The boy that forgot to die


evil minded


April, 30th 2012


Second year at Hogwarts


AU / Harry Potter comes back for his second year at Hogwarts, but something is not the way it should be and Severus Snape seems the only one able to help the boy that forgot to die … will he manage to really help the Gryffindor before it is too late?


I don't really care about Lockhart, Quirrel or Umbridge, not about most of the other characters in HP either … I however would like to own one Severus Snape – regrettably I do not, Rowling does … but well – I'm borrowing him for a while … just to torture him a bit … I am evil minded after all …


M – Not suitable for children or teens below the age of 16

Author's Notes:

Uhm … ok … I have to admit … English is not my language by birth … so … please do not kill me while reading … neither for the bad English I use, nor for what I am writing … also, this is the story written for NaNo, a story written within 30 days only and even if I go over the chapters before uploading them – I do apologize if it might not have the same quality at one point or another than those stories you are used to by me now … thank you …

Added Notes:

And here it is, the very last chapter of this particular story, Harry, Jamie and Severus being a small family within the otherwise rather large world of Hogwarts, school of witchcraft and wizardry around them – but what will happen while the school year continues on? Will their adventures lead them into the chamber of secrets? What will happen at the end of the school year?

Questions that might be answered in a sequel to this story – the boy that forgot to live …

I do thank all of you for reading and reviewing, for giving your opinion and for thinking about the story and asking questions, for partaking in the house cup and for – simply holding true to this story …


Story contains references to child abuse.

Child-abuse is a really serious thing, it is an evil thing and there are a lot of children in our world that really would need help without being helped, and closing our eyes and pretending it does not exist, is no solution …

I only say - remind yourself of your feelings, of your sympathy, and of your understanding … and handle people, children as well as adults, which are showing any signs - whichever - of once being abused … with understanding and with help …

what does not mean I am not as evil as I pretend to be … ^.~ … believe me - I am …

Breåk· … ·~†~*~*~*~*~*~†~· … ·Łine

Previously in The boy that forgot to die

"You won't be hated here ever, child." He softly said, placing his hand at the child's back of his head and pulling his head close against his shoulder. "And I think we simply will leave your door open in future so that you won't feel alone and helpless ever again. We even could add a doorway between yours and Jamie's rooms, if that is yours and Jamie's wish."

"Please do." The child said, looking up at him with startled green eyes and it was clear that he hadn't thought that he would do such a thing, the small face nearly hopeful.

"Please do." Came Jamie's voice from the doorway, and he groaned, turning towards the door to look at the ghost child standing there, unsurely, and with just as large eyes as Harry had.

"So be it then." He said, knowing that this surely would not be the last and only moment where the two boys were clearly acting like twins and he only was left to wonder now if it would become less with time, when the difference in age between the two would get larger. "We will do so first thing tomorrow morning, Misters Snape. Are you both now finally ready to have a few hours of sleep at least until sunrise or do you intend on staying up all night?"

"Sorry, sir." Harry said, averting his eyes.

"Sorry, sir." Jamie echoed, looking over the floor.

"Do come here, Jamie." He sighed, waving the boy over and lifting Harry's blanket so the child could slip into his brother's bed. "I wonder if I not simply have one of these two rooms being your bedroom and the other one being your playroom, as apparently you are not to be separated for a few hours each day anyway, lest you stay awake all night long for the remainder of your days."

The two children grinning at each other while Jamie slipped into Harry's bed caused him to sigh again.

The Snape-twins, indeed.

The boy that forgot to die

Chapter seventy

The end

The next few days really had been anything than easy sometimes, had put the Potions Master to a severe test, but well, he had known that from the beginning on, that it would be as difficult as it had been with Jamie in the beginning.

There had been moments when Harry had been alright, and he and Jamie were even playing together, wizarding chess or Gobstones, or one or another card game, sometimes his quarters being filled with the children's laugher of his two sons, soft laugher, but laugher nonetheless, while sometimes his quarters being quiet with both children silently reading one book or another – or just sitting there, thinking.

