To say that Harry was bored would be an understatement. The young lord was absolutely bored out of his mind. Due to all the self-studies he did in the past 16 years of his live he already knew everything Hogwarts could teach him. Sure he never told anyone he studied more than a student was supposed to learn in a year. If he had told anyone people would most likely try to sabotage his studies. And he didn't want that so he kept his mouth shut and just acted like he always did.

But because he learned almost everything he could from the books in the school's library and from the books he owl ordered, he was now incredibly bored. He sat in his seat, in the back of the class, lazily waving his phoenix wand and transforming his table into a dog. Now that was not what Professor McGonagal had ordered the class of seventh years to do. They were actually supposed to turn the table into a cat statue. But Harry, being sick of hiding his true skills had already done that and he had gotten in right on the first try.

No one had noticed he had successfully and without any mistake transformed a table into a cat statue though. They were all too busy trying to transform their own tables. And they failed miserably to. Only Hermione Granger seemed to be able to correctly do it. Though her statue wasn't nearly as detailed as Harry's. Not that she bothered looking at Harry. She had clearly stated she didn't want anything to with him. He was too dangerous to be around. Harry didn't blame her really but he did yell at her when he heard her talking to Ron about being paid to be his friend.

Harry lazily petted the dog in front of him. No one would be able to tell it had been a table only seconds ago. The dog simply looked to real to have been a table. It was a big husky with snow white and pitch black fur. The dog had big bright blue eyes, surrounded by black fur. The ears were black tipped and incredibly soft. Harry allowed himself to relax, if only a little bit, and gently patted the dog's head. The dog didn't seem to mind it at all and just wagged it's black and white furry tail.

Finally after twenty minutes McGonagal noticed the dog sitting in front of Harry. "Mister Potter what is that doing in here?" She asked him sternly, while walking toward him. The entire class went silent and turned to watch at the green eyed teen. Said teen gave the Professor a blank look. "This is my table, Professor" He answered monotone. The transfiguration Professor stared at the dog at the teens feet. Then she pulled out her wand and turned the dog back into a table. "Turn it into a cat statue Mister Potter" She ordered him sternly. Without a second look the green eyed lord lazily did as told.

McGonagal stared at the perfectly detailed statue sitting at her feet. It was a statue of herself in her cat form. "Turn it into a live cat" She told him calmly. Again Harry amazed her by turning the statue into a perfect living copy of herself in her cat form. 'This should be impossible he was only an average student last year, barely able to turn a tea cup into a rat. Yet I've just seen him flawlessly transform a table into a statue and then into a living cat' The professor inspected the beast with a critical eye. "Ten points to Griffindor Mister Potter. Come to me after class. I need to speak with you about something important" With that she turned around and went back to her desk to resume teaching.

Harry shrugged and continued turning his table into various different animals. He was very much aware of his professor watching him but ignored her. He simply passed the time he had left for this class with turning his table into various animals and objects.

As soon as the class was over and everyone had left the room Harry got up. He wordlessly helped his professor turn the tables back to tables. When they were finished he followed her to her office. She gestured for him to sit down and poured him a cup of tea. Harry, being rather paranoid, pulled out his wand and cast poison detecting spells on his cup. Deciding his tea is safe to drink he pulls his wand back in his holster and takes a small sip. "You wished to speak to me Professor?"

The witch gave him a small smile. "Mister Potter I noticed your skills in using magic have increased greatly. Last year you were barely able to turn a cup into a rat. And now you preform flawless transformations" Before Harry could say anything she continued. "Your other Professors told me you suddenly excel in their subjects as well. I doubt you have had the time to practice this year. School has only started three months ago. And I have seen you dealing with paperwork from the ministry every day. I noticed you did extremely well in my classes the past three months. That leads me to think you have been holding back the past seven years"

Harry finishes his cup of tea and nods. "You are correct Professor. I have been hiding my intelligence from everyone. I felt it would be better not to attract to much attention to myself. Seeing as Voldemort was after me I could not have him find out my true skills. I decided to hide my skills and stayed at an average level. I studied in secret whenever I could and practiced magic in a place where no one would find out I was doing magic. I practiced in the summer holiday as well. Though not as much as I did during school. It was a bit too risky to do magic in the presence of my relatives"

McGonagal sighed and rummaged through a stack of parchments on her desk. Then she handed him a form. The green eyed lord wordlessly took it from her and let his eyes wander over it. "This is a form one has to sing in order to be allowed to take the Newt exams earlier" He states calmly. At her nod he tilted his head to the left. "You think I should take the exams early?" She gave him a smile. "You are obviously very bored in my class Mister Potter. And I am willing to bet you are bored in every other class you have as well. Why else would you suddenly take every school course we have and ask for an time turner?"

