Chapter 1 - Baby on the doorstep

At night she laid asleep in her bed tossing and turning her whole body as thin layer of sweat covered her skin, the cool wind came through her window did nothing to settle her. Images of burnt wings imbedded into her head and bright burning lights, she whimpered a name and then open her eyes to the red glare of her digital clock, getting up she flicked her light on and got out of bed. She pulled on a pair of jeans and walked out of her room, turning the lights off as she moved to her kitchen and made herself some tea before going to the her painting room. Her black vest hugged her body showing old scars from her past, out in the open world she would wear long sleeves but in her home, away from the world, she wears vests and t shirts.

Setting her cup down on the table near the light switch she took the painting she had finished off earlier of a man falling thought the clouds, his wings turning black as he plummeted like a graceful comet. She moved it to the side and pulled out a bigger canvas, she took out a pencil and started drawing a figure on it. Hours passed by, and her tea lay forgotten as her mind became part of her painting, by now an explosion of bright white light. In the painting two figures seemed to be sucked into something, not knowing what time it was, she stopped and looked around the room, when she heard the doorbell ring. Her mind being snapped out of thought, she looked up at her clock on the blues walls somewhat disorientated, "11am? Holy fuck!" 'DING DONG, DING DONG, DING DONG.' She sighed "Yeah I'm coming don't get your knickers in a knot." She called out.

Cleaning her paint brush she placing it into her messy hair bun as she wiped her hand in a rag. She walked to her door the large space of her living room making it easy for her to get there, unlocking the chain she open the door and looked out at the rainy world outside, the cold wind of Autumn hit her and she shivered, "Hello?" she looked around but saw nothing. She was about to close the door when she heard a child cry, pulling the door open she looked around there was another cry and she looked down "Mother fuc-" she said looking down at what seemed to be a 2 year old standing at her door, a red blanket in hand and his thumb in his mouth "Oh my lord." She bent down and picked the 2 year old up, he brought his hands around her neck and laid his head on her should "You're so cold." She said "And wet." She looked around to see if she could see this poor boy parents but she saw nothing up the street at all, he whimpered and she closed the door unable to keep it open any longer.

Walking into the living room she placed him onto the green sofa and pulled the white throw around him making him a little nest, "Oh your poor mite your freezing cold and soaking wet, I think my sister left my nephews clothes behind. Yeah I'll get them and some hot milk and sugar for you." he looked at her and blink, she smiled and walked away quickly. She went through her clean washing basket and found some clothes before getting some lukewarm milk with a bit of sugar added to it, she walked back to the toddler who was sat there with his thumb in his mouth, "Alright let's get you out of those wet clothes." She undressed him and saw two small, white, fluffy, feathery things sticking out of his back. As she touched them he whimpered. She watched as the feathery lumps unfolded into wings, she gasped and looked back at the toddler, the wings flutter a bit and moved as if they need to be stretched "Are you really a kid with angels' wings." He looked at her and clapped his hands, the beaker of warm milk that she had placed on the coffee table popped! into his hand and the clean clothes that were in the red head's lap appeared on him, he giggled happily "Holy hell, you…you're an angel?" he looked up at her and blinked again, then with a smiled he drank from his milk.

She watched him for a while as he drank his milk, when he was done he held it out for her "Kawy." He smiled, she blinked at him and took it from him placing it back on the coffee table.

"Okay, so you know my name, do you have a name?" she asked, he nodded and looked around the room and pointed to the painting above her fire place,

"Meehee." He giggled, she looked to where he pointed and titled her head and looked at the figure.

"So, you're telling me your name is Gabriel?" she asked, with a hint of disbelief in her voice.