But then there were moments where the boy seemed to even lack the strength of leaving his bed in the morning, or moments during which he seemed to be withdrawn so deeply into himself that he didn't notice anything going on around him, sitting in his wheelchair, rocking, sometimes even giving away a strange humming sound that worried him more than anything else, that scared Jamie out of his wits each time until this boy too was – sitting on the armchair, or chair, or sofa, wherever he was sitting in the first place, rocking back and forth too, unable to keep the emotional pain of all this under control for any longer.

During those times he actually cursed his situation and the fact that he didn't know which child he should look after first, unable to keep himself from thinking of how fruitless and aimless all of this was, them taking one step forwarts just to take at least two steps backwards, and the only thing he soon had discovered helped was to simply take both children and sit down with them on the sofa until their distress lessened, whether it was because of them getting tired, or of them actually getting calmer.

On other moments the boy had been so very restless while weak at the same time, and he didn't know how he could calm the child, sure that the boy would pace if he could, but as he was unable to, he just somehow moved whatever he could move, tapping with his fingers over the armrest of his wheel-chair or tapping his fingers at the table, moving his head or jerking, waving his arms, hands, he couldn't really name it but it clearly was a sign of restlessness that couldn't be expressed and he knew that he had to find something for the child, a possibility to move at least his upper body while at the same time he needed something to help the child regaining and saving his strength.

And well, then again there had been moments where Harry seemed to be in pain, in physical pain, laying in his bed, curled into a tight ball, trembling and shivering, bathed in perspiration and softly crying while trying to hide his tears until he supplied the boy with a pain reliever after he either noticed himself that the child was in pain, or Jamie came to get him.

There had been one particular evening during which Harry even had scratching himself bloody in his seemingly blinding pain, had clawed at the scar on his forehead that had only recently healed and while he never had been able to make out the original source of the pain Harry still seemed to be in sometimes, since this evening he knew that it was that scar, not the curse scar, but the scar caused by Dursley when the man had tried to cut the original scar off the boy's forehead.


The horrifying scene seemed to have no end and he didn't know what to do anymore. It was clear that Harry was in pain, in horrible pain – again – but he didn't know what he could do. He already had given him a pain reliever, more than just one actually, but it had been in vain, it didn't help, not one bit and this time the child even had started scratching his scar bloody.

He tried to hold the child in his arms, but over and over again the boy squirmed out of his grasp.

He tried to speak with him, but the boy didn't seem to understand what he told him and he didn't dare tightening his grasp, fearing he could accidentally break the small and delicate limbs that had been broken often enough already without his assistance in this, and he was sure that if he could use his legs, then he would have managed squirming out of his arms completely.

"Stop it." He said, having an actual fight to keep his voice soft and calm while he could watch Jamie sitting on his own bed, the pale face a horrified mask, shaking and – again – rocking back and forth, and it was clear that the child was completely out of it himself. He had told him to leave the room earlier, when Harry had started scratching at his scar, but Jamie had refused, stubbornly, and now he was too deep in his own shock to even understand when he again told him to leave.

"Stop that, child, come now, Harry, you are only hurting yourself." He said, trying to get through to his son. He could give the boy another pain reliever, but he already had given him more potions than he should have given him to begin with and he only would manage to poison him if he followed this line. "Merlin, we need a solution for that, and soon! This is going out of hands. No, you won't scratch at your scar again, Harry, just calm down and allow your system to accept the potion, it will get better, I promise. Damn, stop that, Harry! Now!"

Well, his only success in loosing his patience was getting the child deeper into his panic and taking a deep breath he closed his eyes to get his own horror back under control.

He knew that he wouldn't get the child out of his panic, out of his horror, anytime soon, but he knew that he had to or the pain reliever wouldn't react in his body.

"Zilly." He softly called out, annoyed at the fact that his voice trembled. He was Severus Snape and his voice never trembled, never! "I need you to stay with Jamie, Zilly." He said. "Try to keep him as calm as possible."

A moment later he adjusted his grip so that he had one free hand which he placed at the child's forehead.

