Last chapter Johnny came back from death just in time to stop Jem from committing suicide. They rekindled they're love, blah blah blah, now Jimmy has returned shall we see what happens next? Warning this is graphic. Now ONWARD TO THE BATTLE FIELD!

(Jem's POV)

'How long is he going to stall? I know I never told him who it was who attacked me, but this waiting is killing me.' Jem thought as she sat at the kitchen table, back toward the door. She then decided she would go to the bottom levels of Johnny's house. There she wouldn't have to hear they're conversation.

"I am psychokinesis girl. Moving with my mind. My mind is telling me. My heart is weak you'll be sad by tomorrow .You complain about the past Like an ignorant, broken down creature like a marionette that finds time unmanageable." Jem silently sang as she walked down the stairs to the lower levels she was still clutching her laptop.

(Nny's POV)

Johnny heard Jem's silent voice, and listened to every word. It wasn't his usual taste but Jem had been singing it the past few days since he resurrected. He was then main painfully aware that Jimmy was still standing there in his living room. He kept ranting on and on about the people he killed, one in particular he had raped and killed, and one that seemed to get away from him. Now Johnny being the person that he was barley paid any attention to his ranting and talking, and began to move toward his basement door.

"Oh…Ohhh, if you would please excuse me." he said interrupting Jimmy as he walked away, "You know that feeling, the one where you know you're going to projectile vomit? I feel that right now. I want you away leave me to my vomit."

"Hey where are you going?" Jimmy asked as he followed Johnny down his stairs.

(Jem's POV)

Jem turned when she heard Johnny's footsteps come down the stairs. Her glasses glared in the dim lighting.

"You followed me down here huh? You've got quite the stalker." She said cryptically.

"Huh?" Johnny asked, Jem gripped her laptop her expression unreadable.

"He's your little wanna-Nny, he was the one asking for you, the one that broke into my house, and attempted to do harmful things to my body." Jem explained, "I never told you because I hoped to never see him again. I see the Goddess is frowning on me."

(Johnny's POV)

At that moment when Jem had confessed to him about the man upstairs something else inside his snapped, he silently picked up a butcher knife. Then smiled to Jem.

"That you for finally telling me." he said, then turned quickly, throwing the knife and hitting Jimmy in the shoulder. He screamed and began to fall down the stairs, he noticed Jem flinch with every fall he took tumbling down the long stairwell. When he finally landed on the ground floor Johnny outstretched his arms to either side of him.

"Ah…I see you've decided to follow me again," he sighed he moved over to the table where he kept a variety of sharp instruments. "Let's continue along this artistic vein of discussion, then shall we?"

He looked over to Jem who was frozen in place and staring at the wanna-Nny with caution. Johnny placed a hand on her shoulder, calmly.

"No worries he can't hurt ya." He whispered grinning like the maniac he was. When Jem gave him a weak smile he returned to Jimmy.

"Imagine a sculptor, being confronted by a complete stranger, who as it turns out confesses revere our dear sculptor. Imagine, the flattery known to anyone who is told they've inspired some noble aspiration in somebody." Johnny then went on; lecturing the wanna-Nny he pulled out a large hook, then turned to his 'pupil.'

"The student then presents our sculptor a work fashioned after the sculptors own style—a likeness of the student himself." He said bending down awkwardly to look at Jimmy directly. "It is a monstrosity! A flipping mess! Even worse, the sculptor sees this piece of crap before him is more reasonable fact simile of his own work he thinks. Admire me? You stupid idiot! You tick! I'm the villain in this story!"

"No! this is wrong! You…you're supposed to teach me!" jimmy shouted. Johnny turned to Jem who stood there staring. He gave her look silently asking if she was alright and wondered if he able to continue. When she nodded to him silently and he went on, digging the hook deep into Jimmy's chest.

"Ok First lesson!" he said, Jimmy let out a sick scream, "Be a better judge of character."

He then ripped the hook upward cutting Jimmy's chest open to reveal the organs. Johnny then grabbed several other hooks and dug them into his chest.

"Second; just because we have similar interests, does not warrant that you are going to like me!" he shouted digging more and more hooks into Jimmy's body until every part of his body was bloody and covered in steal.

"And though this gives me no absolution. I would never do what you did to that girl. oh look and orifice! So how does it feel to be raped by steal?" he shouted, "Bet that doesn't feel very good, that's how all those people felt, imagine the pain, savor it!"

(Jem's POV)

Jimmy let out a sick scream that made Jem drop her laptop with a flop. She covered her ears to block out the scream. She then saw Johnny pause, looking up at her. The thing he did next sent a slight shiver of excitement up her spine. He wrenched Jimmy's face toward her, his face giving her a pained glare as jimmy silently blaming her for what was happening. She then watched as Johnny got a hammer, placed it in her hand and whispered in her ear.

"If you want to, you can end it." Jem's glasses glared from the dim lighting as she thought it over; the very thought of ending the person's life that caused hers so much pain. She said nothing, just silently dropped the hammer, and went back toward the stair well.

"I told you, you were not even close to being the same." She said then went to pick up her laptop and go upstairs.

(Johnny's POV)

As he watched Jem wordlessly walk up the stairs, he picked up the hammer. Walking toward Jimmy who was staring back in fear and shock; shocked by the very the fact that the person he had attacked had known his idol, was that close to the very idol he worshiped.

"I really envy her resolve." He said as he held the hammer firmly in his hands.

"Why…..we….together we…..could work together! So much alike I'm just like you!" Jimmy screamed. Johnny thought for a moment.

"You touched my Jem. MY JEM! I can't let you live after that," he shouted, then slammed the hammer down, blood splattering everywhere. He then slumped going back up stairs. "Plus I don't like myself much."

Once upstairs he saw Jem sitting on his couch, her fingers flying on her keyboard. He slumped over to her, laying on her lap. She said nothing her eyes were glued to the screen on her laptop.

"You alright?" He asked her, her hands abruptly stopped. She sighed, then shut her laptop.

"No…I'm not." She said in a low voice, setting her work aside. Johnny leaned up, putting an arm around her.

"What's wrong?" he questioned. Jem removed her glasses rubbing her eyes with her thumb and forefinger.

"When you asked me; if I wanted to end it." she said, Johnny rested his chin on her shoulder.

"You didn't, maybe that's a good thing." He said, Jem turned to face him, he could see the bit of fear in her hazel colored eyes.

"No but I thought about it, I actually contemplated killing him. I've only had that thought go through my mind twice Nny." she said. Johnny grinned.

"But you chose not to, I envy you for that." He said, then stretched laying down on her lap once again as she fingered through his antennae like hair. he closed his eyes only to reopen them when she giggled.

"What?" he asked, Jem smiled at him as returned her glasses to their rightful spot.

"You're hair man, it's horrid." She laughed, "I miss you're old look yaknow?"

Johnny laughed he was glad to be back, and glad to be doing what he liked to do without having to do it for someone else. He was also extremely happy to have Jem back, and that she wasn't mad at him about her brother. Though he now contemplated finishing the job.

(Jem's POV)


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