Chapter 20

During our talking and planning someone asked the question, which threw me off track, "Did anyone smell them while Bella played her little mind game with us?"

Everyone stopped talking and just stared at me, I hate it when people stare at me. I knew we were close enough that someone should have smelt us if they wanted to. It felt like forever before someone spoke and then it was to ask me to throw up my shield and they would see if they could smell me.

Over the next few hours many tests were down and it comes down to anyone I put a shield around can't be smelt this just added to our little bag of tricks and would only enhance our plans and efforts to kill the kings.

All I knew was I was looking forward to taking Aro's head myself, the rest I didn't give crap about. Aro was the one who openly threatened me and told me bluntly I either work for him or die. No, it was he who would die. I knew for once in my life, I wasn't going to kill my target with just a quick beheading, but I was going to make sure it was a slow death one filled with never ending pain. I might even include is wife, his soul mate in this so he will understand how it feels to have the life of your mate threatened. Yes, I chuckled to myself as I saw it all in my head.

After much planning a small team which included Jasper and myself made our way over to Italy, the rest would following in a few days. The plan was to kidnap Aro and Sulpicia, and then once I had them the rest would attack the castle and take out all the guards. We knew we might lose a few people, but everyone knew what was at stake.

During our planning, we repeatedly told everyone if they didn't want to fight they didn't have to. I was pleased so many were willing to forfeit their lives to ensure all soul mates got to live their lives happy and together as they see fit.

We knew that the Volturi kept the vampires world in order, and that a new form of government would have to be established or our world would fall into ruins, this was something none of us wanted. Until it was decided how to handle taking out the Volturi we would hold off on taking them out, but we would go ahead with the plans to kidnap Aro and Sulpicia, as for each day Aro was still alive I couldn't live in peace.

They thought of me as a ghost, a threat to their kind before I was turned with my gifts. I'm still a ghost and more of a threat then they will ever comprehend, this is only because they can't and won't let me live in peace with my Mate.

Our plan is for the most part all set; we are just working out how we would enact a new form of government over our world. I for one do not want anything to do with governing our world. I just want to be able to enjoy my time with my Mate as I get used to this new world. I also look forward to being able to share this new life with my dad and I hope one day soon we will find his Mate.

After days of talking about how to establish a new government, it's decided that the Cullens would assume control until a system for all to vote is set up, so we are ready to leave and start the take down.

With my control and being able to shield not only myself, but also anyone needed to be shielded we would fly over on private jet and I would shield myself as well as my dad so the smell of human blood wouldn't bother either of us.