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One Piece: Straw Hat Family

It All Started...

Once Upon a Confusing Time

"ISLAND!" Nami looked away from her most recent project, a map of their last island, hearing the excited calls of her captain. Setting down the pen, she left her drawing station and exited her room onto the the deck of the Thousand Sunny. As her eyes adjusted to the sun light, she casually looked around noticing each of her crew mates actions. As always, Luffy was jumping up and down pointing towards the incoming landmass. Usopp and Chopper were looking off the side also excited as their captain. Many of the other crewmates began appearing one by one; Zoro from training in the crow's nest, Robin from the library, Franky from his workshop, and their newest member Brook from who knows where.

"Nami! Nami! There's an island up ahead!" shouted the excited reindeer as he ran up to the red headed navigator.

"What island is it, Nami!" Nami looked over to see Luffy having rushed from his spot from Sunny's head now next to Chopper with his trademark grin and boundless energy. Nami couldn't help but think how cute he was when he got excited about going to new islands. Of course, she wouldn't tell anyone that.

"Let me check." stated Nami as she hurried back into her map room. Luffy, Chopper, and Usopp soon started cheering around. As Nami looked though her maps, there was sudden loud long whistle soon followed by a boom. Panicking, Nami ran back outside.

"Are we under attack!" Standing outside her room, she saw that the whole crew was looking towards the island where fireworks exploded high above.

"It seems that the island is in celebration." answered Robin as she was the first to notice the navigator's worry.

"Suge!" said Luffy, Chopper, and Usopp in zeal.

"I wonder what for?" wondered Franky as he raised his sunglasses observing the island. Usopp decided to find out using his special headgear to peer at the island. After a few minutes of adjusting, he gasped at what he saw.

"What is it Usopp?" asked Zoro monotonously though curious at the curly black haired man's reaction.

"I think...it's for us?"

"Nani?" said the crew as they all moved forward to get a closer view of the island. As the Sunny sailed closer to the island, the crew soon saw what Usopp was talking about. All along the docks of the town on the island, crowds of people were cheering, waving banners with "Welcome!" written big on them, and many others throwing confetti.

"What's with this island?" said Sanji rather confused by the behavior of the islanders. However, his thoughts were soon replaced as he saw many beautiful women waving the crew over. "~Mellorines~!"

"Pff, stupid cook." grunted Zoro seeing the cook go into his love mode.

"There are so many people. I can hear then cheers from here. Of course I can't hear since I have no ears. Yohohoho! Skull Joke!" Despite the skeleton man's joke, it was true that the crew could now here the cheering from the islanders.

"Did we do something?" said Luffy tilting his head in confusion.

"We haven't done anything yet, idiot." stated Nami dryly.

"Welcome! Everyone!" The crew stepped back a bit as they were greeted by a huge crowd of excited islanders. While most of the sane crew were confused endlessly, Luffy and Chopper were becoming more and more excited as the energy of the crowd was infectious.

"W-what's going on?" asked Nami rather frustrated. Walking through the crowd, a plump mustached gray-haired man came walking up to the group with a joyous look on his face.

"Welcome pirates! Welcome to Celebration Island!" stated the plump man with a joyous laugh as the crowd cheered even louder behind him. "I'm the mayor of this small island, Cosmo. Thank you for stopping by our humbly island."

"Celebration Island?" questioned the crew confusedly.

"Of course, we are don't often get visitors to this island. In fact, only one in a hundred ships will ever often come across our little island. And that's within a year." stated Cosmo sadly.

"That's awful, even my village got visited by ships every month or so." related Usopp recalling his small almost out of the way town.

"Your not afraid that we're pirates though." spoke up Robin somehow lightening up the mayor's mood.

"We have very little in value, and most pirates love the aspect of being celebrated."

"Point proven." muttered Sanji pointing over to the excited Luffy and Chopper speaking with the townspeople.

"I don't know, the last time we had someone celebrate our arrival for no reason ended up being a town of bounty hunters." stated Zoro as he sternly glared at the mayor.

"Please, please, we our harmless as he new born pup. We only wish to celebrate our guest." said the mayor nervously trying to reassure the scary three-swordsmen.

