Is it too much?

Chapter 3

Finland steals yet another sheet of paper from Sweden. He quickly scribbles the note to Lady Germany. Now he just needs a chance of delivering the note to Lady Germany.

Finland decides to take a walk around the Nordic house. He needs some inspiration on how to deliver the note Lady Germany.

Finland enters the living-room. Denmark is in the living-room. He is putting the invitations to Sweden's dinner-party in envelopes. Finland sees this as a perfect opportunity.

Finland sneaks his note to Lady Germany in an envelope together with the normal invitation. Then he seals the envelope. After that he steals one of Denmark's beers, then he leaves the room fast.

Finland decides to go outside and look a bit on the night sky. The moon is full tonight. He takes a sip of his bottle and stares at the full moon. He sits in silence for a while.

Suddenly Sister Sweden comes outside. She places herself next to Finland and puts her arm around her.

"The full moon is pretty." Sister Sweden says. Finland nods.

"You missed dinner, but there is still leftovers." She says.

"Don't you want to come inside?" She asks. Finland shakes his head.

"You know what, the full moon makes me want to do to you?" Sister Sweden whispers suggestively into Finland's ear. She gets up and is ready to go inside. She waits a second for Finland.

"Aren't you coming?" She asks. He shakes his head.

"You're impossible. I'll go find Denmark." Sister Sweden says and walks off.

Finland stares at the full moon and thinks of Lady Germany. What a girl! He only knows her by reputation, but he wants to get to know her. The real her. He hopes, she feels the same way.

Finland takes another sip of his bottle. Lady Germany probably doesn't feel like him, he thinks. All his efforts are probably wasted. Yet there is hope that she might feel the same way.

A/N So I wrote a third chapter. I was planning on doing it sooner, but I didn't. Sorry to the one person who read this. I really like the semi-canon pairing Sister Sweden/Finland, but since I saw the comic with Lady Germany and Finland holding a sign, I've thought, they were perfect for each other. I also support Sister Japan/Germany and Denmark/Everybody.