A moment later his own world exploded.

End flashback

It had been the scene where Dursley had cut the child's scar off his forehead, screaming at him that he would cut off the devil's mark as he had been unsuccessful in beating the evilness out of him and suddenly he had understood. It wasn't real physical pain that had caused Harry to scratch his own forehead bloody, but the memory of the pain, the mental pain that was so horrifying that the child couldn't control it anymore, that the child felt it physically.

Of course the pain reliever never had worked the way it should have and he immediately had brewed a mixture of a nerve suppressing potion, a system stabilizing draught and a calming potion. The nerve repressing potion simply would not deactivate, but to a limit restrain the boy's nerves from feeling any phantom pains his brain suggested while being caught in a memory, the system stabilizing draught would – simply do that, stabilizing Harry's system while being in a panic attack, and the calming potion would help him to – well, calm down quickly and effectively before he got so deep into the attack that he would lose reality.

Of course he'd known that this wouldn't be the end of the story, that Harry still would be scared of him at some moments, that he would shrink back from him, that he would try to retreat as deeply into the sofa or his bed as possible, or that he would try to hide to begin with. Jamie after all still had such moments, and Jamie was living with him for nearly two months now.

But it had become better after that, it had become really noticeably better, and that had been all he had asked for, he knew that he would be able dealing with this now.

Breåk· … ·~†~*~*~*~*~*~†~· … ·Łine

It actually was nearly two weeks later than they had planned it, but now, on this very Monday morning, and they finally were on their way to the great hall. They had tried a few times during the past two weeks, to visit the great hall, and maybe going to one lesson or another after that, Jamie had visited lessons after all during the first few weeks back at Hogwarts, but each time Harry had nearly had a panic attack when leaving their quarters and they had given up, next when leaving the dungeons corridors and again they had given up. The third time they had managed ascending the stairs to the entrance hall before Harry had been unable to keep his panic down.

It never had become as bad as it had in the past, but it had been there, the panic attack, and the Potions Master had decided to not try anything with his son.

But now it was.

He had told Harry that this time they would have to go through with this, Harry and Jamie had to go back to classes one day and he, Severus, he had to go back to teaching, they had to partake in the life around them one day, and he had insisted that this time they really went through with this while at the same time he had promised Harry that – he would be there. Nothing more, but nothing less, he would be there.

He had given the boy a cent coin, muggle money so that he couldn't spend it accidentally, and the small coin would get him home and onto the sofa in their living quarters whenever he enclosed it in his fist and thought of home. That at least had helped and he had been more confident during breakfast that morning.

And so he, right now, was pushing the wheel-chair along the dungeons corridors, waving his wand and a door appeared through which he pushed the wheel-chair, entering a small room – a lift the castle had installed just last night and he smirked at the wide eyed twins. It really was a good thing that the castle always knew what they needed and he had been informed about a few elevators having been installed throughout the castle floors.

He simply took this as a good sign to start this day.

They exited the lift when they arrived at the entrance hall and he pushed the wheel-chair through the large hall that led to many different places within the castle, to many different corridors and stairways that led upstairs and downstairs, while Jamie to his right kept his pace and Harry in his wheel-chair was clearly nervous while unable to walk this way by himself, most likely worrying over how his classmates would react.

At the door Jamie stopped and the boy looked over at him, uncertainly and scared, causing Harry to do the same, to halfway turn in his wheel-chair and looking up at him, just as unsurely and just as scared. He placed his right hand on the neck of his ghost son while he at the same time placed his left hand on the forehead of his physical son, looking down at both forms for a moment until he felt them relaxing.

"Thanks, dad." Jamie whispered, giving Severus a small smile while Harry only nodded at him, trying to give a smile as well but failing for a moment – until he lifted his eyebrow at the boy.

He didn't know what it was with these two, but since they were – twins, his sons – they seemed to find his lifted eyebrow amusing somehow and now he earned himself a small smile from the boy that was so much graver than the other still, a small smile for his eyebrow turning up.