"Come on guys! It'll be fun!" The crew looked over to see Luffy already partying with the townsfolk with Chopper doing his silly dance with chopsticks in his nose and into his mouth.

"It couldn't hurt." suggested Franky itching to join in the fun.

"I don't know." said Nami as she thought over staying on the island. "How long will it take for the Log Pose to set."

"Sometime tomorrow. That's another reason we don't get to many people, the Log Pose sets rather quickly."

"Even if it's short, it would be good for the crew to blow off some steam." suggested Brook as he popped next to Nami. "Though I have no lungs to breathe, since I'm dead. Yohohoho! Skull Joke!"

"Ugh, not helping Brook." moaned Nami irritably.

"Captain's orders!" Before Nami could decide anything, Luffy broke through the partying group to speak with his cautious crew. "Everyone have fun!"

"Will do captain." stated Zoro with smug smile as he walked into the ever growing party.


"Hey! Wait up guys!" shouted Usopp cheerfully as he joined Luffy and Chopper in partying.


"~Oh! Mellorines~!" shouted Sanji amorously as he rushed for the biggest crowd of females.


"This is gonna be SUUUUPAAA!" Rushed Franky as he dived into the party crowd.


"Yohohoho! May I see your panties Nami?"

"Hell No!" angrily shouted Nami as she kicked the perverted skeleton gentlemen to the ground. "Ugh, doesn't anyone have any sense."

"I think we'll be fine Nami." Nami turned to the only sane crew member left, Robin, who, for the most part, seemed more interested in reading her book in her hand then partying. "Have some fun."

"Fine." pouted Nami in defeat allowing the victorious Robin and the recovered Brook to leave her behind and enter the party zone.

"Come on Nami! Come and join us!" Nami quickly looked into the crowd seeing Luffy waving towards her with his infectious grin. Nami blushed a bit, seeing as Luffy may have actually wanted her to have some fun.

"Fine." smiled Nami as she walked towards Luffy and his party. 'What's the worst that can happen.'

The next day.

"Ugh, what happened?" said Nami groggily as she sat up in the unfamiliar bed as the sun outside shined pretty high through the windows of the strange room.

'Must be around midday...where am I.' Putting her hand to her forehead in a vain attempt to stifle the killer headache she awoke with, she attempted to take in her surroundings. The room was definitely unfamiliar, small and bare it looked like a room in an Inn. It was definitely not on a ship or their ship to be more specific. Vague memories of last night's welcome to the island's party that had been thrown in their honor by the villagers drifted to the surface of her mind.

'Ugh, I remember... Usopp and Chopper singing that stupid Sogeking song... And Robin reading a book... Franky posing...Brook enjoying himself... Sanji picking up chicks... Luffy eating half the villages food supply... and Zoro drinking... Oh my Oda, I let that old woman challenge me to a drinking competition! Did I win that? There was definitely money involved!' Lucky for Nami, she spotted a good sized bag of Beli on her bedside table causing her to smile in satisfaction at the outcome of the remembered drinking contest.

'Lets see... Then the villagers begged me to stop Luffy from eating any more of their food...So I challenged him to a drinking competition too, and said that the winner got to eat the loser's share of the desserts that Sanji made, for a whole week...' Nami tried to recall further information, but anything more then the beginning of the second drinking competition was no more then a haze.

'I hope I didn't lose to Luffy...at DRINKING!' She thought in dismay. A groan next to her in the bed made Nami jump to her feet in panic, her headache cleared enough to allow her to see a rather large lump covered by sheets

... Lying in the same bed that she had slept in...

'Noooo...' Nami thought silently, dread starting to creep through her. Quietly she leaned over the bed towards the, now snoring, hidden figure. She gulped as she held her breath slowly peeling back the covers.

"SANJI! Make me food!" Nami jumped three feet back and stared, stunned, seeing her...captain. And without his shirt.

'Why is he...?' Nami looked down and realized that she was naked.

'Whooahh... no! no! NO! Nothing happened, no WAY! We must have just collapsed here or something.' She momentarily considered lifting up the covers to see if Luffy was in a similar state of undress.

