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Chapter 12

Don woke up, and smiled when he saw his mate lying against him. So it hadn't been a dream.

Don watched her, and was surprised at how innocent she looked when she was asleep. He lay back down next to her, and pulled her in close.

"Ahem!" Don leaped to his feet, and turned towards the voice, daggers out and ready. "Cool your jets, kid." Jake Sully said, raising his hands in surrender.

"For Eywa's sake, Chief!" Don sighed, sheathing his daggers. Jake tried to look contrite, but he couldn't hide his grin. "About damned time you guys got together."

Don folded his arms. "Is there something you wanted, Chief?" Jake tossed him a walkie-talkie.

"Mustang? Do you copy?" Russell's voice sounded from it, and Don smiled. "Loud and clear. What did you call for?"

What Don heard next sent a chill down his spine. "It's your old man. Apparently, the idiots on Earth cloned him, and he recently escaped on a ship, and the Council told me that he is on his way here."

Don sighed, not surprised that the old man had come back. He remembered his father's warning that it wasn't over, and apparently, he was right.

"Copy. Keep him off this planet, Russ, for as long as you can. We need time to gather troops and weapons."

Russell's voice reply was an affirmative, and the former Air-jockey put down the walkie-talkie, and looked at Jake. "We've got problems."

Within a few days, the Clan came together, and started to prepare for war. We had years, at least, before he would come.

Don watched as the Na'vi prepared for war, his face set and grim. He had no clue how many troops his father would bring, but Miles was like a one-man army by himself.

Don wanted to kick something. This time, he would finish the job, or die trying. It was time that his father left his life for good.

Don stiffened when he felt a hand rest on his shoulder, but relaxed when his mate leaned against him. "You are tense, my Don." Don nodded. "Yeah, I am. The old man is no push over, but neither am I. It's just that I have so much too lose now, unlike on Earth. I want to kill him, but I would give my life to make sure that the Na'vi and our allies are safe."

Ninat frowned. "There is no avoiding battle for any of us. War is coming, and we will all fight." Don nodded. "I won't stop you from fighting. I am not stupid enough to ask you to do so." Ninat smiled. "Good. I would ignore you anyway." I chuckled weakly. "Of course you would." Ninat's laugh was loud and strong, mirroring her essence, which was strength and beauty. Gosh, he loved her.

Two weeks later, Moat summoned him to her. Don found her standing by the Tree of Souls.

Moat wasted no time in preamble. "In the past weeks, you have showed that you are worthy to the Clan. However, this anger that you have in your heart is building. Any Na'vi can see it, and this anger could be our undoing." Don frowned. "My anger is just, and can help our Clan. This man-" Moat's angry hiss interuppted. "I have not finished!"

Don blinked in surprise. Moat was not usually this combative. "The anger that you have may cause you to forget about your fellow Na'vi, and take revenge with anger and hatred in your heart. Neither can happen." Don straightened. "This man has no heart, and no remorse. The only thing that he cares about is himself, and he proved that even before he came to Pandora! There is now nothing that drives this man except spite!"

Don's voice rose with every word, and as he paused for breath, Moat shook her head sadly. "And how are you any different, child? You love our world, but you know in your heart that love is not what drives you in this fight." Don opened his mouth, then stopped as Moat met his eyes. She was right.

"What would you have me do?" Don asked, his voice small and weak. "When the time comes to kill him, remember this: you are not him, so why must you become him? Let go of your anger, or you will become him. Understand your enemy, and you will defeat him forever." With that, she left Don standing under the Tree of Souls. War was coming, and even she could not be idle.

Chapter 13

As time passed, Don began to seriously consider Moat's message. Understanding one's enemy means seeing what made them tick, and using it against them, or so he thought.

When the day of invasion came, we received a message from Russell that the base was being attacked.

The Avatar Project under Dr. Spellman had moved to the Hallelujah Mountains two years before then, so that wasn't an issue.

