A Merry Waterloo Road Christmas

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Shed/Shed Scotland Productions


Sian was happily sitting in the middle of the living room wrapping presents, suddenly she felt something in her stomach move and she put her hand there and smiled, 'steady on you two, there's still six and a half months to go!' She looked around and sighed happily, everything was so perfect. She thought back over the year and boy had it been one! She'd been in a relationship with Michael, broken up with him, married Jez, broken up with him then got back with Michael, left him, gone back to Jez then gone back to Michael and was now pregnant with his twins. She smiled, it was so typical! Nothing could ever go simply for them, but it was perfect now. Sian's parents were coming over for Christmas and they were going to pick them up at the airport.

'Alright darling?'

She looked up and smiled as Michael came in, her Michael. She stood up and kissed him tenderly, 'Never better!'

Michael laughed, 'Have you been hit on the head? You haven't stopped smiling yet!'

She laughed and hugged him, nestling her head into his chest, 'No I know it's just that…well… I can't believe this is happening! I can't believe we made it!'

He did a double take, 'You don't have to seem that surprised!' She looked at him and he sighed, 'Alright! Alright! Yes I see your point!'; He smiled and kissed her deeply, 'I can't believe it either, I don't deserve you.'

Sian laughed, 'Darling! I wouldn't want you if you did.' She sighed, 'I have already been with a man who deserved me and look how that worked out!'


Sian smiled, 'Oh! Something I wanted to ask you, did you ask your Mum?'

He nodded, 'Yes! And she said she would like a nice vase or ornament.'

'That's lucky!' She sighed, 'Perhaps I should've waited.'

Michael shrugged, 'Yeah! Well, as it happens you were bang on so no harm done!' He hesitated, 'Sian…I…I have a little surprise for you.'

Sian looked up, 'Don't tell me, you've bought me a hotel for Christmas!'

He laughed, 'Hey! My darling, you want a hotel? I'll buy you a hotel!' He hesitated, 'Actually it is isn't that far off…' And he handed her an envelope.

Sian frowned, 'What's this?'

'Well…open it and see.'

Sian did and gasped, inside was a reservation to stay in a five star hotel in Cambridge. She looked at him, 'Michael! What..?'

He smiled and shrugged, 'I thought you could do with a little pampering, so, five star hotel, no expense spared.'

She stared at it hardly daring to believe, she truly did not believe she deserved to be this happy. Sian flung her arms around him and kissed him deeply, 'Oh you're so good to me! Thank you darling!'

'Hey! You deserve to be spoiled.' He kissed her back, 'Merry Christmas Sian.'

'Merry Christmas Michael.'