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Chapter 108

"My hair's going to be a mess," Kagome said. She was laying down on the ground, her ebony locks spread out to dry faster. Much to his chagrin, she had slipped on her kosode soon as her hair was wrung out, although she hadn't belted it. "I didn't think to bring my comb." She gave him a pouty frown. "It's not fair that your hair just falls in place."

"Can't help it," InuYasha said, smirking at her. His eyes, though, glowed in warm appreciation of what the kosode both hid and revealed. She had put it on because she was cold, she had told him, but it fell half open, revealing tantalizing glimpses of her pale skin. And where it did cover, it rested in interesting folds, outlining the shape of her thighs and curves of her breasts.

He had to break down too, and put on his hakama, because he had gone down to the stream to get them some drinking water. The ground was far too brushy to go down there in his all-together without ending up with more scratches than it was worth. That done, he had rejoined his wife, now sitting with his back to one of the trees that grew near the spring.

Kagome, looking at him with mock irritation, folded her arms over her chest, spoiling his view.

He laughed a little, and then patted the ground in front of him. "Come over here, and I'll finger-comb it. Before you decided you had to comb mine regularly, that's all I usually ever did for me anyway. It'll help."

Nodding she got up and sat down with her back to him. "Be careful. It's still kind of damp."

"I will," he said, as he gently began to comb through the silk of her hair, teasing out a few tangles. After a couple of minutes of that, he uncrossed his legs and nestled her closer to him.

"That feels nice," Kagome said, resisting the urge to lean backwards against his chest as he gently ran his fingers down her scalp and through the ebony black.

"Glad you like it." He lifted up a completed lock and tucked it over her shoulder, gently brushing a claw tip across the white skin of her neck. She shivered slightly, and backed a little closer to him.

"I like this place, too. So nice and private." Evidently, she had enjoyed the little touch, because she tilted her head forward, giving him better access to the area of her neck and back.

"Yeah," he said. "It's almost like it's a magic place - one with good magic." His fingers danced through her hair, stopping at a tangle. He picked the lock up and gently worked it free. "Nobody for miles. Just the sky and the wind and the trees and the grass." His hands dropped her hair and rested on the tops of her shoulders. "It's good to be with people, but sometimes, the quiet . . . "

"Sometimes, yeah." She crossed her arms in front of her chest and rested a hand on each of his, and leaned back into his chest.

In return he bent his head closer, to where she could feel his breath.

"I used to come here a lot when you were on the other side," he said, "especially when Miroku or the village was getting on my nerves. Since I started living there, I was always kind of worried that I'd do the wrong thing when I got wound up. You know what a jerk I can be when I'm like that."

"I wasn't going to say anything," Kagome said, smiling, "but . . . "

"Don't rub it in," InuYasha said, shifting his head so he could see the teasing warmth in the look she gave him. "This was one of the places that helped me let the anger go." He nuzzled her neck, and felt her shiver again in a good way at the contact. "As nice as it was alone, it's better here with you."

His hands slid off her shoulders and coasted down her sides to wrap around her waist, and he pulled her a little closer.

"We'll have to remember to come here again," Kagome said, letting her hands rest on his thighs. Her right hand began to draw random shapes along the red fabric as she talked. "I'm pretty sure there will be plenty of times things will happen at the village that will give us a reason to want to get away."

InuYasha kissed the top of her head. "Pretty sure you're right about that one. Maybe even more now that they're dragging me into everyday stuff, and I'm just not living on the fringes. You don't know how often I just don't know what to do or say. "

She twisted in his hold, and turned to face him, rising on her knees. "If that makes you cranky, just wait until the first festival we get pulled into. We'll probably want to come and spend a week here."

The look she gave him, and the scent of her skin sent shivers through his own body. But he waited, wondering what she had in mind.

It didn't take long to find out. Her mouth found his, a long but tender kiss, one that as she wrapped her hands around his neck, intensified. It grew into more than just one as he returned it.

They broke for air. "If we do, we need to bring more stuff." His voice was husky and his hands gathered her up and pulled her into his lap.

Her hand cupped his cheek as she looked up at him, eyes dark and half lidded, lit with a hungry fire.

"Like a blanket?" she asked

His mouth found hers again. "That'll do for a start."

Perfectly secure in their mountain meadow isolation, they let the world shrink to just the two of them, and they collapsed together on the green grass. Nothing mattered except the feel and taste of each other until Kagome pulled away suddenly.

"Ouch!" she said, breaking out of InuYasha's arms.

"What happened?" he said, leaning up on one arm.

Reaching behind her, she pulled out a broken twig. "Where'd that come from?" she said, throwing it away.

InuYasha frowned. "You got hurt? Let me see."

Kagome rolled over. There was a bright red mark on the back of her thigh where the stick had stuck her.

"At least it didn't break the skin, but you do have a little red mark." He rubbed it lightly with his thumb, then bent over and gave the red spot a little kiss.

She sighed. "Maybe if we move away from the trees . . . "

InuYasha shook his head. "Definitely need a blanket." He got up, walked over to his jacket and came back, spreading it on the ground. He unfastened his hakama. Kagome gave him a hot look as he stepped out of them, which made him laugh a little.

