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Temporary Chapter 317

"Why didn't you post something this week?" InuYasha says, scowling at me. "Bad enough you gave Kagome a migraine and left me there to cope with things when I really want to break something."

"Blame the kami," says I. "I was trying to post. I was trying to save the chapter for this week's fic so I could upload it to FF, and my hard drive crashed."

"Damn," he says, flexing his claws. "Lose much?"

"Maybe half a chapter. Wonder if it was Chiya sending me a curse to put off what her mama's going to tell her about making Michio so mad."

"Well, get it fixed. It's nearly lunch time."

"At least it happened after Kagome's asleep, and you have Rin for company."

"Yeah, but no telling what that Kazuo has up his sleeve. Hurry up!"

a/n My computer's 10 year old laptop died right about the time I was beginning to post on Friday. Machine is in the shop, and I am only online because I had an old desktop machine I was able to hook up to a TV monitor. Soon as I get my data back, I'll try to replace this file with a new chapter 317.