Breåk· … ·~†~*~*~*~*~*~†~· … ·Łine

It wasn't as if he went there for the first time, but he felt like it nevertheless, as if walking – or rather entering, being brought, whatever, anything but walking because he wasn't – into the hall for the first time, and he knew that Jamie felt the same. Of course he knew that Jamie had come here a few times during the past few weeks, but he also knew that he felt the same, like walking in there for the first time as a ghost form.

Of course it wasn't exactly like back then, like last year when he'd been here for the very first time, because everything had been different back then. Now he and Jamie and Severus were a family, and the man's quarters had become their home after all, the first real home they had ever had. And now he had a brother, a twin brother even, one that was a ghost, and now he couldn't walk anymore and now he was scared of what the others would say, or do.

Jamie had told him about what had happened in the Gryffindor tower and their dormitory, what Ron had done, and Dean and Seamus, and he knew that surely it wouldn't be easy, going back to Gryffindor. But still, again, he just had to try, because he also had heard that some of them had apologized, that some of them were on his side, and still, again, Harry found himself wishing that school didn't have to end, feeling reluctant to return to the Dursleys when summer came.

And he knew – so did his twin, Jamie.

Because he knew – they knew – after that fiasco of last summer holidays, uncle Vernon would be furiously mad and he would do all to get rid of him, of them, and he would stop no where to achieve that goal. Not to mention that he wouldn't even be able defending himself against his uncle, wouldn't be able running away even, that he'd be helpless without the ability of using his legs when he'd be back at the Dursleys.

But then – they were two now, and maybe they would stand a chance against uncle Vernon then?

But no – even in pairs, they'd die and they'd have to watch each other die. Would that really be better than dying alone? So – no, he didn't want school to end ever, now less than ever before, and never mind how much Jamie reassured him that he'd be always there, never mind how much Severus reassured both of them that they never would have to go back to the Dursleys ever – he knew that it wasn't true.

Summer would come, school would end – and with it a dream.

Summer would come, but there would be no sunshine, no nothing but pain and fear and horror, and in the end death.

The man's hand on his forehead got him out of his scary thoughts and he looked up at the dark Potions Master, into black eyes that seemed so much warmer than what he was used to from the man's display in public.

"Thanks, dad." Jamie said and he tried to smile. He only succeeded however when the man lifted his eyebrow, this very eyebrow that had him nearly covering with fear last year, that had so many students retreating from the man – but now he didn't understand how this eyebrow could cause so much fear, it only was a raised eyebrow, it made the man looking less emotionless even, and it – it wasn't a dangerous weapon, honestly!

break … ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ … line

A sudden whisper swept through the Great Hall as all eyes turned to the three figures at the door, the dour Potions Master, his hands placed on – two Harry Potters who – smiled at the dungeons git!

Severus glanced up and smirked.

As much as he had dreaded this very moment, entering the great hall with the two scared children on his coat-tails, knowing that they would make an emotional fool out of him in public, in front of the student body even, this very moment was worth the days he would need to work on his reputation.

"You are welcome, sons, both of you." He said, ruffling both boy's already messy hair and first Jamie and then Harry batted his hand away playfully, their smile stretching into a grin and there actually was a collective intake of breath coming from the great hall before Jamie gave away a "'till later, Harry" and then turned to approach the Slytherin table while Harry looked up at him, Severus, unsurely, as if waiting for a nod of approval before he himself could accept the situation and everything that would happen from now on in his – new life, before he could jump into this adventure that awaited him at the Gryffindor table.

Giving away this nod the child was waiting for, he pushed the wheel-chair over to the Gryffindor table, ignoring the gasps and the nearly three hundreds of pairs of wide eyes watching them, following their ever movement while the hall was silent except of a few whispers here and there, his shoes meeting the floor and the soft sound the wheels of Harry's wheel-chair made on the stony floor.

Of course he knew that Harry could have pushed his wheelchair himself, they had practiced this after all, Jamie even had made a game out of this, hiding somewhere in the dungeons toegether with Draco, while Harry and Theodore had been searching for them, but he also knew how uncomfortable the child already was, not knowing where he would be welcomed, how he would get there exactly outside their safe quarters, outside the safety of their dungeons corridors, and in front of the eyes of all of the students, and so he had decided to help his son on this, at least for now, for this morning.