What happened a short time afterwards was. A short time after the attack, Russell and all of his men literally popped out of the ground about a foot away from the Tree of Souls. This caused quite a stir, until Russell explained that they had been making\digging a tunnel all this time, using coordinates for directions.

"Only you, Russ!" Don said, patting his friend on the back. "I wish I could see his face!" Russell said, and we both laughed. The old man was probably pissed!

We didn't laugh for long, since the old bastard now had Hell's Gate, and had several hundred mercs at his command. Jake called the Tribe together. "My brothers and sisters!" Jake called, and every Na'vi turned to face him. "The time has come again to push back the invaders who would destroy our home. Our enemy is the same as before, but our allies are not. Several enlightened Sky-people have come to help us in our hour of need, and will fight at our side to the last man!"

The Na'vi cheered and whooped for the dozens of men under Commander Russell and Don, who gave Jake a nod of thanks. "Once again, we must show our invaders no mercy, and that this is our land and our home! For every step and breath that our enemies take, will we make them pay in blood!"

Both the Na'vi and the human soldiers roared and cheered, and dispersed to their designated positions. Don approached Jake soon afterwards. "I've got an idea. My old man probably knows I am here, and I think I can distract him into fighting me one on one. This is personal, and he will want to take care of me if I piss him off enough."

Jake nodded. "Fine, kid. Just let me know if you need any help." Don nodded. "Will do." Neytiri walked up to Don. "Have you been thinking about what the Tsahik said to you?" He nodded. "I'd be a fool not to." She nodded. "For as long as I have known you, you have been a good and loving creature. Don't become the opposite just because of him. How can Eywa love you then?" With that, she patted Don's shoulder before mounting her own Ikran.

He mounted Tirea, and joined a huge number of Ikran and their riders, flying toward Hell's Gate. Our intention was to take the battle to the enemy instead of waiting for them, like the Na'vi did in the previous battle. Don heard a familiar whoop, and he turned and saw Ninat on his left.

Don gave her a smile, and she returned it before flying back to her squadron. Don decided then that he would heed Moat's advice, for Ninat's sake.

But that wasn't going to stop him from facing the old man. As we approached the base, Don could see that Mile's men were scrambling for their Sampsons, and a few were about to mount the turret guns posted on each of the bases four corners.

Don relayed the news to Jake and Russell. Just then, Russell's voice sounded from the communicator at my neck, and Don could hear the grin in the Commander's voice. "Oh, yeah, the turrets! Did I mention what would happen if they tried to use them?" As if on cue, each of the turrets exploded simultaniously, killing their would-be users. "You tricky bastard!" Don said, grinning. "Where the hell are you anyway?"

Russell told Don that he and his men opted to stay behind to put up portable SAM Sites around the Tree of Souls. I was only half paying attention, being focused on the ground targets.

Arrows and bullets rained down on our enemies, killing many. However, Don kept an eye out for his Father, and a minute later, Don spotted him on the ground, getting into his mech-suit.

Don guided Tirea into a steep dive, and fired his machine-gun, distracting the old man from his suit. When he was low enough, Don leaped off his Ikran, hitting and rolling on the ground, coming to a stop about ten yards in front of his father. "Hey, Dad!" He said, smiling at Miles, who narrowed his eyes. "You!" He snarled, and pulled out his WASP.

Don ducked behind his machine, letting the bullet hit the machine. "Your aim is as bad as your battle strategies, you old coot, and that is saying something!" Don's insults were to get his father angry, and judging by his father unloading his pistol magazine unnecessarily against his own machine, it worked. Don leaped out of hiding as his old man reloaded his side-arm, but Don was faster.

He fired his own side-arm, shooting the gun out of his father's grip. "Too slow, you senile turkey!" Don said, tackling his father around the waist, and pinned him on the ground with one hand. With the other, he started to punch the old man repeatedly, over a decade's worth of hatred pouring into his punches. "That's for Mom! That's for Hometree! And this one's for yours truly!"

