A/n: I wanted to clear up the little snippet of backstory with the grandfathers. This is silly, has no plot and ends stupidly. Yes, they are dating. And they are AWESOME.


"I think Feliciano will like you," Romulus said as they made their way out of the airport and into the cold winter air outside. It wasn't polite to surprise his grandsons like this, but he had a feeling he and Ewald would be sticking together from now on. The German raised an eyebrow.

"and Lovino?" he asked, lips twitching in amusement.

"He'll probably hate you," the Italian said cheerfully, hailing a taxi and hefting his and Ewald's luggage into the boot. "And your grandsons? Aren't they studying at the same university? Hey, maybe they know each other!"

Ewald shrugged. "Ludwig will be very standoffish, he's far too much like me. You'll get along swimmingly with Gilbert, though."

The drive to the Italian boys' flat didn't take long at all, really, as Romulus engaged the taxi driver in a heated discussion over… something Italian. They always had a habit of finding one another, Ewald mused, as if they were magnetically attracted. It was even worse when Romulus met another Roman. Romulus paid the taxi driver probably too much and hopped up the steps to the door with an eagerness that wasn't exactly apropos for a man his age, but Ewald had given up trying to civilise the man.

Romulus rang the doorbell. No answer. He rang it again, and still no answer. He hung off it for an entire minute until Ewald wanted to kick him in the head, but still no answer.

"They're not in, Romulus," he said, exasperated. The Italian frowned.

"It's Christmas Day, where else would they be?"

"They're young men, probably they're with their friends. We can go to Ludwig and Gilbert's apartment and try, if you'd like."

They returned to the main road and hailed another taxi, this one taking them to where Ewald's grandsons lived. There was the sound of raucous laughter coming from inside, and Ewald smiled. At least Gilbert was home. He rang the doorbell politely, and waited patiently. The door was opened by a bespectacled young man with brown hair whom Ewald recognised as Gilbert's, ah, significant other. Robert? No, Roderich, that was it.

"Guten haben," Ewald said easily. Roderich shook himself from his little reverie and smiled.

"Do come in, Mr Beilschmidt. If you had warned, we would have had something prepared…"

He disappeared into the living room, leaving Ewald and Romulus in the hallway listening to the sound of abrupt choking. Gilbert hurried out, wiping his mouth on his sleeve and grinning.

"Grosvater!" he cried, hugging the old man tightly. "Hey, Ludi, it's Grosvater! And… Hey, old man, you getting some?"

Gilbert smirked at the Italian behind his grandfather, who winked back. Ludwig appeared, also hugging his grandfather, looking pleasantly surprised and a little embarrassed.

"So, why are you here?" he asked. Ewald sighed.

"Romulus's idea," he pointed behind him. "I suppose introductions should be made, Romulus Vargas, my grandsons Gilbert and Ludwig, and –"

Roderich held his hand out, the third one to shake Romulus's. "Roderich Edelstein. I'm Gilbert's, er…"

Gilbert threw an arm around his neck, grinning crazily. "He's my squeeze!"

"No sense of propriety," Roderich muttered, trying to worm away and failing. It was Ludwig, however, that figured it out.

"Vargas? As in –"

"Ve, Ludwig, who's – NONNO!"

Feliciano threw himself at his grandfather's chest, squeezing the old man tightly. "Oh, oh, it's so good to see you, Nonnino, best Christmas ever, missed you so much! Come on, come and see Lovi!"

Feliciano eagerly dragged his grandfather into the living room, where Lovino was slumped on the floor against Antonio's legs.

"What the fuck?" he demanded, staring at the sudden apparition of his grandfather. Romulus frowned.

"Language, young man," he said sternly, opening his arms for his elder grandson. Lovino reluctantly allowed himself to be hugged, lying to himself that he didn't really like it at all. "So, what are you doing here?"

"We could ask the same of you," Lovino said, folding his arms and giving Romulus a puzzled look. "How did you know we were here?"

"I didn't, we came to see Ewald's grandsons, Ludwig and Gilbert."

Lovino frowned. "Wait a sec, you're here with the Crucchi's grandpa?"

"What did I say about language?" Romulus snapped, slapping Lovino around the head. "And yes, yes, I am. Wouldn't you like to know why!" He gave his grandsons a very theatrical wink, which left Feliciano giggling and Lovino sick to his stomach.

More introductions were made, relationships were illustrated with much suspicious eyeing of Antonio, and finally they were all sitting down on the sofas, all with drinks, and all the younger generation were curious about one thing:

"How the hell did you two meet?" Gilbert asked. Ewald sipped his wine thoughtfully, and sighed.

"Well, we met way back during the war…"

"Shot the bastard down, I did!" Romulus added proudly, earning himself a withering look from Ewald. That shut him up, and he spent the next few lines of story staring into his wine glass sheepishly.

"He was a Partisan, I was a pilot… And well, it was before I met your grandmother. I decided to go back to Italy this September, just to see if I could find him again – after all, what did I have to lose? – and we met…"

"…At a wine-tasting festival!" Romulus answered, grinning again.

"Coincidence or destiny?" Antonio wondered aloud, and Lovino slapped his arm. Then he frowned.

"Wait a sec…" he pointed at Feliciano and Ludwig. "Doesn't this make you two incest of some sort?"

Romulus burst out laughing, and it was contagious enough so that everyone joined in, and the day continued between laughter, silly anecdotes and too much alcohol.