For a moment he gritted his teeth at the fact that he hadn't thought of where exactly to place Harry at the Gryffindor table as there were no chairs but benches to each side of the table, not to mention that he wasn't sure where the boy would like to sit or who of them would be comfortable enough to not pull away from him, but then Longbottom waved them over and a moment later Granger who sat beside Longbottom waved too.

Well, so at least the question of who would not shy away from Harry's presence was solved and he approached them. A moment later he waved his wand at the bench between Granger and Longbottom and there appeared a break in the furniture, a break that slowly grew until there was enough space for the wheelchair to fit in and he pushed it into its place.

"I expect you to keep this sitting arrangement as long as either of you is comfortable with this as I have no intention of cutting this furniture into pieces until nothing of it is left." He said to the three, trying to find a way of sounding as mean and uncaring as possible for Granger and Longbottom while as caring as possible for Harry at the same time. He waited for a sign of his son that told him that he was comfortable and at the nod the boy gave away while looking up at him with his still too large green eyes he nodded back in return before turning.

He made a short stop at Weasley's seat though.

"And for you, Mr. Weasley, if I ever hear of you bullying either of my sons, then you better prepare for six years of painful, horrible and long detentions, daily detentions, Mr. Weasley." He softly said, his voice a threatening whisper, before he turned and approached the head table.

break … ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ … line

Merlin, was this really Severus? And where did this second child come from?

She had been a bit confused when Severus had sent her a short message with the words that she was to await his son Harry Snape back in her house by Monday morning, but that he would not sleep in the Gryffindor tower but in his, Severus, quarters for the time being, not understanding why the child would come back into her house.

And then, this very morning, there had been a message from the castle, informing her, a head of house and the deputy headmistress, that Hogwarts had installed a few elevators all around the castle floors. She hadn't understood why the castle would do such a thing and for a moment she hadn't even been sure that she had understood the castle correctly. It wasn't after all that the castle left a written note on her desk – it was more a feeling the castle installed in the headmaster and the four heads of houses if she chose to inform them about one thing or another.

And now Severus had entered the great hall with two children! With the ghost child and with a child in a wheelchair that looked so very much alike the ghost child – but that couldn't be, could it?

"Severus?" She asked when the man took his usual seat beside her.

"Yes, Minerva?" The man asked back as if he couldn't understand her question!

"What is the meaning of this, Severus?" She asked, still feeling confused. "How are there two children now and both looking the same?"

"You do realize, Minerva, that Harry wouldn't be alive anymore by now, do you?" Severus asked back and frowning Minerva nodded her head. Yes, she had been there when Poppy had told them that there only were a few days left, and now weeks had past even, but she hadn't paid much attention to it. As long as the child lived she didn't care if any prediction Poppy made really happened.

"We simply found a way to keep him alive, a feat that wasn't so easy actually, but as you can see, we have succeeded." Severus then added and she shook her head, not really understanding.

"That means … that means, these two children are … they are both Harry Snape?" She asked, trying to somehow comprehend the situation.

"Actually they are Harry and Jamie Snape." Severus said, his eyebrow lifted, while he poured himself a cup of coffee, as if nothing had happened and surely not the man appearing here with two children of his where he should have one only and not even of this child had they known until a few weeks ago!

"So … so they are – brothers?" She asked slowly, very slowly, but surely calming down from her initial shock.

"Actually, they are twins, Minerva." The blasted man calmly said while serving himself some of the scrambled eggs and a toast which he buttered, and she nearly was shocked again. It was a first, that the man actually partook in breakfast other than just drinking his cup of coffee each morning.

"And who is who, Severus?" Filius asked, the small teacher clearly excitet like he so often was. "Just so that we know."