After a few minutes, Don stood, spreading his arms out to encompass the base. "Look at the battle going around us. I told you that I would kill you if you came back. You're done!" Their eyes met, and his father glanced up at the battle going on over our heads as he stood up again. A few, perhaps a third of Mile's men were flying in their Sampsons, engaging the multitude of Na'vi riders, the rest either dead or dying. Everything was going better than I expected it to be. "So what are you waiting for, traitor?" Miles snarled, glaring at the son who reminded him so much of Clara.

Don stared at the man he had always hated, then lowered his gun. "Better a traitor than a murdering filthy tyrant like you. No, old man. I have some things I need to get off my chest!"

Chapter 14

The old man sneered, and spat out a copious amount of blood. "I don't have time to listen to your tree-hugging crap!"

I glared at him. "I wasn't going to. You have the empathy of an empty toilet, not to mention the I.Q. of one."

My father stepped forward, and I holstered my pistol. "Shut your mouth!" I snorted. "Or what, you rust-bucket? You can't beat me like you used to when I was a helpless child. I bet you enjoyed that!" I answered, long years of hatred making me see red.

We were now nose to nose, or we would have been if I had been a human. "I got you to where you are today, boy! You would have been nothing if I didn't give you a prod in the right direction." I laughed. "Bullshit! I'm here in spite of you. My whole life was devoted to righting your wrongs. You didn't give a damn about me or my Mom."

My father swung at me, but I countered it with a vicious elbow to the diaphram. Miles shook his head, unfazed. "You're wrong, Don." I laughed again. "Really? Everything I have loved, you hated. You never gave me a single indication that you loved me, and you never leave me in peace."

Miles shook his head. "I tried, Son. I admit that I failed, but only because your Mother raised you while I sent child support. I hated you because, by the time that I could spend time with you, you were already poisoned against me."

I stared at my father, and saw that, for the first time, he was being sincere. "You could have changed, but you never gave me a chance to show you what I wanted you to see. If you could have known the things that I had known, the feelings that I felt, and understood what I understand now, then I would have given you a chance."

For a second, perhaps less, I saw emotion and empathy in the man's eyes, before the eyes hardened again. "This planet is dangerous, boy. Look at my scars!" I looked at the stripes\scars on his face, and shook my head. "That is because you were ignorant, and you still are! If you would let me show you the truth, I could help you see and feel as I do."

While we were talking, Na'vi warriors gathered around us, watching our exchange. "You are just like Clara: head all up in the clouds! There is nothing here but Unobtanium, and I don't need your help! It's you that needs help. Come with me, son, and I will open your eyes!"

Ninat suddenly stepped up beside me, and laid a hand on my shoulder. "You will not lay a hand on my mate!" Miles smirked. "You caught some native tail too! What a surprise!"

I turned to her. "I'm not going anywhere." I assured her, before facing him again. My father snorted in disgust, shaking his head. "It's this planet that separates us, Don! This is why I hate this place. Always have, always will! If you aren't with me, you are against me! You are a savage!" As he finished, he flicked his left hand. I could see where he was aiming, and I stepped in front of the intended target, which was Ninat.

Something struck me in the abdomen, and I looked down to see a knife handle protruding from my torso. Pain flooded through me, and Ninat screamed with anger, as my father made for his WASP side-arm. He didn't make it.

I whipped out my own side-arm, and shot his WASP so that it exploded. I had a clear shot, and in my anger from his attempt to kill my mate, I was about to shoot him. But as I pulled back the trigger, I looked into his eyes, and my anger faded.

I saw the desperation and anger of an animal, and I realized the truth: he was the savage. I shook my head, leaning against Ninat for support. "No, old man. You are the savage! You live without love or friendship, and I don't hate you now. I pity you. I wanted to save you, but I can't."

My father's laugh was as cold as his eyes, his next words said without remorse: "I don't need your pity! You can't touch me or kill me! You're just like your mother: no stomach for a fight!" I shook my head, a single tear falling from each of my eyes. "After all these years, after all the misery that you have caused me and my loved ones, I don't want to kill you."