"Gabby…riel." He smiled

"Okay so your Gabriel…The Gabriel?" he nodded, she frowned and closed her eyes pinching her nose, she open them again when she felt a hand on her cheek, looking into the honey gold eyes of the 2 year old angel

"Kawy, mummy." He smiled, she smiled at him, Gabriel sat on her lap and pulled at his old shirt that was still wet, he pulled up a cream coloured paper,

"What have you got there?" she asked pulling the paper from him, Karry saw her name written in gold lettering on the top of the paper as she open it "Oh, wow, umm is this Enochian, sorry but my angel speak is a little, well, rusty." She looked back at the paper again, he took his red blanket and held on to it "Okay so, 'Dear Karry Grace, this is, as you have probably found out, the Arch Angel Gabriel and you are aware, that he is a child…' no, really?! '… as you come from a long line of hunters, I am sure you can take care of him and keep him out of harm's way as there will be many demons, who will wish him harm. You are a protector mother your job is simple, to care and raise him.

Please take care of my brother.' Okay then, so I am your mother…now." She looked back down at the baby angel who clapped his small chubby hands together and popped! two lolly pops into existence one for Karry and one for him.

"Mummy." He smiles

"Right, well your bother knows I came from a family of hunters so then they must know I don't hunt… right? I haven't been on a hunt since… well when I got this." She lifted her shirt up to show long faded cuts along her stomach, Gabriel whimpered and looked and saw other scars on her arms and neck he frowned and placed his small and on the flat of her stomach touching the raised lines. She jumped a little at the warm feeling that spread though her looking down she saw the scars fade away as her Irish skin came back pale and smooth like there had never been a scar there, she looked at the toddler who looked up at her and held his hands out demanding a hug, she picked him up and hugged him.

"Karwy all better." He smiled

"All right my little sugar angel, I'll look after you and for a start we have to leave they will know you're here, it'll be safer if we keep moving." Karry said picking him up and walking to the locked spare room, she pulls a key out from the chain around her neck and opens the door before walking in, the walls were lined with sharp and shiny objects, shelves filled with old books and jars and vile.

"YAY!" he clapped again but nothing happens this time, she set him down on wooden table.

"Now, no touchy alright?" He nodded happily as she pulled out a bag from the wardrobe and started putting thing in, she grabbed her phone and dialled a number into it "Hello, hey Mell yeah listen I'm going on a job…yes that is code for hunting …I know but something came up… Mell…Mell…MELL! I can't tell you, just keep an eye on my house alright and don't touch my paintings okay? I got Bob coming around for the show, okay, alright, yeah, I will…I will…alright I wouldn't… yeah love you too bye… what? Ummm I guess if he is still with them. What are their names again? uhuh uhuh okay Dean and Sam Winchester, John's boys? And Castiel, do I even want to know how you know their names… Dean did what? Okay I am going see you later. Love you talk to you later bye kiss kiss." She sighed putting the phone down "You know those guys?" she asked the Gabriel, he nodded with a small smile.

"SAMMY!" he smiled,

"Oh you like him do you." she smirked, he frowned at her.

"I'm playing with you kid." she moved into her bed room and pack her bags, finding some of Mell's things from her nephew, she placed them in her bag and walked back into the room picking up the toddler "Oh wait!" she sighed running into her painting room she picked up a black sketch book and a large pencil case and pushed it into her bag before running out of the house.

"All right back to hell to find these guys." She said, clipping him in to the front seat with her. "I need a chair." She muttered pulling out the drive way.

Mean while

Dean open his eyes and looked around the room his head thumping as last night came exploding back into his head "Shit. SAMMY?" He looked around where there was once a house, he limped around pulling metal and wood off the ground and looking underneath "SAM!" he screamed, there was movement from under an upturn bath, running over he pulled the bath tub up and saw Castiel hunch over "Cas are you okay?"


"Have you see Sam?"

"Yeah." Dean looked at him as he sat up to reveal a 6 year old boy in his lap,

"Sam?" Dean blinked at the unconscious boy, in the angels arm,

"He's okay he just lost of energy from the explosion." Castiel said handing him Sam who wimped in his arms, he was wrapped up in Castiel trench coat.

"And you, you look more like hell than usual" Dean commented helping Castiel up. Castiel looked at him and nodded.

"Sleep will help."

"Sleep? Wait you fell again?"

"I did."

"Where's Gabriel?" Castiel sighed and looked at the impala that was so close but it seems so far away.

"I am not sure, I believe he would have been affected like Sam, but I do not know where he is." He sighed again as they finally got to the car.

"I'm sure he will turn up."