Harry gave her a blank look. "I turned seventeen this summer and came into my inheritance. And I was bored" The Headmistress chuckled and handed him a quill and a pot of ink. "You will not be bored once you have done your exams. Then you can do whatever you wish to do. I suggest you travel around a bit. I know you have had it rough in the past seven years on Hogwarts. And I am aware your relatives were not the nicest of people when you were younger either" She gave him an apologetic look. "For what it's worth I am truly sorry you had to grow up with them, Mr Potter. I warned Albus of them. I told him they were not good people but he insisted you would be safe living with them" She shook her head. "If I had known your mother had been adopted by the Evans I would have taken you in myself" She gave him a sad look. "I am truly sorry for all you had to go through Mr Potter. I just want you to know that I will always be here for you should you ever need me"

Harry tilted his head to the left and gave her a small smile. He knew she had nothing to do with Dumbledore's plans for him. He knew she had tried to stop the former headmaster from dumping him with the Dursleys sixteen years ago. He knew she meant well and he knew she was honest in her words. Harry took the quill and filled in the form. When he was finished he signed it with his full name and handed it back to the new Headmistress. "Thank Professor, I accept your apology though it is not really needed. I knew you had nothing to to with Dumbledore's plans for me. You have always been kind to me. You were strict like you were supposed to be but you were never unjust in your actions. For that I am grateful. It is the only reason why I trust you with some of my secrets"

At that the older animagus gained tears in her eyes. "Call me Minerva when in private Mister Potter" The green eyed lord gave her a honest smile. "Then I insist you call me Harry, even though my given name is Harrison" Minerva chuckled and nodded happily. "I know your father always insisted you were called Harry. Said it was easier to remember because it was shorter" She shook her head with a smile. "No matter what people say you are nothing like him. You got your looks from both your parents not just your father. Though I have to agree with others that you do have your mothers eye color"

Harry sighed sadly and took a sip from his tea. He pondered whether he should tell her about what happened in Gringotts last summer or not. 'She has been honest to me ever since I met her. Besides I could always have her take a magical oath' Finally coming to a decision the young lord sighed and proceeded to tell his Professor of his inheritance.

By the time Harry finished telling Minerva of what he found out about his inheritance it was only one hour before dinner time. One look at the witch told Harry that she was absolutely flabbergasted. It took her a few minutes to get herself together before she let out a sigh. "Five Lord ships. Five seats on the Wizengamot. Owner ship of two fourth of Hogwarts and the school grounds" She shook her head. "I might as well make you the Headmaster as soon as you graduate, you own more than half of the school and the grounds already"

Harry gave her blank look. "Keep the job I am not interested in being a Headmaster. I plan on traveling around once I get my NEWTS. I will most likely go to a secluded place where it is nearly impossible to find me unless you know where I am" The teen grinned evilly and gave her a happy look. "Though that will do you no good. You need to speak parseltongue in order to pass the wards. Salazar Slytherin was a very paranoid wizard. The wards may be old but are incredibly powerful and full of nasty surprises all made with parselmagic. I intend to add my own wards to all of my properties as well. Though I do not have to update Hogwarts' wards. She does that on her own"

Minerva shakes her head. "Merlin Harry you are just as paranoid as Mad Eye Moody" Harry shrugs ."Why should I not be paranoid? Just because I killed the Dark Lord and many of his minions does not mean I should just drop my guard and laze around. I got to keep myself busy and what better way to do that in my own personal Jungle of Death?" The witch grimaced at the name. "Jungle of Death? I can't say I ever heard of it. But if the name is any indication then it is full of dangerous creatures"

Harry quickly masked his emotions and nodded. "According to Griphook every type of magical animal and creature lives in the Jungle of Death. Apparently the Jungle is very large and has many different types of habitats. Probably why every animal and creature in existence choose to live there. Lucky I am a Parselmouth so I can enter the grounds safely as well as deal with any traps the Slytherin King left behind. I can just fight my way through if I have to but I doubt that is needed. I might have to renovate the castle there though. I doubt anyone has lived there for a long time"

Minerva frowned and gave him a worried look. "Are you sure you are going alone then?" At his nod she sighed. "Well I can't stop you but just to be sure I want you to take everything you might need with you. Even if it is considered to be school property. You own more than half of the school so it is yours any way. I would also feel much better if you took a two way mirror with you. I do want to keep in contact with you" Harry nodded and gave her a smile. "Do not worry Minerva I will be perfectly safe. I will order the mirrors if it makes you feel better. And I will take anything I might need with me. I might even call some house elves once in a time to get me things"

The witch let out a sigh of relief and gave him a smile. "Thank you Harry that makes me feel a lot better. Now tell me about your Animagus form" Harry tilted his head. He had told her he was and Animagus and a Metamorhpmagus but he hadn't told her that he was actually an Animorphmagus and not just a mere Animagus. "That will be complicated Minerva. I have not told you but I am an Animorphmagus" At that revelation the witch gaped at him. After two minutes she sighed. "Well I suppose I better swear on my magic not to tell anyone about your secrets then" Harry shrugged. "You do not have to. I trust you to keep it a secret besides such oaths are pretty dangerous especially if one does not make certain loopholes in it. After all I do not wish you to be killed because you could not reveal my secrets. Besides no one will be able to find me once I am gone unless I want to be found. But if you want to swear an oath then who am I to stop you?"

