The next day Karry talked to Dean and Castiel and told them about Michael popping up and telling her some of the truth "I can't believe it." Dean said "So while we are looking for a way to turn them back he turns out to be the bloody reason." Dean cursed the angel to high heavens making Castiel frown

"But I have a question will he take the baby away once he or she is born?"

"No he can't an angel baby needs to be with their mother for their stages without their mother they wouldn't last long." He said Karry nodded feeling a little relieved about that,

"That's good I think." She started to feel ill again and ran off the bath room slamming the door shut and did her head down the loo, Dean got up and walked over to the bathroom door holding a cup of tea out for her for when she come back out, it took her 10 minutes before she walks back out rubbing her belly "I partly hate this kid." She muttered as she took the tea from him "I can't have coffee anymore that is so unfair."

"Yep." Dean tell her as she watched Castiel play with Sam and Gabriel, all three were rolling around on the floor, Dean smiled at the group on the floor "Hey Cassie got take Karry to the Doctors keep an eye on these lot?" A panic look came across the ex angel face

"You will be okay Cas." Karry smiled as the pair left them alone.

Two hours later Karry and Dean just pulled back into the parking lot, the red head was frowning as he looking out the window "We can't go to the doctor if it's just a ball of white glowing thing I think it's for the best." She said looking away from him

"Come on Kar it will be okay." He smiled as they got out of the car, they walked up to the Motel room door and walked inside half waiting to see WWW3 but no, the three of them lay on the floor curled up sleeping,

"Don't that make your heart melt." Karry said watching Dean from the corner of her eye


A couple of weeks later they arrived at Bobby's house, both Gabriel and Sam both had fevers and grumpy and moody Castiel carried his brother while Dean carried his because Karry had a sore back, they stood at the older hunter's door and waited for him to open the door a few moment later the door open and he took one look at the pregnant red head "Dean has finely messed up hasn't he." Bobby said as he watched Karry walk in, Karry laughed and rubbed her bump

"Oi no I never, that's Michael's fault." Dean said as he held Sam

"I know, come here Karry." The now 4 month pregnant girl walked over to him and he pulled her into a hug "Good seeing you again kid."

"Yeah you too."

"Why don't you go and rest up." He tells her seeing he bugs under her eyes

"Can't the two tots have fevers." She smiled

"Yeah well how about , you two take the boys up to the spare room where Karry will be staying and you two will staying in the panic room and I will get something for the fevers."

"What on that cot it will do my back in." Dean cried out

"And you rather put a pregnant woman down there?" The older hunter said

"No I guess not." Dean mumbled as he walked the sleeping tots up stairs with Karry following behind them, they placed them on the bed

"You okay?" Castiel asked as he touch her belly

"Yeah I'm okay just need to sleep." She smiled as she kissed on the cheeks and whispered ear making him blush and looked away from Dean who was just laying Sam down who had Gabriel hold on to him, she moved way and patted his chest "Just talk it over with him." She kissed him on the cheek and walked over to the bed and kicked off her shoes "Now you two bugger off and have some 'alone time' I need to sleep." She said waving her hands at them.

Castiel and Dean made their way down the panic room after they had a two hour chat with Bobby about Karry, Michael, and Sam and Gabriel. "So what was Karry whispering to you?" Dean asked pulling his shirt off

"Oh ummm nothing." The ex angel said blushing once again as Dean pulled his coat off as he started to nibbled on his shoulder making Castiel shudder

"Come on Cas tell me what did she say to get you blushing."

"No you wouldn't like it."

"Oh come one tell me I promise I will listen to you." Castiel bite his lips

"Okay I want…I want to have a child." He whispered

"A child we have two of them up stairs." He chuckled that even got Castiel to smiled at that as he moved his angel's shirt off his shoulders

"No I…I mean one of our own." He said blushing brightly Dean moved around to face him

"How would it work? I am guy you're a guy." He said calmly

"I still have a small amount of my angel powers to make it possible but it wouldn't last forever." He sadly

"Ummmm you really want a child?" Dean asked Castiel looked away

"Yes." Dean chuckled and hooked his fingers under his chin and lifted the head up to him

"Okay how about you say that by looking at me in my eyes, Castiel do want to have a baby with me?" Castiel's blue eyes looked over the face of his lover

"I want to have a baby with you yes."

Dean smiled and started to undressed Castiel still holding a smirk on his face that Castiel wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing, the blue eye man's shirt finely felt his whole body as Dean worked on his belt as he kissed his shoulder running his tongue across the line of the muscle and bone and then nipped the area of the skin he knew that would get a shiver out of him "Deeeean." He moaned

"Do you really want to know what I think about us having a baby together?" he purred as he moved his lips up to his neck and started leaving little bites along the neck getting more perfect moans out of him

"Y…Yes." He breathed

"Well…" he started to say as he pulled the belt loop off and then undone his trousers making sure he rubbed his hand over the bulge in the front getting a sharp gasp out of him "… it depends don't it?"

"On…on what?" he said swallowing air into his lungs as Dean squeezed him

"Who has to carry it?" he said to him as he finely pulled the trousers down his hips over his thighs and pass his knees making sure that Castiel stepped out of them

"W…Well I would have to, I on…ly have en…enough power for me…me to do th…is." He gasps as he felt Dean grabbed him by his hips and move him to the cot and pushed him down gently on it still grinning like a mad man as he looked down at him, Castiel had the idea that he knew what Dean is up to "Deeean?" He gasps arching his back as he Dean slide into him, it hurt it really did but he wondered when Dean used lube on him, the hunter moved out of him before sliding back into him

"So what you saying is that you will carry the baby ummm." Dean talked as if this is just normal chit chat as he pounded in and out of him; Castiel just moaned titling his head from one side to the other as Dean buried his head in the crook of his neck licking and biting leaving marks as he snapped his hips faster and faster into him until he his eyes almost rolled back

"Dean." He moaned his name as the hunter bite down in his neck, he didn't know how long he could last and the body above him seemed to know this as grabbed his cock and started to stroke him in time with his thrust, the blue eyed man started to cry out even louder "I can't Dean please…" he said and then screamed coming on Dean's hand and his stomach, the older Winchester felt the ex angel's muscle squeeze him making him cry out as he came filling him up.

Hours later as the two came down from the blinding high Dean turned to Castiel and smiled again sending chills down the man's body "Back to the baby idea, I think I like the idea of having kids with you." Castiel blinked at him

"I…Is that a yes?"

"Yep I am going to knock you up." He smiled devilishly as he pulled Castiel back under him again.

The next day Karry was sat at the table trying to feed a fidgety arc angel "Gabriel for haven sakes sit still or I will tie you to the chair and make you eat your veg!" he point out the amber eyed toddler eyes widen and sat still so Karry could feed him, Sam was sat on her right eating his coco pops, Castiel walk in with Dean following behind him, Castiel was limping and looked tried out but them again he looked like that most of the time Karry raised an eye brow as she watched the blue eye man sit down wincing as Dean hands his a cup of coffee

"Sorry Cas." Dean muttuered kissing his forehead