Hey guys, it's me again! This time around I'm got a Pokemon fanfic! It's based on Pokemon Black with a female protagonist. There are some very slight changes in regards to certain details, but they will have almost no impact on the story itself. I hope you like it!

P.S. I do not own Pokemon, though it would be cool if I did.



My hand shot out and slammed down on the snooze button of my alarm clock. After going back to sleep for another hour, I slowly dragged myself out of bed still half-asleep and opened my bedroom window. The spring sun shone on Nuvema Town, and there was a gentle breeze. I gazed out and admired the trees which were covered with sakura blossoms.

Once I was officially awake, I did my morning stretches and then headed downstairs to get breakfast. "Morning, Mom," I called over as I sat down at the table.

"Good morning, dear," she greeted with a smile. "Oh my, you're not even dressed yet! Your friends are going to be here soon."

"Cheren and Bianca? Why would they come over so early in the morning?" I asked.

"First off, it's 9 in the morning. It's not that early," Mom said. "Second, look over there." Then she pointed toward the door. There, sitting just inside the door, was a blue gift box tied with a green ribbon. I got up from the chair and walked over to take a better look. There was a note tucked under the ribbon. It read:

Dear Hikari,

Congratulations on your tenth birthday! Now that you're old enough, I have decided that I can entrust you with your very first Pokemon. I've brought three Pokemon, one for you and one for each of your friends. Please settle your choices politely.

Enjoy your Pokemon!

Professor Juniper

My eyes widened. Of course! Today was my tenth birthday! This was a big deal, because not only did it mean getting my first Pokemon, it meant that I would be starting my journey as a Pokemon trainer. Ever since my friends turned ten, I had been waiting for this day to come. Excited and fully awake, I whirled around to face my mom. "Mom, the most important day of my life, and you didn't wake me up earlier?!" I exclaimed.

"I wanted to let you sleep in a little," she said with a shrug. "Besides, if I called upstairs to tell you Professor Juniper was here, you would've dashed downstairs still wearing your pajamas!"

"You're joking, right?" I laughed. "No one would be dumb enough to get their first Pokemon in their pajamas! That'd be embarrassing!"

"It could happen," Mom replied teasingly. She then walked over with my breakfast and kissed my cheek. "Happy birthday, dear."

I looked up at her and smiled. "Thanks, Mom!"

I scarfed down my breakfast, grabbed the gift box and dashed up to my room, thanking Mom for the food as I ran. I placed the box on my desk and immediately started getting dressed. I decided to go with my usual outfit: a white sleeveless T-shirt, a black vest, and short jean shorts. I also grabbed my pink and black wristbands and slipped those on, then strapped my cross-transceiver (or X-transceiver, as I like to call it) onto my left wrist. I brushed out my long, wavy brown hair and tied it back into a high ponytail, leaving some loose strands on either side of my face. Then I sat down on the edge of my bed and just stared at the gift box, waiting for my friends to arrive.

It turned out I didn't have to wait long. Five minutes later, I heard the doorbell, the sound of a door opening and closing, a hurried greeting to my mom, then footsteps running up the stairs. There was a knock on my bedroom door, and a familiar voice called, "Hikari?"

I stood up and walked over to open the door. "Hey Cheren, come on in!" I greeted happily, standing aside so he could enter my room. Cheren and I had known each other since we were little, and while he could be a little difficult, he was a very honest person. He looked the same as ever with his short, straight black hair and glasses. He was panting slightly, which meant that he had run all the way here.

He leaned against the wall before he started talking. "I heard from Professor Juniper. We can have a Pokemon?"

I almost laughed. Cheren tried to sound serious, but there was no hiding his excitement. I answered his question anyway. "Yeah, I'm so psyched! I wanted to wait until you and Bianca were here before I opened the gift box, but I'm not sure I can wait much longer."

"I know what you mean," Cheren said as he flopped down on a beanbag chair by the TV. "This is a big day for us. Which reminds me…" He held out a gift box he was carrying under his arm. "Happy birthday."

"Aw, thanks!" I said as I took the present and placed it on my bed.

After a little while, Cheren let out an annoyed sigh. "What's keeping Bianca?"

"She probably slept in," I answered, shrugging my shoulders.

"Heh, she's not you, Hikari," Cheren said with a small smirk, which I answered back with a glare.

Cheren and I both knew that Bianca had no sense of time, having known her our whole lives. She was a little flighty, to say the least, but she always worked very hard.

A few seconds later, the door burst open and a girl with chin-length blonde hair practically stumbled in. "Am I a little late again? So-oooo-orry!" Bianca cried, bowing her head in apology. I could tell she too had run all the way here, since she was out of breath. I never could figure out how she could run in that long white skirt.

I sighed and put a hand on Bianca's shoulder. "Don't worry about it; I'm glad you could make it." I heard Cheren mumble something behind me, but I didn't ask him what.