"You are the only one who can kick me out of Hogwarts and you can completely ruin my life with those four lordships of yours, not to mention your dukedom." She deadpanned. Harry smirked and shrugged. "I will not do that unless you decide to blab about what I told you today to the ministry" He tilted his head and shrugged. "Not that Shacklebolt will give a damn about what I do. I saved the whole damned world by killing The Dark Lord and his minions. The public would support me no matter what I do as long as I do not kill everyone that is. So all in all there is nothing that can stop me from doing whatever the hell I want. Not even death"

Minerva frowned as she thought about what the latter meant. Then a look of realization crossed her face. "The cloak you inherited of your father, the stone you got from Dumbledore and the wand you won by disarming Draco Malfoy.. The one whom first belonged to Dumbledore..."She gave him a shocked look. "They were the three Deathly Hallows where they not?" Harry nodded and gave her a sad look. "That is another reason why I am leaving. If one possess all three Hallows then one becomes the Master of Death. But one cannot become the Master of Death if one is mortal. After all Death himself will never die therefore his master cannot die either. That is the prize for being the Master of Death"

The woman sighed sadly and got up from her seat. She walked around her desk and pulled him up from his seat. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him close to her body. The green eyed teen stiffened but then allowed himself to relax in her embrace. A few minutes later she let him go and took a step back. "Well we better spend as much time together as we can then. I will excuse you from all classes so you can do what you want. And from now on you will sit on my left at the Professors table" She gave him a stern look. "Lord or not you will not worm your way out of this one Harry" The teen chuckled and gave her his arm. "I will behave Minerva" She nodded, took his arm and then squeaked as he apparated the two of them straight to the great hall.

When the two appeared every student and Professor was already inside the hall. Thus when Harry apparated himself and the Headmistress in to the great hall they startled a lot of people. Minerva took a step back and gave the green eyed mage a glare. "Warn me next time will you Mister Potter? And since when can you apparate within the wards of Hogwarts?" Harry gave her a blank look. "Inheritance" he Deadpanned in a monotone tone. The witch before him mentally sweat dropped and then shook her head. "Only you Mister Potter"

Harry smirked and led her to her seat. Once she was seated he took a seat on her left and smirked at the students. Many looked like they were about to laugh at the looks on the faces of the Professors and Harry's former friends. Minerva clapped her hands as a sign for the food to be sent up. Without a word she piled food on her plate and then gave the lord next to her a stern look. Harry wordlessly piled his plate full of medium rare steak and started to eat. After dinner Harry bid Minerva a Good night and left to his personal rooms in the Chamber of secrets.

By the time anyone saw the young Lord again it was time for Harry to make his NEWT exams. So only a few students caught a look of him before he apparated to the Ministry. However everyone got a good look at him when he apparated in the middle of the Great Hall during dinner at the end of the day.

The teen was grinning madly and held an official looking envelope and a scroll in his hands. He gave the Transformation Professor a wide happy grin and held up the two items. A look of understanding appeared on her face before she jumped up, ran around the table and launched herself at him to hug him. When she finished nearly chocking him she took a step back and accepted the scroll and the envelope.

The Headmistress took off the red lint wrapped around he scroll and proceeded to unfold said scroll. Then she read it, her eyes growing wider and wider with each word she read. When she was finished she rolled the document back up and handed it back to a now smirking Harry. Then she turned to face the students. "Attention!" She yelled loudly, resulting in the complete silence of everyone present in the Great Hall.

"As you all know Mister Harry James Potter here has not been present in class for several weeks. You all know that no one has seen him until today. The reason for this is because he had to study for his NEWT exams which he took today and I am happy to announce that Harry James Potter has successfully graduated with one NEWT for every subject we teach here at Hogwarts"

At that the entire school burst out in applause. Everyone was happy for the defeater of the Dark Lord. Well everyone minus Ginny Weasly, Ron Weasly and Hermione Granger.

Everyone stayed up late to celebrate Harry's graduation. By the time everyone went to bed it was decided that they would all have the next day off to sleep in.