"Well, the ghost-child who recently has entered my house, is Jamie Snape." Severus answered. "While, to you, Minerva, I present to you Harry Snape. And you, headmaster, do not even try to patronize either of them. They are both my sons and you will have to go through me with anything, even if it is just signing his school report. And I do mean this quite seriously, headmaster."

So that was it, the reason as to why she still had Harry Potter in her house, a child that was sitting in a wheelchair now, while Harry Potter had changed houses and had entered the Slytherin house – what a strange situation.


She had felt betrayed at first, by not only Severus, but by Harry too. She never had done something to hurt the child!

But then, well, she never had done something to help the child either, and she had known that the Dursleys were the worst sort of muggles possible, unfit for raising a wizarding child. So, if Harry felt safer and more comfortable in his father's house – well, then be it.

"You have heard my son." Severus said when Albus wanted to say something and even she could see that the child was growing restless and unease.

"Very well." Albus sighed and got off his armchair to approach the shelf on which the sorting hat was sitting since centuries and she could sense that there was more than just the old wizard's reluctance of agreeing to this re-sorting. While a re-sorting was nothing too uncommon, could happen once a century at least, Albus seemed to be against it, but she didn't see why the headmaster should, not in this case as it seemed Harry's wish and Harry had reasonably explained his interests.

"Getting the chance of leaving this board twice a year now?" The hat asked even before Albus had approached him and she had the impression that the hat had clearly listened to their earlier conversation.

"My apology for disturbing you, but …" Albus began, but the hat seemed to shake itself as if its wearer would have shaken his head, as if Godoric Gryffindor still were alive, wearing this piece of old cloth, and she always got goose bumps when it did this.

"I have already told you that – the boy is as much a Slytherin as he is a Gryffindor and if it were up to me, then he would have been in the house of the snakes since his first day as I have sorted him into Slytherin. I only have re-sorted him because it has been his wish." The hat said and she gasped.

Harry had been sorted into Slytherin before he had been sorted – or rather re-sorted – into Gryffindor? Harry would have been Severus' originally instead of hers? How so? And how …

"But then it is clear!" Albus smiled at them all. "Harry does not wish to …"

"Only because of misguided information, Dumbledore." The hat growled, cutting Albus off. "And I only allowed him because I knew that in the end he would land himself in Slytherin sooner or later anyway."

"In other words – there is no re-sorting necessary because Harry already always has been a Slytherin as well as a Gryffindor?" The Potions Master asked, his eyes narrowed at Albus' who apparently had known about that and she frowned at the two.

Harry and the re-sorting aside, she always had known that Albus and Severus had gotten along very well. Albus was one of the few people Severus considered as a friend, beside her, Filius, Arthur – and Malfoy – and she also knew that Albus had considered the young man as a friend – as a son even – too, that he trusted Severus like he barely trusted anyone else. So – what was wrong between the two of them?

"Exactly, Snape." The hat agreed and then Severus did something that really startled her, placed his hand onto the boy's shoulder in a calming way while he looked down at the boy with his always so cold and hard black eyes – only that right now they were not cold or hard but warm and soft, comforting, black eyes that seemed to search the child's pale and ghostlike face, and for a moment she was sure that the man was close to even pulling the child closer and to protect him from whatever there was to protect him from, she nearly could picture the child hiding his pale face in Severus' robes!

A moment later however the magic between Severus and Harry was gone and - "Just to have all misunderstandings cleared – Harry might be a Gryffindor and he always might be one, but at the same time he actually is already a Slytherin and I can take him into my house to live in the Slytherin common room if he so wishes?"

"Exactly, Severus." The hat again agreed.

End flashback

Well, that had been this and that had been a really startling experience, nearly as startling as this here, having two Harries here suddenly, having a ghost and a disabled twin, one of them in Slytherin and one of them in Gryffindor, in her house, Severus having twin sons and one of them being a lion – yes, it had been nearly as startling as this here, nearly.

break … ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ … line

Severus started his breakfast, ignoring Albus' gasp and then his hurt looks while he watched both of his sons, one sitting at the Slytherin table and one sitting at the Gryffindor table. He knew that the man already was planning, scheming about how to use two Harries now, but he would not allow this and he would fight the headmaster all the way to hell and back if he had to.