'No, even if he is naked as well, it doesn't change anything. And I don't really even want to know...' Nami decided to look for her clothes, but only succeeded in locating her shirt and shorts. Her underwear was not in sight. She quickly gave up on the bra and undies and quietly started to change.

"But Robin doesn't even WANT her food...Gimme...It" Luffy mumbled audibly from the bed. Despite her panic Nami had to suppress a giggle, finding it rather cute, and almost forgot what she was doing.

'Those guys sure are interesting when they sleep.' smiled Nami, though talking more about the one she had her eyes on. Once Nami had changed she grabbed the bag of money and ran out of the room.

'If I got drunk enough to forget last night, there is no way that he remembers anything. So even if something -did- happen, it wont matter.' She rationalized to herself as she walked through the Inn passing other waking guest.

'I should find the others. The Log Pose is probably set by now, the people we met on the previous island said it should only take a day or two.' Nami gasped in realization stopping her right in front of the doorway leaving out of the Inn, causing a couple of patrons to give her dirty looks as they were momentarily inconvenienced.

"I Forgot The Log Pose!" shouted Nami causing the people behind her to faltered. She quickly turned around heading back to the room to retrieve it. Luckily she remembered the room number as she grabbed the door knob, but froze.

'Wait! What if he wakes up?' The thought had never occurred. Though she had lightly wished that maybe one day the two could share a room. Of course, that would be either as boyfriend and girlfriend or...

'This isn't like me. I'll just go in and get it, no big deal. If he does wake up, I will just tell him a story. It's Luffy after all, he will believe anything.' Nami nodded decidedly, though internal berating herself having to lie to Luffy, and headed back up to the room. It didn't take long to find, the Log Pose had fallen under the bed in the course of the night, but it was undamaged. Nami breathed a sigh of relief and left the room and the Inn. A few minutes after Nami's search, Luffy awoke yawning and sat up, stretching his arms to opposite ends of the room before the headache kicked in.

"Ow~!"Hangovers were definitely NOT fun he decided as he slowly stood up with one hand cushioning his head. It took him a few more seconds to realize that he had no idea where he was, with a puzzled frown he turned and took in his surroundings.

"Bed...Table...Clothes..."Luffy did a quick backtrack seeing his vest and pants hanging lying around the room. "Clothes...?"

"Oh, I'm naked. I wonder how that happened?" Having looked down, Luffy confusedly found himself in his birthday suit. Shaking off the strange situation, he grabbed his shorts and threw them on before sitting down cross-legged on the floor and attempting to remember last night

"Lets seeee..." said Luffy as he furrowed his brow in concentration, bringing on a fresh wave of headache.

"Ow~!" Luffy quickly rubbed his forehead pain.

"Oh, That's Right!"He thumped his fist downwards onto an open palm and grinning in realization.

"They threw us an Awesome party cause of how cool we were! And there was so~ much Food!" Luffy's mouth began to water at the memory of all the meat. Returning from meat land, Luffy quickly wiped the drool and continued to try to recall last night's events

"And then Nami said that if I could out drink her then I could have all her desserts for a week!" grinned Luffy excitingly at the prize. However, he turned his head sideways at this point, puzzled.

"Who won that? I hope I did, I don't want to give her all my desserts!"Luffy tried to remember the outcome of the competition, but couldn't recall anything else.

"Ahh well."he grinned. If she doesn't remember either then we can just call it even. Then again, Luffy didn't exactly mind if Nami had his desserts.Luffy nodded proudly and stood up, he grabbed his vest and threw it on before looking around for his hat.

" Huh? Where'd Hat go?" asked Luffy out loud, he looked around the bed, and then lifted up the sheets to have a look, however, he was meet with something else.

"Eh? Whats that." Luffy reached under the sheets and pulled out the light purple and pink silky items that were entangled together. He pulled them apart and promptly dropped them, as though they had burnt his fingers.

"Ehhh!" The silky, lacy, and feminine bra and undies fell softly to the floor. Luffy was definitely confused now.