Bianca's eyes lit up. "Oh yeah, before I forget…" She pulled out the hand she was hiding behind her back, which was clutching a gift bag. "Happy birthday, Hikari!" she finished with her usual bright smile.

"Thank you!" I said, taking the gift bag from her and placing it on my bed. "So, do we wanna get our Pokemon first, or can I open my presents right now?"

"As much as I want to meet my first Pokemon, why don't you open your presents first?" Cheren suggested.

Bianca nodded in agreement. "Yeah! That way, you'll save the best for last!"

"Then it's settled," I said as I grabbed Cheren's present and tugged at the wrapping paper. I took the lid off the box, and inside was a large pink tote bag.

Hikari received the Bag!

Cheren got up from the beanbag chair and walked over. "That bag is perfect for trainers. Despite its appearance, it has a nearly unlimited storage capacity. Don't ask me how that works, because even I don't know."

"I won't, Mr. Know-It-All," I said before giving Cheren a huge hug. "I love it! Thank you so much!"

"Y-You're welcome," Cheren stuttered as he pulled away. I couldn't help but notice that his cheeks were a little red.

Then I picked up Bianca's present and dug through the tissue paper until I found the present inside. It was a white cap with a pink brim and the symbol of the Pokemon league on the front, also pink. "Wow! This looks awesome! Thanks, Bianca!" I said as I hugged Bianca.

"You're very welcome!" she said with a pleased smile. "I thought it would look good on you. Why don't you put it on now?"

"Okay!" I said nodding. Slipping my ponytail though the space in the back, I pulled the cap onto my head. Then I grabbed the bag Cheren gave me and slung it over my shoulder. "Well, how do I look?" I asked looking back and forth between my friends.

"You look like a trainer," Cheren said with a shrug, but I could tell he approved.

"You look fantastic!" Bianca smiled as she gave me a thumbs-up.

I smiled, and then turned to the gift box from Professor Juniper that still sat on my desk. "Okay, let's meet our Pokemon!"

"Alright!" Bianca cheered as she hopped off the bed.

"Hurry, I want to meet the Pokemon right now!" Cheren said excitedly as he joined me and Bianca at the desk.

"It's Hikari's birthday, so she gets first pick," Bianca said firmly.

"Naturally," Cheren agreed.

"OK, here goes," I muttered as I pulled at the ribbon on the gift box and took the lid off. Inside were three Poke Balls. I looked between them for a little while, even though I could feel the anticipation from my friends. Finally, I settled on the Poke Ball on the right and opened it.

In a flash of light, a blue and white otter-like Pokemon appeared before me. It had a yellow shell on its chest – a scalchop, I think - and big brown eyes. I recognized it as the Water-type Pokemon, Oshawott. By looking closely, I could somehow tell that it was a male. He looked up at me for a few seconds, and then leapt into my arms. "Osha!" he cried out lovingly, apparently happy that he had gotten picked.

Hikari chose Oshawott!

"Aww, he's so cute!" I exclaimed as I hugged the adorable Pokemon.

"OK, I'll take this Pokemon!" Bianca said as she reached into the box and took the Poke Ball in the center. "Cheren, that one's yours!"

"Hey, how come you get to pick out my Pokemon?" Cheren protested. But he went and took the last Poke Ball anyway.

Bianca opened her Poke Ball and an orange and black pig-like Pokemon popped out. "AH! I got Tepig!" Bianca practically squealed with glee. The Fire Pokemon felt just as happy as it nuzzled Bianca while she petted it.

Cheren opened his Poke Ball and a green snake-like Pokemon came out. Cheren smiled and knelt down to pat the Grass Pokemon's head. "Oh, never mind. I wanted Snivy from the start, anyway."

I looked around the bedroom. Bianca and Tepig looked good together, and so did Cheren and Snivy. In fact, I thought I saw some of their personalities reflected in their Pokemon, despite the fact that they had just met. I silently wondered if the same could be said for me and Oshawott.

"Hey, I know!" Bianca suddenly piped up. "Let's have a Pokemon battle!"

Cheren sighed and shook his head. "Honestly, Bianca… Even though they're still weak Pokemon – no offense," he quickly added when he caught glares from both Oshawott and Tepig. "You shouldn't have Pokemon battles inside a house."

"Don't be such a worrywart!" Bianca chided. "These little ones are weak, like you said. We have to let them battle so they'll get stronger."

"She's got a point," I said. "Besides, I never back down from a challenge!"

"Oshawott!" he said in agreement.

"It's settled, Hikari!" Bianca shouted as she and Tepig positioned themselves on one side of the room. "Get ready for a Pokemon battle!"

"Bring it, Bianca!" I shouted back as Oshawott and I got on the other side. This was gonna be fun!

How will Hikari and Oshawott's first Pokemon battle turn out? Stay tuned!

Edit 9/6/2012: I just now realized that I have spelled Oshawott's name wrong, and have therefore corrected it. I shall be making the same corrections to the other chapters. Sorry! ^_^'