But well, there would come the trial in foreseeable future anyway and he would manage fighting the man until then.

Jamie was sitting between Draco and Theodore who both smirked at him, surely already planning on pranks they now could play with a twin ghost in their midst. They both had visited Jamie and Harry a few times since they were living with him, and they actually had become more than just alleys, more than just classmates or house mates, they had become friends even, his snakes not caring that Harry still remained in Gryffindor. They actually had thought that some kind of fun and he only could groan at the thought of how the next six years would turn out, until they had graduated and left Hogwarts.

Harry was sitting between Longbottom and Granger, and even though it had been that blasted know-it-all who had read Harry's – or Jamie's – private thoughts, she had apologized and she really tried to make up for her mistake. That boy was not so confident as Jamie was, understandable, and he actually had to cast a strict glance at the boy until he served himself some scrambled eggs, a sausage and a piece of toast before the child looked over at the head table and at him again, as if asking him if he had done alright and he gave a small nod – while everyone stared at him open-mouthed, still, or again, he didn't know.

"So …" Harry began, softly, while he cut up a piece of his sausage. "How's life been?"

A moment later Longbottom, Granger and the Weasley twins that had come over with wide eyes and open mouths, that had seated themselves opposite Harry and Longbottom, shoving Ronald Weasley and Dean Thomas aside in the attempt, burst into laughter – and he groaned at the thought of how many hints they would give his sons, concerning being twins and in desperate need of advise from long year twins like Frederic and George Weasley.

Well, all in all – he was satisfied with both boys' decisions, with Jamie's decision to stay in Slytherin and with Harry's decision to stay in Gryffindor and he smirked at Minerva who looked at him with her mouth open.

"I expect you to have an eye on this particular lion, my dear Minerva." He said while re-filling his cup with coffee, knowing that he would need the hot brewage for some next time. "If I ever hear that you have not, then be assured you will have a very angry parent on your neck."

"As long as you keep your sons under control, my dear Seveurs." The woman answered. "You know, having the Weasley twins at Hogwarts is one thing, but now the Snape twins too? I fear that they all will be a handful."

The end

break … ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ … line

To be continued in The boy that forgot to live

Preview to The boy that forgot to live

He watched Potter sitting between Hermione and Neville, watched Snape sitting between Nott and Malfoy, and his anger grew. He'd been startled at first, not only at the fact that there suddenly had been two boys, two Harries, two Potters, Snapes, whatever they now were, but he also had been startled about one of them sitting in a wheelchair, whatever reason for. Also he was startled about the familiarity between Snape and the boys, and he didn't even know who those boys were, two of them!

And now he was sitting between Hermione and Neville, steeling these two from him too!

Of course Potter had stolen Hermione and Nevill from him long ago, weeks ago, the moment they had turned their backs on him by trying to speak with the Gryffindor turned Slytherin back Gryffindor or whatever he could name what was happening there right now, but that was not the point. The potint was, he was stealing them from him! Another thing he had stolen from him after he had embarassed him in front of the entire school with those stupid questions, had stolen his pride from him!

How he hated him!

And now even Fred and George were pushing him aside to sit between him and Dean, so that they could be sitting vis-à-vis the golden boy, taking Potter into their posession, taking Potter from him!

But he would not allow that!

He would NOT allow THAT!

Because Potter was his! Potter was his alone!

Behind the twins backs he signalled Dean to follow him. He didn't need having breakfast together with them, he rather would be planning on how he could get Harry back into his posession, and he knew that Dean would help him in this, Dean always had helped him with Harry, had kept the other boy in line for him, and together with Dean he would make Harry their slave, HIS slave, so that the other boy once and for all would be in their posession, in HIS posession, so that he once again would posess something his brothers hadn't had first!

Potter would belong to him!

He hated Potter, but he would belong to him!

He would belong to him, and to him alone, to do with him as he wished, to indulge his hate, to let off steam whenever Snape Senior annoyed him and to – simply posess him!

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