"Why would someone put their underwear into another persons bed? That doesn't make any sense" said Luffy puzzled over the feminine undergarment for a moment before giving up on the mystery.

"Now...Where is my hat?" He finally found it under the bed and put it on his head. Looking out the window Luffy guessed that it was early lunch time. If he didn't hurry he would Definitely miss lunch. The headache was getting too much though, Luffy rummaged in his pockets for a moment before finding what he was looking for. The small container of hangover pills that Chopper had given him when he saw Luffy get ready to have a drinking competition with Nami the night before. He took one and then ran out of the Inn at whirlwind speed heading straight for the Thousand Sunny. At the time, Nami had arrived at the Thousand Sunny at the same time that Usopp and Chopper did, she hesitated, though quickly composed herself, before greeting them, not suspecting anything out of the ordinary.

"Yo, Nami." waved Usopp seeing Nami come from the other street. "Where did you go last night?"

"Oh, some people challenged me to drinking competitions, and I ended up staying the night at one of the nearby Inns" stated Nami having thought up a quick lie, though trying also to lie as little as possible.

"Did you win?" asked Chopper curiously.

"Of course!" replied Nami bringing out the bag of money she won with a proud smile. Chopper clapped excitedly and Usopp shook his head respectively, pitying the poor idiots who challenged Nami in anything that involved money.

"I do have a major hangover though Chopper" conceded Nami as she brought her hand up to her head and rubbing her temple.

"I have some pills for that, I'll go get them for you" nodded Chopper as he headed off to the infirmary as the three walked onto the Sunny. Usopp and Nami both went to the dining room to see about lunch, with Sanji was already busy cooking in the kitchen.

"Hello Nami-swan~!" greeted Sanji in his usual cheery love-struck manor. "And shitty idiot."

"Hey!" retorted Usopp unamused.

"Lunch will be ready in about half an hour. But I can make something for you now if you are hungry?"

"No thanks, Sanji. I can wait for lunch. It smells good though." smiled Nami. Sanji took the praise as well as could be expected, and added more vigor to his cooking.

"Well, I'm gonna go work on some inventions till lunch." stated Usopp before heading off to his room.

"I think I'll relax until the rest get back." nodded Nami leaving the kitchen. Robin was already in her customary place reading as Nami walked up and took a seat on in her chair, greeting each other. Nami then reclined with a hand shading her eyes. The headache still seemed to be pounding away at her head, enough to prevent her from thinking about last night and this morning at all. Robin smiled in sympathy seeing the younger women trying to recover before returning to her book. At this time, Luffy was running towards the Thousand Sunny when he heard a commotion coming from one of the side alleys, he stopped to see what was going on.

"We're sorry Mr Roronoa Zoro sir!" A couple of burly gangster looking men were pleading on their knees with the green-haired swordsmen standing proudly above them.

"We didn't mean to try and rob you! Please! don't kill us!" The larger of the two added. "I have a wife and kids!"

"Which way are the docks?" asked Zoro seemingly unconcerned by their desperate pleas for mercy before him. The two men looked at each other in confusion.

"Uh, well" The smaller of the two began to talk, not really sure why this infamous man was asking directions for a place only a few blocks away.

"Yo! Zoro!" shouted Luffy greeting his first-mate, grinning at him as entered the alleyway. Zoro didn't look at him, but gave a small grin.

"I guess I don't need you two anymore." said Zoro menacingly. The two men quivered in fear for a moment before Zoro knocked them out with the hilt and sheathed his sword.

"Luffy!" he shouted greeting the wildly smiling captain "Lets to to the Thousand Sunny"

"Yosh!" nodded Luffy in agreement. "I hope Sanji is making lunch!"

"Pff, whatever." mumbled Zoro as Luffy took off running again. Zoro shook his head and followed.

'I wonder where him and Nami got off to last night?' wondered Zoro. Thinking back to last night, the two disappeared at around the same time. However, Zoro had to keep an I eye on Luffy, so he put the question aside for later. By the time Zoro and Luffy made it back to the ship, they could hear the sounds of lunch coming from inside.

"What! They started without me!" loudly complained Luffy before barging into the dining room.

