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Ash, Brock, Misty, and Pikachu were on their way to Pallet town. It had started snowing an hour ago, and the foursome was ready to reach Ash's house, where Delia Ketchum was waiting for them; hopefully with some hot chocolate. When Ash reached the top of the hill overlooking his hometown, he stopped and looked back at his friends. Brock looked happy that they had finally reached their destination, but Misty was shivering, and looked miserable.

"You okay, Misty?" he asked, concerned.

"Yeah," she replied, smiling at him, "it's just a little cold." Ash looked over Misty, and then realized that she had been walking through snow for the past hour in nothing but her short shorts and flimsy yellow shirt.

"Here Mist, take my jacket." he said, carefully draping it around her shoulders and pulling it closed in the front. "Warmer?" Misty smiled that beautiful smile of hers back at him, and he felt a little bit warmer. The she blushed and looked away.

"Yeah, thanks Ash." she said softly, and they continued their walk down into Pallet Town.

By the time they arrived at Ash's front door, the wind had picked up and the snow was falling much harder than before. They all hurried into the house, and no sooner had they stepped inside then Delia Ketchum swooped down on Ash.

"Oh! Ashy! I'm so glad you're home for Christmas!" she yelled, while practically suffocating her son with a hug. When she had gotten her fill of that, she turned to Brock and Misty and pulled the two of them into a hug as well. "Merry Christmas, you two!"

Misty and Brock both grinned at the woman who was as good as their mother. "Merry Christmas, Mrs. Ketchum." they both replied.

"Now, I bet you're all very cold, so I some hot chocolate and cookies for you to eat when you got here!" At this, Ash sprinted into the kitchen, with a laughing Brock and Misty close behind.

"Ash!" panted Brock as he raced to the kitchen, "Leave some food for us!"

"We'll see!" yelled Ash, laughing, Pikachu hanging onto his hood.

After they'd all had their share of cookies (and Ash much more than his share), the group retired to the living room, where they sat in front of the fireplace and drank their hot cocoa. Ash's mom wanted to know all about the adventures they had been having, and they talked for several hours, until Brock looked over at Ash and chuckled. Misty had drifted off, and her head was resting on Ash's shoulder, which Ash looked perfectly happy about.

"You and Misty sure look cute together, Ash." said Brock, smirking. Ash blushed wildly at this.

"Hey, shefell asleep on me." he replied, defensively.
Delia Ketchum just smiled at her son. "Honey, why don't you wake Misty up and show her where she's sleeping? She's obviously exhausted." Ash debated this for a second, not really wanting to make Misty up. Instead he moved as carefully as possible, picked her up, and carried her up the stairs. When he got to her room, he placed Misty on the bed and covered her with a warm blanket. She's so beautiful, Ash thought. Before he left the room, he bent down and softly kissed her forehead. "Goodnight Misty."

Back downstairs, Brock and Delia were laughing together about the scene they had just witnessed . It was obvious that Ash and Misty loved each other. Everyone seemed to see it but them.

"Even Team Rocket - knows! They tease them - about it sometimes, "choked out Brock between peals of laughter, "which is kind of - a waste of time when they're trying - to steal our Pokemon, but - it's so funny." At this point Delia was holding her sides, she was laughing so hard. Neither she nor Brock noticed when Ash started coming down the stairs. He walked into the living room and looked at them questioningly.

"What's so funny?" he asked, a bit nervous to hear the answer. Delia and Brock both jumped, not even having realized he was in the room before, and then stopped laughing immediately.
"Nothing, dear." answered Mrs. Ketchum quickly. She didn't want her son to know that they were talking about his love for Misty behind his back. "Just a few stories Brock has been telling me."

"Oh. Okay." said Ash, not even suspecting a lie. "Well, I just came down to tell you that I think I'm gonna go to sleep now too. I'm pretty tired. What about you, Pikachu?"

"Pikapi!" the little guy yelled, and jumped up onto Ash's shoulder.

"Goodnight sweetie." said Delia.

"Night Ash." added Brock.

"Goodnights, guys." Ash said, yawning, as he walked back up the stairs. After he had walked all the way up, Brock turned back to Delia.
"He just wanted to be closer to Misty." he said, an evil look on his face, and the two of them burst out laughing once more.