Trent said he would meet us at the Blue Bay – Reefside Bridge." Said Tommy, Everyone grinned as they mounted the Dino bikes and sped towards the bridge.

Meanwhile on the bridge Mesagog absorbed a cruciatus curse and spat it back at Voldemort who swiftly dodged it. "AVADA KEDAVRA!" He bellowed and the acid green spell hissed towards the Dino-man, who chucked a broken car door into the path of the curse. Snarling Mesagog launched a psionic detonation at Voldemort which detonated in his face sending him across the width of the bridge leaving a trench in the floor where he had tried to regain his footing. "OSIS DEFRACTUM! FIENDFYRE! PYRUS DETONATUM!" Hissed Voldemort and cackled as his nemesis was hit by the three spells. The cackling stopped when he saw the monster standing unharmed if only barely singed.

"You will pay." Growled Mesagog as he launched Psionic blast after Psionic blast and launched himself into hand-to-hand combat with Voldemort. During this time the rangers arrived at the bridge. Tommy stood on one end with Ethan on his right who was next to Conner, leaving Kira between him and Harry and Trent on the end. "You guys ready for one last fight?" Tommy asked, what he got in response were a lot of nods and grunts of agreements. "DINO THUNDER POWER UP!" Shouted the entire team and for the last time their clothes changed into spandex.

Without further ado they summoned their weapons and rushed the duelling evils, one their arch nemesis and the other Harry's parents killer and the murderer of the mystic guardians. Harry reached the duelling villains first, with a sub-vocalised 'reducto' he blew Voldemort away from Mesagog. "What the fuck!" screamed Voldemort as one of the spandex fighters blew him away from the dino-man who called himself Mesagog with a flick of his wrist.

"Thank you stranger...now kneel or die!" The stranger chuckled "I don't think so Tom. For today you will pay for the destruction of my family. CONFRINGO!" Harry shot the blasting curse at Voldemort who rolled away and responded with an "AVADA KEDAVRA!" Harry skipped to one side. He powered down and looked at Voldemort with disdain "Let's duel like men." He ordered. With a smirk Voldemort stood and like dancers they bowed slightly spun and began to duel, spell's whizzing around like rockets and colliding emitting showers of sparks as the duellists battled along the bridge.

Meanwhile, Mesagog smacked Kira onto a car who made a groan as she landed on her back. 'I like this position but only with Harry' she thought, kick flipping to her feet she launched a sonic scream at ultra sensitive pitch causing Mesagog and Voldemort to wince and cover their ears. Voldemort lunged at Harry with a dagger, Harry dodged and kicked Voldemort in the back of the head in the base of the skull knocking him out. With Voldemort taken care of for now Harry joined the fight against Mesagog my landing three successful slashes with his Dino Saber, before Mesagog smacked him clean around the face.

Harry staggered backwards, as Conner rushed forward morphing into the Triassic Ranger, three days ago Trent, Tommy and Conner found the Shield of Triumph and powered it up. "TRIASSIC TIME!" Conner shouted and his helmet took on a golden tinge, the triangles on his uniform turned blue and the three claw symbol became six on his chest.

Mesagog, battered them all away, causing them to de-morph painfully. Then too their horror he began to mutate and transformed into the Mesomonster. "I've used all the power of the Dino energy and now you shall die." He growled before splitting into six identical clones.

Harry glanced at his teammates "It's time to give it everything we have to destroy him." Everyone nodded and they closed their eyes as they looked inside themselves for their Dino Powers, eventually Kira began to glow as did Ethan and shortly followed by the rest of the team. Suddenly the golden glow formed into a massive fiery dragon which rushed towards the six Mesomonsters. The dragon eventually destroyed the monsters one by one and in a sudden flash of golden light Mesagog and the Dino powers were gone, leaving five students and their teacher panting for breath on the bridge.

Voldemort, slowly came around picked up his wand and crept towards the panting form of Harry Potter. "Potter, you've lost. AVADA KEDVRA!" The green curse spat towards Harry who couldn't dodge it without it hitting Kira, "Kira...for what I'm about to do...I'm sorry. I WILL come back to you!" He declared before drawing his wand and shouted "PORTUS REFRACTUS AVADA KEDVRA DOMUS!" The spell shot out of Harry's wand it swirled creating a vacuum, sucking the spell into it suddenly Harry felt himself sliding towards it as was Voldemort. Then something extraordinary happened, Harry spun on his heel and dissaperated with a crack as did Voldemort, suddenly the black portal turned white and exploded in a vicious shockwave which cut Voldemort clean in two and throwing the remaining former dino rangers backwards.

Kira crawled and watched Voldemort's crimson slitted snake eyes grow darker until they faded and his eyes closed. To ensure Voldemort was truly dead, picking up one of Mesagogs tail spikes she effortlessly cut his clean off. Frantically she turned around to find Harry but he was gone. "HARRY!" She cried in a voice with hurt and tears broke around her face. Her boyfriend was gone.

The end. Stay tuned for the sequel. Harry Potter and the Jungles Wrath

A white light bloomed out of nowhere in the middle of the woods. These woods weren't normal, they were a test. A test to see if a person was worthy of unleashing the animal spirit that resided within them. Harry fell out of the light and landed with crunch and laid still. He knew he was alive, but where he was he didn't know. As he sank into unconsciousness he didn't feel the arms pick him up and carry him towards Pai Zhua Academy.