Beforehand, Nami, Chopper, Usopp and Robin were already seated at the table, as Sanji started serving the food. They had just started the meal when Luffy's voice of dismay could be heard form outside. Robin covered a smile with her hand, and Nami saw Usopp maneuver his plate as far away from the two remaining empty seats as possible, and lean over it protectively. The door banged open, Nami flushed at the sight of Luffy walking in with his usual big grin, he was closely followed by Zoro, who, Nami could almost swear, gave her a searching glance when he entered. She attempted to hide her flush and continued on with her meal. Everyone else was already there and they looked up as he and Zoro entered, but then continued with the meal. Luffy sat down and was about to reach over and steal Usopp's plate when Sanji placed a giant dish of meat in front of him. Luffy grinned at his feast, but stole Usopp's food anyway, stuffing it into his mouth before starting on his own food. Usopp retaliated and the usual lunchtime meal ensued. Soon enough, Franky and Brook also entered the dining room for lunch ready for lunch.

"Thanks again for that hangover pill." smiled Nami towards Chopper "You're a lifesaver."

"Aw~, I won't like you even if you praise me, idiot~." giggled and flushed Chopper at the praise but was interrupted by Franky asking for a pill as well. Sanji then served Nami and Robin with his usual loud and elaborate love gestures.

"Where did you disappear to last night Nami?" asked Brook conversationally as Luffy, Usopp, Zoro and Chopper fought over food in the background.

"Gggh!" choked Nami on her food, surprised at the questioned. Quickly, Nami put on her poker face and told him the same thing that she had told Usopp.

"Yohohoho! Impressive as always, Nami." heartily laughed Brook raising his cup into the air. "A toast to the at the fools who thought they could best Nami and still walk away with their money."

"Kenpai!" shouted the crew cheerfully. This caused a great deal of laughter from the room, which started a debate of 'who would win at poker, a literal poker god, or Nami'. Usopp was certain that the deity would win, he was a god after all.

"No way! We can beat any god at anything!" However, Luffy was convinced that his nakama could beat any god. The rest of the room participated, but mainly just let the two of them battle it out with a mixture of verbal arguments and wrestling.

"Come on! It's a god, they would know what Nami would do before she even thought about!" shouted Usopp currently in Luffy's hold.

"So, Nami will just out smart him!" retorted Luffy with a confident grin. Nami laughed, unknowingly blushing hearing Luffy supporting her so fervently, along with the rest of the group, putting off any real thoughts until she could think them in private. That was until Luffy had soundly beat Usopp into saying that Nami could kick the poker god's butt, and brought up the subject of when he woke up. Nami hadn't been paying attention, but tuned into the conversation when she heard him say laughingly

"And I was at this Inn, and there were girl's underwear under the covers. I found them when I was looking for my hat!" The room suddenly went silent as everyone turned to look at Luffy.

"What!" Sanji and Usopp asked in disbelief with the latter increasingly angrily. Luffy mistook the source of their confusion and nodded, still grinning and laughing.

"I know! Who would put their undies in someone else's bed! They must have been mystery underwear." The room sweat-dropped as they all regarded their captain with a mixture of amusement and shock.

'Thank Oda for Luffy's denseness.' thought Nami breathing a sigh in relief.

"And you don't remember anything?" asked Usopp cautiously.

"Nope, I started the drinking competition with Nami and then next thing I knew I was naked in this bed." said Luffy shaking his head. The crew, except Robin, promptly fell off their seats at this bland statement.

'Crap!' worried Nami thinking someone will put two and two together.

"YOU WHERE WHAT!" shouted Sanji at their innocent captain over the top of loud protests of disbelief coming from the other guys. Luffy looked at him, tilting his head sideways and frowning in confusion

"What's that Sanji?" Luffy asked unable to hear him. Sanji sweat-dropped at the comment, knowing full well he heard him.

"You woke up, NAKED, in a strange bed, with WOMEN'S underthings?" asked Sanji again, incredulous. Luffy nodded and looked around the room in confusion

"Whats wrong with everyone?" asked Luffy confusedly. Meanwhile, Nami attempted to hide her face and look non-nonchalant. This seemed to attract Usopp's attention to her.