With that, I fired, and Miles Quaritch fell, instantly killed by a bullet in his skull. My strength left me soon after, and my vision went black.

Chapter 15

"Don? Wake up!" Don opened his eyes, and gasped. Standing in front of him was his mother, Clara.

Don rose to his feet slowly, and looked around. They were standing under the Hometree, and his mother was as young and vibrant as she always had been. "Are you real?" Don asked, and she flung herself into his embrace.

"You did it! I always knew you could!" She whispered into her son's ear, tears trickling down her cheeks. "They would have saved Pandora without my help, Mom." Don said, her familiar scent of wildflowers bringing back so many good memories.

"It wasn't about that, Donny. It's about yourself. You had so much hatred for him, but you were able to put it aside in the end. I'm so proud of you." Don blinked back tears. "Killing is nothing to be proud of." Clara sighed. "No, it isn't. But imagine the damage he would have caused. You did the right thing."

Don nodded. He just wanted to enjoy this while there was time. "I have to go back there, don't I?" Clara nodded. "I'm sorry, but your job is far from being done." Don shook his head. "Not without you, Mom." She cradled her son's face. "I'll always be with you, sweetheart. You have a mate and duties that you need to tend to, but I will pop in from time to time."

Don nodded. "I love you, Mom. I always will." She touched Don's cheek as she faded away. "I love you, Donny."

Don opened his eyes, and saw that he was lying near the Tree of Souls. Jake was standing over him, a thunderstruck look on his face. "You'd better close your mouth, Chief, or you will attrack Hellfire Wasps." Don said. "Holy crap! You're alive!" Jake said, and Don raised his eyebrows. "Uh, I think so. Why?"

Don tried to stand, but Jake all but sat on him. "You've been dead for hours! Your old man's blade was poisoned with enough venom to kill a hundred men!"

Don groaned from the former Marine's weight on his chest, and noticed that his chest was heavily bandaged. "Easy on the goods, Jarhead! Did you eat a Palulukan for breakfast or something?"

Jake stood, ignoring my jibe. "Stay here, kid. Just take it easy. I need to get a few people who will want to see you." With that, Jake dissapeared. Don didn't have to wait long.

Russell charged into view, and the two men embraced like brothers. "Dad's body?" Don asked. "Burned, then scattered to the winds. He's gone for good." Don sighed. "How many people did we lose?" Russell shrugged. "Forty, at most. The mercenaries were so surprised that they shot wild, for the most part."

He looked like he wanted to say more, but he was pushed aside by Ninat. SMACK! She slapped Don across the face. "Never, ever do that to me again." She snarled, and Don nodded. Then she threw herself into his embrace, and both of them wept from pure relief. "It's over. He's gone." Don whispered. Ninat nodded. "Yes, my Don. Now you can live without fear of him, and so can we."

The resulting celebration lasted for almost two days, and for the first time, the Navi and the Skypeople came together in celebration. Don was not one to party, but Ninat was able to rope him into it. Even Ewya, who supposedly only cared for harmony and balance, seemed to celebrate. Crowds of various creatures, from Pali to Palulukan to Hexapedes, danced and pranced through the forest around us.

Moat did not seem surprised, only smiling in a calm pleasure at their victory. Dozens of Sampsons flew overhead, most of them captured from the now deceased mercenaries, issuing fireworks from their missile launchers. When Don asked Russel how and where he had gotten the fireworks, but he only gave a mysterious wink.

For their assistance in the battle, the Skypeople were allowed into the area surrounding the Tree of Souls, something that had never been allowed before. Don tried to refuse any rewards, but Moat, as always, didn't take his refusal as an answer. He was officially placed in the position of the Advisor for the Clan concerning the affairs of the Alliance between Skypersons and Navi. His duties became literally everything that Grace had listed in Don's dream.

As Don looked out over the jubilant crowds of Skypeople and Eywa's children, he could not help but feel that things weren't going to be so bad after all. Donald Quaritch was gone, and Donald of Eywa was born.

The End

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