"Patience, woman," he said, grinning, and then rolling the hakama into a bundle, which he lay on the ground like a pillow. "Can't have you all scratched up. This will have to do for our futon today."

"It'll do," Kagome said, shucking off her kosode. Getting down and stretching out on top of his jacket, she held her arms open, and InuYasha lost no time stretching out beside her.

"I'll have to bring you here more often if this is what this place does to you," he said as she wrapped herself around him.

"It's just like one of my daydreams," she said, grabbing his forelocks, and pulling him close to brush her lips across his.

"Going to tell me more?" he asked when she let him breathe again.

"Maybe," she said, her eyes hot and her lips swollen, "I should just show you."

For a bit, they lay next to each other, eyes closed, hands busy, drinking in the taste of each other until they were nearly senseless. At one point, though, Kagome pulled up, and as InuYasha opened his eyes to see what she was doing, she gave him a wicked smile. "That's not all I daydreamed." She kissed the tip of his nearest ear, and felt it flick her nose as it moved at the sensation.

Her mouth brushed his lips, but as his hands reached up to pull her close, she whispered, "Not yet," and he let them drop back to the ground. With a gentle push on his shoulder, she nudged him onto his back.

Kagome leaned forward once again and kissed his collarbone, tasting the salt of his skin.

"Woman," he murmured, tilting his head back as she found the soft skin underneath his chin, dragging her tongue along it. He groaned. "What are you doing?"

"Pleasuring you," she said

She let her mouth slide down, kissing a line down towards his navel, her fingers dancing across his skin, along with her lips and her tongue.

"It's working." He swallowed hard as her fingers brushed his manhood, his eyes closed and his head lolled back on the red fabric roll. "Definitely working."

As she hit areas that he found particularly sensitive, he would moan, which intensified her attack. She moved back toward his throat.

With a hand on each of his shoulders, she rolled on top of him. He opened his eyes to see her smile at him wickedly, enjoying how she was affecting him.

"Now what, bold woman?" he breathed. "I see what happens when I bring you out into the wilderness."

"Bold woman, huh?" She laughed. "I'll show you bold." She ground her core against him, teasing his hardness, watching him roll his eyes back at the sensation. His hands found her waist, and as she leaned forward, his hands found her breasts, their weight heavy in his hands, and he brushed his thumbs across her nipples.

She, too, closed her eyes and tilted her head back while leaning into his touch. He arched up, bringing his mouth to the hardened tip of her left breast, running his tongue across it, then moving to the other. Kagome gasped a little and he slid his arms back around her, pulling her flat against him.

One hand tangled into her ebony hair as he found her mouth, but her arms wrapped around his neck as she returned his kiss aggressively, hungry, pulling him even closer.

With a quick motion, he rolled them over, his hips snugly between hers.

He stayed that way for a moment, resting his weight on his lower arms, gazing down into her blue-gray eyes, heavy with want. "My bold woman. You make me want you so much." His mouth found hers again, this time with a tender, gentle kiss, and then another.

She wrapped her legs around him. "Enough talk."

Sliding home, he agreed.

Afterwards, InuYasha lay there with Kagome pillowed on his arm. "It's getting late," he said.

"I guess," Kagome said, snuggling closer.

"So, do we want to spend the night here?" he asked, kissing the top of her head. "Or do you want to go home?"

With a sigh, Kagome sat up. "I didn't bring very much with me. Maybe we should try to go home." She reached for her kosode.

"That's what I was thinking. It can get pretty cool this time of year this high up." He watched her belt her kosode and walk over to the rest of her garments. "We could cook and eat the fish, and then head home if you want."

"Sounds like a good idea," she said, picking up her hakama. "You want to fix it? You're better with fish on a stick than I am."

He nodded, and walked over to where he left his kosode and fundoshi. Kagome, while enjoying the show, was busy getting her few things together, including her carry cloth, which she had hung up on a tree branch to dry.

"Hope we don't have too many more days like today," he said, wrapping himself up in his undergarment.

"It's ending pretty good," Kagome said as she tended the campfire.

"Yeah." He gave her a big grin. "A much better afternoon than morning."

It wasn't much longer before the fish was nearly ready to eat. When it was almost ready, Kagome pulled out the jar she had brought.

"Well," she said, handing him the container, "you wanted to know what was in it."

He looked at the jar curiously. "I had forgotten all about it." He gave her a wry smile. "You kind of distracted me there for a while."

"Did I?" she said coyly, giving him a grin."I almost forgot about it too, but you can open it."

He undid the stopper, and looked up at her with a big grin. "Pickles!"

She nodded, smiling. "I didn't think to bring towels or a comb, but I remembered to bring pickles for dinner." She leaned over and kissed his cheek. "Don't eat them all. I'd like one or two slices."

He handed her the fish for her dinner. "You can have all you want."

"Really?" She began to eat her fish.

"For putting up with me," he said, taking his own fish. "For making this afternoon special." He took a bite of one of his pickle slices. "That's worth at least three pieces!"

Knowing what she knew about her husband's love affair with pickled vegetables, she thought that was high praise indeed