"Oi, Nami!" Nami looked up with a feeling of sinking despair as she held her breathe.


"Did you see what happened to Luffy after your drinking competition?" asked Usopp interestingly. Nami finally breathed and turned to Usopp about to answer.

"Yeah Nami! Who won that?" Nami grasped at the chance to change the subject and replied promptly.

"Me of course!" stated Nami smugly. Luffy depressingly sunk into his seat and mumbled some inaudible words. Nami couldn't let her crush look so depressed so she added a little something.

"But since I'm such a pro, and you never had a chance. I will let you off the hook." Luffy instantly perked up and grinned at her brightening her own expression.

"Thanks Na-"

"But!" She interrupted since she still had to keep up appearance. "You must pay me 10,000 Berri." Luffy sank again but nodded. However the dejection didn't last long, and soon he had the same grin back on again and had started a game of tag, to which Zoro and Sanji were forcibly included. Nami sighed in relief. Unkowningly awarding her an odd look from Robin, which she shook off, and then headed to her room. Nami closed the door to her study behind her and lent against it, breathing a deep sigh of relief and confusion.

'What on earth happened last night?' She wondered. She took a seat at her desk and put her head in her hands as she tried to recall the events.


The villagers came up to Nami looking very concerned. Nami looked up questioningly from where she sat holding her new bag of Beli, in the background she could clearly hear the rest of the Straw Hat crew making a lot of noise over the top of the villagers.

"Crazy knuckleheads." said Nami bemusedly to herself as the villagers came up to her.

"Um, excuse me young lady?" asked eldest lady who stepped forward forthe small group that approached her. "But, you are part of that Straw Hat pirate crew are you not?"

Nami nodded but said nothing. "Well, that is your captain right?" She asked, indicating to where Luffy stood at the buffet table that was surrounded by a large group of chefs and waiters, who where rushing food out as fast as possible. Nami nodded again, and smiled at her captain antics.

'Same old Luffy.'

"Well, you see. He is eating everything!" cried out the lady in dismay. Nami started laughing.

"Yeah, he does that. Don't worry, I will see what I can do." smiled Nami comfortingly at the women before her. The small group breathed a sigh of relief and thanked her before heading off to enjoy the rest of the festivities. Nami sighed and headed towards Luffy.

'How could someone so cute, innocent, and goofy could cause so much trouble.' mused Nami as she thought about the puzzle that is Luffy. She elbowed her way through a group of waiters and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Huh?" said Luffy feeling someone poking his shoulder and though continued his feasting.

"Luffy!"She shouted in his ear. Luffy turned to look at her sideways, but didn't pause his eating. Nami thought quickly "Wanna have a competition?"

"What kinda competition?" asked Luffy, still not pausing his consumption of food.

"A drinking competition!" shouted Nami over the noise of the room. Luffy cocked an eyebrow at her still not ceasing from his continuous eating.

"AND!" Nami continued knowing that the competition alone didn't seem to be enough. Seeing Nami wasn't finished, Luffy stopped eating waiting for the rest. "The winner gets ALL of the loser's share of desserts for a WEEK!" This had Luffy's attention just like she knew it would.

"Yosh!" grinned Luffy agreeing to Nami's challenge. Nami smiled and gestured towards the bar at the other end of the room

"Shall we?" asked Nami. Luffy nodded and grabbed a large amount of food to eat as he walked over. Behind them Nami heard the Chefs and waiters give an audible sigh of relief as Luffy left the buffet table. Nami giggled, she had been with the Straw Hat pirates for a while now and was thoroughly used to their eating habits. She glanced at Luffy sideways as they walked to the bar, he was in his usual red vest and navy shorts, but, not for the first time, Nami found herself appreciating the effect. With a competition in mind, she shook her head and banished the unwanted thoughts of Luffy from her mind. For later.

"Ready?" asked Nami as she picked up a large mug.

"Ready!" agreed Luffy with a big grin as he picked his. With a loud clanging, both knocking the mugs together, the two began to drink, unbeknownst what the future would bring them from this one competition.


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