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(Sev's P.O.V.)

I sat under the huge Elm tree by the Black Lake, it was my favorite spot at Hogwarts, manly because it had been the location of many of my most beloved memories, most of which included my best friend Lily Evans. We had just gotten out of our O.W.L.s test for Defense Against the Dark Arts and as I looked over my answers I was sure that I had passed. I looked up at the sky and my mind wandered, for what felt like the hundredth time that day, to Lily. I turned my eyes to the shore of the Black Lake and saw her sitting with a few of the girls from Gryffindor, they all had three feet in the dark water. I was so focused on her that I didn't hear the Marauders as they walked up to me, the normal group of younger students right behind them.

"Look who we have here, Padfoot, it's our pal, Snivellus." said James, who stopped in fount of me.

"What do you want, Potter?" I asked coolly.

"Just a bit of fun, Snivelly. "

My dark gray eyes widened with fear and understanding, the last time the Marauders told me that they wanted to have 'fun' I was in the Hospital wing with a black eye and a broken arm. As I drew my wand I heard James yell "Expelliamus." My wand flew out of my hand and landed on the ground about ten feet away, I dived for it but all that got me was a kick in the face from James, braking my nose. I could feel the hot, sticky blood run over my lips. The group laughed loudly. I heard Black shout,

"Petrificus Totalus." and felt my whole body freeze up. I fell face first to the ground, A string of curse words leaving my mouth as pain shot though my nose.

"Such fowl words, Snivellus. Lets clean that mouth of yours, shall we. Scougify." I heard myself making odd gagging sounds as I fought to breath though the pink bubbles that were blocking my throat and poring out of my thin lips to the ground. I was choking. My lunges were burning due to lack of oxygen and just as I was sure I was going to die, I felt someone rolling me over on my back, a wave of dark red hair falling over my face and neck. "oh, Sev." It was Lily.

"Anapneo." as soon as the word left her lips I was able to take deep, hungry breathes.

"Thanks Lily." I said before inhaling deeply once again.

"Oi, Evens," yelled James. "Get out the way!" finished Sirius. She didn't listen to them. Instead she pointed her wand at my nose and muttered "Episkey." I winced at the bone leapt back into place.

"Sorry, Sev. I'm almost done. Tergeo." she began to wipe away the blood with her wand. When my face was clean she released the body-bind and gave me my wand back, as soon as I was on my feet I was pulled up about ten feet in the air by my ankle, my robes falling down around my shoulders. I could feel the blood rush to my face as the sound of mocking laughter filled my ears.

"Put him down!" yelled Lily.

"Fine." said Potter. The next thing I knew I was on the ground."Sectumsempra." I didn't even have time to register what Black had said before searing pain ripped though my body. I heard Lily scream before it all went black.